[Sub] EP02–There’s no way this is CPR – Lily Fever

[Sub]  EP02–There’s no way this is CPR – Lily Fever

Thank you That’s not yours Oh… But, why do you keep speaking informally to me? How old are you? 961030 What? 961030 Oh, then we’re the same age! 96… 1030 Then today is… today’s your birthday? Oh, happy birthday! Present What? You came empty-handed? Oh, well it’s not like I came knowing.. But now you know You can’t force that.. Present! Okay, wait a moment… Look, I don’t have anything.. hiccup! There’s a pressure point here
If you press it, your hiccups will stop Where is she coming up with this bogus stuff? You’re quite good at demanding things Kyungju, you seem to be good at talking to yourself What? But I thought that in my head.. It’s so soft Eup! What the.. what is happening… Birthday present Oh, congratulations.. But still, what is this? I’ve always wanted to try CPR That’s great but… See, your hiccups stopped It really has And… and… and…

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