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New Program to Educate Teachers about Working with Students Post-Concussion

Even though she’s a good student, Lucy Gonzales says she couldn’t seem to finish on homework assignments until well into the evening. “I sat there and I honestly tried and… Read more »

How to de-Stress ♥

hello what’s up guys I’m assuming you clicked on this video because you’re probably feeling stressed out a lot of anxiety maybe just you know you’re upset about something whatever… Read more »

Migraine Home remedies for Instant Headache Relief

what are some tips for instant migraine relief migraine is one of the most common conditions in the world according to the migraine research foundation migraines can run in families… Read more »

Drs. Rx: Could Your Migraine Be Eased with This Spice?

Do you suffer with migraines? Well today’s doctor’s prescription could help. It’s tumeric. (audience cheers and applauds) The household spice’s active ingredients is curcumin, and we know it’s a very… Read more »