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Strength of Materials I: Shearing Strain, General State of Stress (9 of 20)

>>And, that you have to draw, so there is a member here. That member here is on there. Yeah. Member sitting here, look at it. I have to put equal… Read more »

Strength of Materials II: Strain Transformation, Mohr’s Circle for Strain (14 of 19)

Still I have problem with ma. Ma is as important or more important than ra. Ra is a reaction, ma is a reaction here. You have also here, I don’t… Read more »

Strength of Materials I: Stress-Strain Diagram, Hooke’s Law (4 of 20)

>>I’ll never mention it again. Anyhow, now today we want to talk about let us talk about the strains, something totally new, the concept of the strain, then we are… Read more »

Stress Analysis: Thick Walled Pressure Vessels, Press & Shrink Fits (4 of 17)

No more questions? Okay. Then let’s quickly recap what we did last week. We looked at theories of failure, both for ductile materials and for brittle materials. For ductile materials,… Read more »