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Kids are taking time bombs of stupid. But before we talk about how dumb I was as a kid Today’s video is sponsored by Wix You can check Wix by… Read more »

I Have A Huge Tapeworm In My Brain

Hi guys! My name is Diana. I’m 16. They say “work hard to succeed,” but sometimes your ambitious plans could be disrupted by an absolutely incredible intervention. Like a tapeworm… Read more »

I Lost My Brother

My brother wasn’t the nicest person but we loved each other. And. over time he developed severe depression. One day I was on a class trip and I was having… Read more »

Sofie Says “No Strawberry Nicholas”/Grounded/Concussion Time By Her/Strawberry Nicholas Ungrounded

Sofie: No Strawberry Nicholas! Sprinkle Raging: YES!!! YES STRAWBERRY NICHOLAS!!!! SHE IS MY FAVORITE GOANIMATOR EVER!! YOU ARE GROUDNEDx6 FOR GOOGLEPLEX ENTERNITIES!!!! And for your Punishment, I will summon Strawberry… Read more »

Sleepwalk – Original Hawkfrost & Brambleclaw Halloween MEME/PMV (eye strain)

[instrumental] (Bad thoughts give me bad dreams, then my bad dreams make me get up and walk) (Bad thoughts give me bad dreams, then my bad dreams make me sleepwalk)… Read more »

Scoliosis | Scoliosis Surgery | Nucleus Health

The spine is made up of bones called vertebrae, which are stacked on top of each other. The vertebrae protect a bundle of nerve fibers called the spinal cord. It… Read more »

Why do we get Headaches? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time Why do we get Headaches? Because of your questions Dude. Very Funny. Many of us have experienced pain in our upper neck or head at some point…. Read more »