Strain Review: Sundae Driver

Strain Review: Sundae Driver

Hello, I’m Christie and we are going to
talk about the indica-dominant cannabis strain Sundae Driver. This particular strain derives its name from
its delicious terpene profile that gives it a sweet and smooth taste not unlike a fruity
dessert with undertones of bitter chocolate. Its parent strains are a cross between Fruity
Pebbles and Grape Pie, both of which have their own sweet and fruity terpene profiles
that made them popular in the cannabis market. Sundae Driver will possess a dense covering
of trichomes when properly cultivated, dried, and cured, so when purchasing this strain,
ensure its trichome visibility is apparent. It tends to have hues of various colors such
as reds, purples and blues, a clear sign of its genetic inheritance. THC levels can vary, so check its percentage
before ingesting. Users say that too much of Sundae Driver can
lead to a bit of anxiety. Expect to have dry eyes when smoking or vaping
this strain and have some eye drops at their ready. Once Sundae Driver enters your system consumers
explain that they begin to feel calmer and happier, with the stressors of daily life
dissipating. They have noted its ability to help with some
forms of pain relief as its indica effects overpower its sativa effects. Using this strain in the evenings may be preferable
since it can lead to drowsiness. If you’ve given Sundae Driver a try, you
will most likely love it. Don’t forget to check out other strain reviews
while you’re here. See you next time and thanks for watching!

4 comments on “Strain Review: Sundae Driver

  1. Ronny Sterling Post author

    I bong ripped 3 hits of this, it fried my throat and put me in ‘paranoid-land’ for an hour, then I relaxed. I use a small amount in a joint now and the buzz is perfect, pain releif is great

  2. Bryan Albury Post author

    Got a little bit of that in my bowl right now. I decided to pull up the strain review on this and definitely liked your review. Pretty much spot-on on everything that I see and feel. Props to you


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