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Diet & Nutrition Tips : How to Prevent Arthritis

This is Rachael with Nutrolution in Miami Beach, Florida. In this clip we are talking about how to prevent arthritis. And I’m going to focus here on osteoarthritis, it’s one… Read more »

The HeLa Cell Strain: Cervical Carcinoma (Assn of American Medical Colleges, 1956)

[Narrator:] The designation HeLa refers to the name of a patient who was operated for the treatment of a cervical carcinoma. [Narrator:] Dr. and Mrs. George Guy of the Johns… Read more »

Physiotherapy after Hip Replacement : Deformity correction

Hi friends Many of our hip replacement patients when go back home after surgery they face two types of problems Number one the patient feels that their long standing hip… Read more »

Medical Myths: Sinus Headaches

It’s actually a pretty complex answer, but to start I would say, most sinus headaches are not from the sinus, and they are not headaches. So, it’s actually a misnomer…. Read more »

Your Peace in Your Control | Sadhguru

Why do animals seem more peaceful than human beings? Sadhguru: You cannot be as peaceful as a cow; try as hard as you want. Yes? Can you? You cannot be…. Read more »