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Conflictos emocionales, estreñimiento, alergias y biodescodificación por Txumari Alfaro

this is a production of mindalia television and mindalia radio non-profit audiovisuals from mindalia.com to contribute knowledge and create awareness mindalia.com the first social network of help altruistic through thought… Read more »

Medical Myths: Sinus Headaches

It’s actually a pretty complex answer, but to start I would say, most sinus headaches are not from the sinus, and they are not headaches. So, it’s actually a misnomer…. Read more »

Saline Sinus Rinse/Flush

Saline Sinus Rinse Produced by Fauquier Ear Nose and Throat Consultants of Warrenton, Virginia In our practice, we often recommend saline sinus rinses for patients who have chronic sinusitis and/or… Read more »

How to Choose a Natural Allergy Supplement

Seasonal allergies are no fun but there are some non-pharmaceutical, natural supplements that you can take to help you feel better as the seasons change and your allergies flare. In… Read more »

How do I know if I need sinus surgery?

(bright music) – The sinuses are air passages or air pockets in our face. They include the frontal sinuses which lie behind the forehead, the maxillary sinuses, what we classically… Read more »

Top 5 Essential Oils for Allergies & DIY Vapor Rub

Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here and welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today, we’re going to be talking about the top five essential oils to help you overcome chronic allergies…. Read more »