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NEW Milwaukee M18 FUEL 230mm Cut Off Saw (M18COS230)

This is the new M18 FUEL 230 millimeter cut-off saw from Milwaukee When you’re cutting everything from metal to concrete, this tool gives you a whole range of cutting solutions… Read more »

Watch LIVE Knee Replacement Surgery

– [Andrew] The following program contains images of an actual surgical procedure that may be graphic and disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young… Read more »

Get the Smile You Want!

(upbeat music) (audience applauds) – A recent study indicated that more than one third of American adults are unhappy with having crooked teeth. It can be difficult at any age…. Read more »

7 Top Miniature Painting Hacks

Hi folks today, I’m going to share with you my top painting hacks in this video sponsored by Hero Forge 2.0 Color Kickstarter These are a few tips and tricks… Read more »

Jocko Podcast 201 w/ Ryan Manion: “The Knock at the Door”

this is Jocko podcast number 201 with echo Charles and me Jocko willing good evening echo good evening I had left my daughter Maggie with my parents while I and… Read more »