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Exercise for Arthritis & Aging : Lower Body Arthritis Exercises

My name is John Andraka. I am a physical therapist. I’d like to demonstrate a few lower extremity flexibility exercises for individuals with a diagnosis of arthritis. The first exercise… Read more »

Exercise for Arthritis & Aging : Upper Body Arthritis Exercises

My name is John Andreca, I’m a physical therapist and I’d like to demonstrate for you a few upper extremity, flexibility exercises that we prescribe our clients that enter our… Read more »

Minding Your Stress is One Step to Age Well

When you perceive a sudden danger, stress is good. Clenched muscles, rapid breathing, and faster heartbeat. These help you fight or flee from the danger. This acute stress begins and… Read more »

#10.5 Dealing with Alzheimer’s: Caregiver Stress (5 of 6)

Hi! I am Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care, and today I am talking about avoiding caregiver burnout. And now we are going to talk about ways to cope… Read more »