Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana (Part 1/2)

Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana (Part 1/2)

Hello, I am Hamilton and I’m currently standing on the outskirts of a weed field in Swaziland. And, I am holding in my hand a plastic bag full of Swaziland gold nugs and I am grateful to be here very grateful to be here yeah with a temperate climate majestic
waterfalls and an abundance of playful monkeys the kingdom of swaziland would
appear to be heaven on earth get this swaziland has the highest prevalence
of HIV in the world and for every 6,000 people ruled by King
Swantee the third sub-saharan Africa’s last absolute monarchy the citizens of
swaziland are taunted by the Kings 200 million dollar bank account and numerous
palaces occupied by his 15 lives although over two-thirds of the
population lives under the poverty line king with swatilands taxes the meager income
swazi farmers earned from their crops but one crop remains exempt because it
was never approved and bringing it up swansea gold is a pure sativa strain
that is said to take six months to mature and can grow over 10 feet in
height additionally the plants are rumored to
be completely devoid of the cannabinoid CB d but i wanted to test this for myself so
i began collecting samples for analysis contrary to the popular image of
cannabis growers as stoners and hippies the growers of swaziland are
predominantly drug naive grandmother’s who grow the plant out of pure economic
necessity i had read in books that cannabis has a distinctive odor and
appearance but nothing could have prepared me for my first time seeing the
plant the drug users refer to as pot is it that another would have been fine
it’s called me back Oh like I like being born about Michael
I nearby durable permitting man singing that we don’t have the same
black enamel on planting corn and singing and what the hell is he leads
the whereabouts of them so popular list the web of civil war that sunday in this
is penny less the attack and successes yet in 62 solo solo ESO NOS llega a chi swaziland cannabis is not measured by
weight but by volume and the grandmother brought a deck a liter sack of her most
resonance snugs looks so sad they were not it
brings out a single since this is a good inside they can shop made a living hell ya
doing the car I guess this is enough very good onward so this and this area and it should be they produce the best guy in the world
the quad money from Gandhi to everything just because the system of government is
the Latino people who mostly benefits from the government and the people from
the real families or friends of the team the system is a system of oppression
right good day event 0 UT Mandy would enable
is a matter which is no kuni no papa yeah anyhow you’re kidding right p learned what a family but we’ll get
them with the country and fiscal crisis and its former wood pulp and mining
industries exhausting the last of swaziland natural resources dr. Donna me has one of the few
remaining solutions to attract foreign investors and protect the country from
economic collapse we’ve been spending the last two days
traveling around visiting different farmers and talking to them about how
they feel about cannabis legalization and things like that and a lot of them
are actually against it they don’t want it to be legal because
they’ll make less money I have I wasn’t as other and contract those
problems on TV the evil ones who are happy with that
situation those who are who wanted to profit by
themselves because they are the only ones who have the guts to go out there
and break the law yes but it all the law abiding persons
they don’t have the opportunity to grow cannabis now we want to remove the door so that
everyone can have the opportunity to go if he wants to do we ended up getting a massage your
bundle into lemon . for all of us in your things eating i muted failing in vernal about
novel , killing i’m going to the last why we’re going to content element
cheese and seeing them time and I limit myself to move it open Kayla telling social program level of
bonding w Marcus fascinated me and hope it was having a snob we are you telling me something cool
about it be able pan and turns it really wasn’t my choice anymore gala baliga it
was what I’m telling Lucia it the angrier than a 16-11 I saying about me
and they go fully known for kind of combat seen you standing in front on the
village have fun and one of the middle of
himself in the corner office at two limits the middle of next week when see
this report two types of grows into present some of the growers are under
commissioned by some of the European consumers of the of of cannabis when
it’s ready those people who wanted to come and pick
it up then they is somebody else who sees me being prosperous because of
growing cannabis and then he said he’s growing economies and just getting so
much money and whatnot so let me do the same and he does it he doesn’t have the
market so once he has the connection is all she
doesn’t know what to do with it those are the people who are you in trouble because they have no matter
they don’t know what to do then they bring it to a doctor ben de
lami introduced me to his Rastafarian colleague an expert on the history of
swansea cold yeah i know most of the guys who by
their middle man you know to go ad very inside in there in a min in this African
market gets back in the day it was a white guy is used to buy it and ship it
the white guys now we’ll still have contact with the farmers have project
could seat and the second fuse just a tiny drop of the farmers who can grow
high grade the market is no longer dominated by the
original six months swazi gold and there is now a demand for fast-growing hybrids
imported from Europe in the data and such as all this was a cult there are no different categories that
this is blueberry this is cheese this is what this is what – there’s also
available tomorrow when i came from pic speak that’s where it originates and will
interest the the best swimming area so i’ll speak speak we went into town to see if the Swazi
product was being sold locally or if it was solely intended for export some of
these guys obviously they go to the farms the middle men that is they go to
the farms and rob the poor farmers of their produce to go sell what its money
is valuable you know I’m saying and then they take the weed and
consonant are so to the middle minutes would add value and go so wherever we’ve
got their markets Africa produces more cannabis than any other continent in the
world and swaziland despite its small size indicates more
hectares of land to cannabis cultivation then all of India Master it doesn’t mean that you have
dreadlocks to be an ass they need to have a heart so you don’t think I’m a roster can be
at us a list i am around there’s no need to college to be a
master good at like that one interesting thing about cannabis growers in
swaziland is they never get high on their own supply me move in the monkey
obviously producing and we’ve got a live in door neighbor ya thang magising them in San next to a
la palma can withstand then one sulla new be again all up with their lives and
they also have matter and yeah if we used to get us off ? like India when i’m
working in swaziland I meet the policeman day they that they tell me
that you know what I’m promoting promoting the growing of Kennedy’s means
that a lot of people would get mad that a lot of people in psychiatric center
they are there because of kind of these because I told them that’s rubbish is
class reps the ignorance we have is causing us to
suffer and the many people are dying because of ignorance because they have
been told that cannabis is dangerous for you never touch it yes so they lose the opportunity of
getting a better life because you’re your answer stars in the past used
Kenobi’s your body knows that there is the best thing I need on earth is
economies and it looks for it hello here comes the sack and a bed like
this so much control over 50,000 $15,000 seems much more expensive than other
bags the big one why why is this so much more expensive
than the other Suozzi goal that we’ve seen in the past
and I think because the route 7 okay now you’re gonna might mean it and
I ok then we can see even more Fupa cool okay in a key good job farmers report the iron-rich soil is
ideal for growing candidates without the use of synthetic fertilizers which
states that so many more such a freak I be so yeah and um up with Ryan I be so
our president of its best yeah I want to introduce the friendly day I could tell the farmers were giving me
a good deal because they laughed hysterically as they stayed at the price it’s ready to smoke so you throw the
seeds when you’re done with them down the mountain and these just grow wildly it’s very good i think it’s also you
know so it is very reach you see you can go anywhere you don’t have to prepare
the soil into your neck the modern way to from marijuana is to
prepare proper so you saying you have to buy so it yeah but in the rural areas you have 25
so you can just come and put seeds to grow it is normal earth in this normal
so you see it grows like nobody’s business unlike the other swazi farmers this one
seemed to have something he wanted to hide quickly my first name is Hamilton jets and like 11 to just pick up all your top
up in New York there’s nothing like this it doesn’t exist in the same way that it
exists here so we want to be able to show people that there’s a part of
Africa where people grow giant dog – but he did you know this is not too
heavy admission admission in Africa for doing
this yes yes not it we didn’t know that yes ok man you supposed to talk to me before
man payable by bus keep on your box i presume that that’s why you must move
our basketball and it’s never your friend oh yeah haha get it you know what I think laughing after the argument had ended I soon saw why the farmer was nervous
about outsiders looking at his crop was this just picked today yes into dad had us is that we know that
people use a photo oh yes how could anybody with a double even the small plots that Swansea
farmers distribute throughout the hills can yield several burlap sacks and nugs
each season Wow that is by far the most weed I’ve ever
seen in my life by the quantity of weed we just saw was
by a very large margin the most be they’ve ever seen in my life it was certainly enough to fill at least
four standard sized bathtubs

100 comments on “Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana (Part 1/2)

  1. John Moore Post author

    Africa should legalize most drugs and then export them like crazy. It’d be the fastest way to pull the continent out of poverty.

  2. Patrick Post author

    Yea right man, he wouldn't have gone there for the bud if he'd only "read in books" lol Dudes smoked before and more I'm sure

  3. ShadowZZZ Post author

    So weed isn't just a legal issue, but also a human rights issue. It's saddening to see so many poor people whos exsitence rely on growing weed. That old, wise man had it all: "Ignorance is the cause of much unnecessary suffering"

  4. ShadowZZZ Post author

    What? $10 for 10 grams?! And I here in germany have to pay 10€ (~$11) for 1 gram of weed… since they were laughing, I guess the usualy price is even cheaper than that… just reading some of the top comments here: they were laughing because you came a long way for 10 grams of weed… at @ they sold him two hands full of high end bud for 100 Rand, that's like $10 haha. the funny part is they were laughing because they felt like they were scamming him

  5. Hazy j Post author

    'best ganja in the world'
    that shit is dry, airy, has seeds, most likley low thc levels, my cat smokes better shit than that

  6. Daniel Wood Post author

    Drugs should be legal the War on Drugs is a f**** joke just tax it regulated and that's it if you catch a person setting it to a kid

  7. Daniel Wood Post author

    If we catch anybody selling drugs to kids we'll just end them that's the one thing drug dealers should not do pay your taxes make sure you have quality stuff and we'll be okay now after we do that we're going to have a bigger problem all those cops but don't have a job no more what do we do with them

  8. Gerrie herwijnen Post author

    Saw the fly map? Why dont they fly to Afrika via other side of earth isnt that faster ?? Lol and yeah im high af now

  9. Jarvey Jay Gonzales Post author

    NEXT You COME here in the PHILLIPINES


  10. Dan Smulders Post author

    Hold on, they grow a sativa with no cbd? What’s the point in that then? Sounds like some low quality bush weed.

    Typically indicas have higher thc levels and lower cbd, these are the types that make you sleepy and have muchies. Sativa usually has very low thc, and high cbd, making you more alert and normalized then a indica high, and sativas are typically grown more for their health properties that come from cbd. So if it has lower thc then an indica, and no cbd at all, what’s the point in even growing it?

  11. Daniel Bluck Post author

    His voice is great! If this doesn't pan out, he could definitely be a voice over or a news broadcaster.

  12. Retz Post author

    Weed has the potential to help so many people around with world with so many problems.
    Poor farmers get work, people with chronic pain/etc get medicine, people who need CBD to function get it, and so on.
    I can't fucking wait for all the ignorant boomers to be out of positions of power and for the world to change for the better. They're seriously holding the world back with their severely outdated opinions. There's a REASON retirement age is 65 in most places around the world, because after that age you usually become incompetent at least compared to younger people and there's a whole lot of health problems (mentally and physically), yet most US politicians are fucking ancient… I mean Trump himself is 73… having someone that old running your country is a liability at best. I wouldn't want a 73-year-old supervising my kids, let alone running the most powerful country on the planet.

  13. 031doolittle Post author

    your ancestors in the past used cannabis and your body knows that…." this old man speaks wise words…11:00

  14. Brian Reynolds Post author

    It’s so cool that the native strain of Sativa is still grown there. No other Cannabis genetics have infiltrated the ancient strain that has evolved there over the centuries. SO COOL!!! I would love to get ahold of some of those super-pure land race Sativa seeds from there! There are hardly any pure genetic left in the world of Cannabis horticulture. They need to be collected and saved for future breeders/growers.

  15. Александр Балабин Post author

    Растение которое действительно достойно уважения!!!

  16. lexchance com Post author

    Drug users don't use pot you smug Little Nerd… you'll never be cool you will just be a dork remember that

  17. Seymour Asses Post author

    Please stop comparing this to mexican commercial brick weed grown with ferts and not cured properly, this is swazigold grown organically so it doesnt have that harsh taste when you smoke it and its all thc no cbd so you dont feel tired and shitty like mexican schwag 15:08 this weed looks just fine dont know what y'all are talking about

  18. Owen Montgomery Post author

    Best ganja in the world my arse😂the landrace strains that come from there are but not the buds they be growing

  19. Rick Dueñas Post author

    Garbage weed. Dirt weed but they claim is the best weed in the world lol. Than I'm reading the comments with people who feel they know what they're talking about lol. More Dummies. Where's my California folks who really know the weed hustle man. Everyone else, hurry up and catch up


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