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Bronze-Plat Boomer BeachBall Tourney

yeah superfast beach ball three gold beach ball Carvalho that’s correct u.s. East shall we shall we limit it to platinum shall it be a platinum and below get all… Read more »


How are you my Friend? All ok? So our today’s plan is, We have two Anti-Stress ball It works like this Anti-Stress ball uses to reduce stress level. My stress… Read more »

Finger, Thumb, Hand & Grip Strength Exercises – Stress Balls Cause Stress

Hi my name is Dr. Terry Zachary and I’m the developer of the Handmaster Plus I get asked the question a lot what my opinion is of stress balls and… Read more »

DIY STRESS BALL | How To Make 3 Simple Stress Balls

Water Polymer Balls. Top half of a soda bottle. Balloon. Runaway Ball Cornstarch. Water. Balloons. Top half of bottle. IT MIGHT GET MESSY! Borax. Water. Glue. Balloons. Top half of… Read more »

Swiss Ball Stabilizing Exercise | Back Pain Relief

Alright, I wanna spend some time now talking about some great exercises that are often used in the clinic using the stability ball, or the swiss ball, or the exercise… Read more »