Suffering & Happiness

Suffering & Happiness

I visited Moscow to engage
inter-religious dialogue with our headmaster in Russia we cannot use US
dollar so we had to change and exchange his dollar – Russian ruble and the
Machine I was trying are you thinking what kind of mine you can change like
this like exchanging currency to make a useable and then effective we can change
our mind which creating negativity problems suffering into a mind which can
create happiness authentic and real happiness and positive quality in our
lives so if there is any place to exchange in here our mind which creates
suffering into a mind which create the real happiness I think everybody will
join and try to go their place to exchange it so where is the place to
change in exchange one mind which is sometimes problematic and into their
different mind creative positive of mine so where do you think here is the place
you can change suffering into happiness by the wage to do it I think it is temple try to provide
their place to learn how to exchange our narrative or suffering mind into
positive and happy mind so buddhadharma is a way to eliminate suffering and
ending suffering and cultivate happiness in one Buddhism we call our members to
not call as believers or followers they call our members practitioners so
whoever come to our temple joining our Sangha our community become
practitioners learning buddhadharma learning and understanding and believing
it is not enough that is it as the basic step the most important step is that
practice when you learn practice buddhadharma in our daily life
everyone likes happiness real happiness and dislike suffering and one buddhism
educators how to create this authentic happiness and how to eliminate and
reduce suffering in our daily lives so when you look at our world why there are
so many problems why there so much conflict in human relationships national
relationships and personal relationships and what are the root causes of these
sufferings who creates is fighting hatred and hostility everybody wish to
be happy and avoid suffering but few people really study what is the root
causes of a happiness and suffering the difference between practitioner or not
is that really no understand is a root causes of a problem
we believe that external condition such as yeah nice harsh nice car
a lot of money all those things could be a cause of a happiness but in real sense
if you look at them if we have a divorce it’s a give you a temporary happiness
but it creates a lot more problems and sufferings if you think money is
essential in your life to enjoy your life I think about it pursuing this
money caused a lot of problems and anxieties in recent years we witnessed
material advancement and advancement about technology a lot of rapid progress
we made in human society but look at our world do we have that they’re multiple
material advancement and the technology the demesne meant and all goods and
service of so much readily assisting us to do things more effectively while we
have this how about the human happiness do we have that corresponding increase
above human happiness in our world indeed today there are war
problems and new problems arrived on top of the existing and all the problems and
the greater unhappiness today than ever before
so when you look at these statistics and their situations happiness and suffering
is the state of our mind so the main cost of happiness cannot be found
outside of your mind so cultivating your mind cultivating
inner peace is the real source of happiness if your mind is peaceful you
shall be happy regardless about external conditions if your mind is disturbed
upset and angry you shall not be happy no matter what kind of a good condition
you are in so external condition can only give us conditions happiness if our
mind is a peaceful so state of our mind today according to each individual they
are all different some people are sitting here have inner peace and enjoy
meditating and some of you may not still have that kind of a negative state of
mind constantly bringing typical memories and difficult experience and
images and so forth so why why is it so the state of mind today is deeply
related when you have done in the past when I took a plane from New York to
Moscow I was remembered I just couldn’t help but remember the airplane accident
took place in 1983 the Korean airline civilian airline departed at JFK heading
to South Korea and some mistake took place in in the navigation system it
entered a little bit of the Soviet Union Territory and Soviet Union inspectors
shoot them down so all passengers everybody were on board were killed and
when we had this accident we didn’t know why and when whenever we have a airplane
accident what we look for very precious things is a black box because if you
want to understand what caused the accident so this black box recorded all
the conversation all those are activities within the airplane this
black box helps us with its recorded data to detect and identify causes of
the accidents and then in the airplane thinking what is it levels in human mind
in human beings do we have a black box do we have as a human being have this
kind of black box within ourselves to restore everything we do in fact
Buddhism taught us that we have a blue box called the store the consciousness
it is related with the seventh consciousness and earth consciousness
these store the consciousness has all your data whatever you ever done
whatever you have a speak whatever you have a thought in the past stored in
your storage consciousness so this is a rich place filled with all your pester
thoughts feelings memories dreams hopes and wishes at the same time this stored
consciousness is a turbulent place filled with the dark side of discovery
motion of fears souls anxieties regrets worries and nightmares of the past
that’s why when you this is some place or when you meet some person for the
first time good feeling arise without sufficient reason but when you visit
some place or meet somebody for the first time without any comprehensible
region kind of aversion feeling arise why we ever experienced like that when
you meet a person for the first time you feel like it could feeling about that
person and sometimes the opposite this is because of this store
consciousness your self-consciousness coming out of your store conscience
connecting that person without without your sixth sense consciousness success
consciousness we are understanding why it is happening the way it is but some
part of our human life a lot of if you really pay attention to and examine it a
lot of a human life appear on our comprehension the things happening in
our life here and now somewhat and imaginable
sometimes unthinkable and incomprehensible this is because all
those previous thoughts actions and words are stored in our store
consciousness and coming out of the store countries and connecting it into
the encountering with the people or places and and things you want to do so
if you meet a person who was your enemy in your previous life without your
consciousness your store consciousness connecting that on easy feeling with a
person if you met a person who were your good friends or your loved ones or your
family good family members then you have the kind of a loving good feeling arise
when you meet that person so this is the understanding of one Buddhism Buddhism
because today what we see and two things and feelings and stages
of our mind today is result of yesterday and yesterday was not only one yesterday
there were many many yesterday’s today we call June what it is today June I
must never tell what is it today 24th of it yeah
24th of June we call it today and 23rd is yesterday and yesterday 23rd we
called 22nd was yesterday and 22nd we call the 24th says yesterday
so there are numberless yesterday’s and tomorrow will be 25th and we call it
tomorrow Asia and 25th tomorrow and 26 will be tomorrow when you get tomorrow
so like this there are and the less tomorrow and and the less the
yesterday’s so we don’t remember everything we did in the past so if you
expanded today as a present life and yesterday as a previous life and
tomorrow as a future lives it doesn’t matter you understand or not it doesn’t
matter you believe it or not it gonna happen because there are so many
yesterday’s and there are so many tomorrow and there will be so many
today’s we call it today so whatever happened in the past nothing was wasted
but everything stored in your store consciousness that’s why your mind state
today as so you if you understand this one today
is total pest over yesterday’s and today when we do think and and speak with
influence to be who we are tomorrow who will be tomorrow so this is something
that when you recognize this union don’t be passive about it when you know
that yesterday today and tomorrow we can molding and remodeling and shaping and
reshaping directing and redirecting our attention our awareness and our way of
living on earth so you can change your mind from negative to positive if you
have a thought constantly bugging you that make you depressed and you can
challenge their thought and let it go because it’s not happening when you
aware of any thought arise in your mind when you aware of it you have a choice
what to do with it any negative thoughts are bothering you acknowledge it and
gently aware of it and let it go and replace it with your meditation if we
weren’t lasting happiness we need to develop this maintaining inner peace and
maintaining inner joy by practicing it by training our mind through spiritual
practice so gradually we can reduce and eliminate our negative and disturb the
state of mind and replacing them with a positive and peaceful and happy state of
mind so whatever you experience today in
present moment who created it if you are experiencing this satisfactory suffering who created it in Buddhist teaching pointing there we
are creating ourselves we are creating suffering with a mind of craving greed
hatred anger ignorance and delusion so if you are aware of this whenever you
have thoughts arise from greed or thought arise from hatred or anger or
delusion you just aware of it that moment is is a turning point to about
wisdom to see things as they are and how and who creates your happiness you’re
part of a state of mind who are you doing it for you your Buddha my you yourself is doing it
nobody else can create happiness for you so when you use your minds and bodies we
cultivate this inner possible quality which is based on this symbol here
called Aeryn Sun or Buddha nature Buddha mine
so through consistent practice it is possible to become free from any
problems and free from emotional habit of anger greed and delusion we identify
the moment-to-moment experience with discomfort physical or mental pain or
anxieties and anguish at the same time when you experience satisfaction which
comes from beating your hope or meeting your wish your meeting your desire in
Buddhism this kind of happiness or satisfaction is a temporary the
authentic and real happiness in Buddhism means that you are experience of
enlightenment your experience of Buddhahood so there is an ultimate and
authentic happiness that’s why we keep practice daily living Dharma living your
life with the Dharma practicing Dharma every single life every single day but
when you meditate in the beginning especially in the beginning of your
practice you will be annoyed by so many thoughts in your mind do you know how many thoughts you have
in each day how many thought because every repulsion have a per day can you
guess how many thought you have in your mind 35,000 yeah I think if there was a
there was a long time ago when we have a less information available to us today
it’s double according to UCLA Laboratory of a neural image human brain produced
approximately 70,000 thoughts on every day think about it it’s every thought in
your brain in your mind constantly moving and fast moving if you don’t
meditate if you don’t calm down it drives us crazy if you have a constant
thought a bugging in a noisy if it’s a positive noisy it’s a little better to
deal with but if it’s a negative a noisy disturbing it condemning your judgmental
and constantly calling you you’re not good enough for not doing enough and all
those the things if you have that it is a very very difficult so how can you
calm down your mind in one Buddhism we have a free practice it was really
useful when I had those thoughts in my in my mind when we begin our day with
the Sun a prayer like a mental affirmation it really helps you any
moment you have that kind of negative disturbance arising in your mind you can
pray silently inwardly that may I be may be healthy may practice continual
meditation may I be here and now in the moment may be safe may be content
may I love myself no matter what happened as I am so if you make that
prayer the confirmation mental confirmation in which helps you coming
down your mind second very useful method to me was that
chanting nama meetable inwardly namu when she coming back Amitabh or mentor
puta within with the infinite life and infinite light the symbol of Buddha
nature so when you call naam Amitabha it is reminding of who you are who you
really are so you can let it go of everything you cannot have a board when
you have a discursive thought you cannot really meditate well when you have a
dist chanting inwardly 100% all those thoughts
disappears so if you keep doing it that is a way to coming down your mind and
strengthening your Buddha nature strengthening your positive quality of
your mind and third was the most fundamental to overcome any discursive
thought in your mind as to me was a tangential meditation I suggest you read
a tangential meditation in our website every day before your meditate if you’re
not well doing it yet knowing how to do it well is critical and then practice it
daily in this tangential meditation so test answer that if you practice a
tangential meditation not only restore your Buddha nature but also restore your
health physical health so when I wasn’t feeling that strong and healthy when I
read why I said to to myself
SOTA son or Buddha wouldn’t lie to me so this is the truth if you believe in it
at the moment this was the really insightful light and courage and
motivation for me to really tap into tangential meditation so if you keep
doing this then we can coming our mind when we come our mind the inner peace is
the first and the foremost important foundation for your real happiness
so who creates happiness and then suffering who is creating it you’re
yourself doing who is to also over your drama
or over your story you yourself so all Buddha’s teaching all
buddhadharma is a way to help us to reduce and eliminate suffering and
cultivate and restore authentic and real peace and happiness when we are merely
calming down our mind have inner peace have a pure alertness with serenity with
the centered honest with the groundedness then you feel really happy
this is the happiest things you can experience in your life so making that
kind of a commitment today and think this is a really agency to change your
negative habit into a positive one if you postpone and keep postponing it you
may never able to do it but take it today as a real turning point have the
kind of urgency to change our negative habit of our thinking or the way we
communicate or behave into a positive way overthinking communicating and
living our lives so let us make real commitment and the
feeling of urgency to do it to practice all Buddha Dharma especially for the
path especially right effort to exchange your suffering into happiness with a
consistent practice I remember your store consciousness your
subconsciousness that everything you do say and think which toward there nothing
is wasted then it is a very clear choice to make
party thought think and and behavior so today when we understand
this black box within us when we understand there is a wage to change our
suffering into happiness it is your day to make that new beginning restoring
real and authentic happiness here and now so we can practice that and restore
it and experienced it every day from now on

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