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Know Your Concussion ABC’s: Kurt Warner’s Tips for Parents

>>[Background Music] You’re always trying to keep your kids safe, right? What about preventing concession? Concession can happen anywhere; on a sports field, at the park, even at home so… Read more »

Help Patients Take Blood Pressure Medicines As Directed

[NARRATOR] One in four new prescriptions for hypertension medications are never filled. A major problem when 70% of U.S. adults over 65 have high blood pressure, and only half of… Read more »

Youth Sports: Massachusetts’ Concussion Law For Schools

one thing that the schools have done differently i used to receive a call on monday from a parent saying oh my god my son or daughter has had a… Read more »

EnhanceFitness: A New Rx for Arthritis

NARRATOR: Arthritis is more than a pain in the knee, hand, or hip. It is the most common cause of disability and affects one in five adults of all ages…. Read more »