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Chiropractic Care for Athletes – Low Back Pain and SI Joint

Hi, my name is Dr. Lopez, I’m with Summit Chiropractic & Sports Institute in Spokane, Washington. So today we’re going to be talking about low back pain in an athlete,… Read more »

Chiropractor Holland MI area – Where Do Headaches Come From | (616) 772-9255

A commonly seen condition that we see at our NUCCA Chiropractic office is headaches. The question the people should ask is “Where do the headaches come from?”. They don’t come… Read more »

Relieving the Strain and Pain of ‘Tech Neck’

Are your kids suffering from ‘tech neck’? Could be quite painful, and we have some suggestions from the experts at The Joint Chiropractic. And what you need to know on… Read more »

Natural Headache Remedy | Chiropractic Care Madison WI | (608) 497-1161

KINGSTON: Good morning everybody, this is Gerard. Hello, Gerard! GERARD: Hello, Matt! KINGSTON: It’s nice to see you this morning. You are patient of the month for February because you… Read more »

Neck Wedge 2.0 – A Great Way To Improve Your Posture!

– Okay, ready? Oh, we’re on! So this Dr. Natalie Cordova, and we’re at CORE Chiropractic. I’ve got my model over here, Darci. She’s in queue, so we’ll get to… Read more »

Backpacks and Back Pain: What Parents Should Know

The kids are headed back-to-school and backpacks can cause serious health problems to children if they’re not worn correctly. Here to show us what we parents need to keep in… Read more »