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Treating Chronic Headaches with BOTOX Injections

People who have migraines go searching online for anything they can find. When someone doesn’t want to use drugs, BOTOX can be very useful, because it can last three to… Read more »

Botox for migraine – Dr. Lynch

So migraine is a specific type of headache disorder. it’s kind of classified and with multiple different features that classify it as migraine. the vast majority people go through different… Read more »


Hi pals! I’ve been seeing a lot more doctors recently for chronic pain and one of those doctors told me that if I could find five things to improve the… Read more »

Migraine stats

Hi I’m Marian practice manager at Neurologists of Cape Cod. According to the World Health Organization, migraines are the third most prevalent disease in the world. Chronic migraines can be… Read more »