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Headaches Different than Before Brain Injury Video

What about headaches? Well this is kind of a loaded question because I use to get severe headaches. Migraines before my accident. Allergies anything gives me headaches. you know. And… Read more »

Concussion Symptoms: How long do they last?

First question is this your first concussion that you’re talking about? Lke just, or is this successive? First. So I would say again comes down to the why. What concussion… Read more »

Concussion Management Protocol

the concussion management protocol is at the very beginning of the healthcare providers toolkit it is the first document within the reference section and it is something even though that’s… Read more »

Three Month Headache

I can’t wait to offload it. I’ve got a really bad headache right now. I’ve had it for about three months now. It’s been budget month in D.C. Anyway. There’s… Read more »