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theZoomer Season 7, Ep. 22: Arthritis

[intense orchestral music] [typing] [intense orchestral music] [typing] [intense orchestral music] [typing] – So I’m gonna talk about what is mental health, about aging in mental health, about arthritis pain… Read more »

Dog Acupressure for Shoulder Arthritis : Dog Massage for Shoulder Arthritis: Shoulder Blade Massage

The next step in helping your pet cope with arthritis in his shoulders is to actually massage between the shoulder blades; right up and down through this area. And the… Read more »

Does This Patient Have Hip Osteoarthritis?

>>Plain radiographs are a standard test to diagnose hip osteoarthritis. But four in five patients who have radiographic evidence of osteoarthritis are asymptomatic. This video illustrates how to perform an… Read more »