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Is it Good to Sleep on the Floor for Back Pain?

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What causes back pain? And how does the Hauber Method™ fix it?

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Lumbosacral Sprains – Low Back Sprains and Pain

Lumbosacral sprains are sprains of that lower lumbar where it meets the sacrum. We have a transition point where the spine is coming down to transfer all the body weight… Read more »

Piriformis Syndrome – Cause of Radiating Low Back Pain

Piriformis syndrome is another one that causes – that can produce pain radiating down that leg. It will come from the back, glut, hip, down the leg to the foot… Read more »

Dr Serene: Muscular Back pain

Hello. I’m Dr. Serene Lim. I’m an Australian complementary GP and today, I want to talk to you about back pain. I’ve had back pain for quite some time and… Read more »