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We Found Out How Stressed We Are By Our Mouths • Ladylike

– Traffic. – Money. – And the NBA Finals can all be sources of stress. – But aside from the mental affects of feeling stressed out, how does it affect… Read more »

Adults Try To Relieve Stress With Toys

– Gasps! – There’s nothing in the human world that feels like this. – Oh they are squishy. – What am I doing. – Smash it. – Squish squish. –… Read more »

What Texting Does To Your Neck

– Hi, my name is Dr. Julie Foster, and I’m a chiropractor. Text neck is really a syndrome, which just means that it’s a group of symptoms that we’ve developed… Read more »


– (groans in disgust) It’s weird, no! (laughing) (screams) What’s up, it’s Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog. Now for today’s video I need my little brother, Devan,… Read more »

TSL Reviews: The Neck Hammock

Hi I’m Fauzi, I’m Vanessa and welcome to another episode of TSL Reviews! And today we will be reviewing a neck hammock Sometimes when I wake up I feel like… Read more »