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Daily Migraines for 9 Years?! Not Anymore!!!

(upbeat music) – My neck never really hurt. But I had a lot of migraines. Everyday, almost. Anybody’s that’s had migraine, you know that’s a life that just sucks. And… Read more »

Hertfordshire Chiropractor Explains How to Cure a Headache Naturally

Chris Pickard, Chiropractor in Finchley and Brookmans Park (Hertfordshire) How to relieve headaches naturally The commonest headaches are tension headaches and migraines Tension headaches often appear at the back of… Read more »

Jayne Is Back For More Neck Pain Relief From Your Baltimore Area Chiropractor

This is Doctor Blake from Doctors Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic, your Baltimore area chiropractor. You guys remember Jayne, the young lady who cracked her neck. Jayne what did you say… Read more »