Stop stretching your hamstrings! Science-based exercises for strain, tendinopathy

Stop wasting your time to become injury-prone. Hi guys. Rehab safely. Mr.Physio here in Australia Today I’m going to tell you how static stretching can make you injury-prone and show you better alternatives Let’s have a look at this. This systematic review analysed 125 studies that examined the effect of stretch. And found there was an actual decrease in sports performance, power, speed and strength straight after static stretching. this performance change was small to moderate, but reduced to a lesser degree 10 minutes after stretching. They couldn’t find a definite relationship between static stretching and risks of injuries. However, it is also fair to say you need to be careful in the first 10 minutes of whatever activities you do after static stretch. Also mentioned was your muscles tend to get injured when they get stretched out too much for example, when you’re running, you hit the ground and your hamstring is getting shortened because your knee’s bent like that and from there, you have to stretch out the hamstring, right? For that short moment, you can have a greater risk of injury. so If you’re not able to control that stretching force being applied to the muscle your risk of injury will definitely increase this finding supports my opinion too. the main reason why I don’t recommend static stretching is the fact that you don’t use your muscles and tendons in that stretching action for example if you are stretching your chest muscle, so my range is up to there, but you actually stretch out that muscle like that. For about 30 seconds. but in that 30 seconds you not really using that pec muscle and other muscles around the shoulder maybe during the game, Let’s say you get tackled by someone else with your arm pushed back like that, in that action your shoulder muscles and packs have to prevent injury, preventing arm being pulled out by contracting but all you’ve done is static stretching so your muscles haven’t been used in that new range so it’s not likely to prevent injury. but in eccentric exercises, you’ve used that muscles while your muscles get lengthened and the range of motion increases so it’s easier to activate those muscles in the similar environment because you’ve done that before have a look at this study then. this study was done on nearly 8500 sports players across all different sports. Published this year in the top ranking sports medicine journal, this strong evidence shows that Nordic hamstring curl has reduced hamstring injuries by 51% in active sports people one single exercise has prevented half of hamstring injuries that could’ve happened. that’s amazing, right? This exercise is performed with someone holding the performer’s ankle from behind and the performer slowly leans forward while trying to stay upright basically this person tries to resist as much as he can, not to fall forward in this action. Hamstring muscles start from a shortened position and get lengthened while controlling the body weight leaning forward, this is a Gold Standard exercises for hamstrings, and this is exactly what I show you in my other videos the eccentric exercises where your muscle length elongates while the muscle tries to contract on top of that another strong evidence published in the same journal further suggests that Eccentric training is effective to increase range of motion in a safe way, so two best quality evidence tells us to do eccentric exercises that will also increase range of motion and prevent hamstring injuries. Let’s do it. before that. I will give you a simple technique to release some tension on your hamstrings it’s pretty simple with the tennis ball underneath your hamstring and press down with your hands and just rolling side to side but you don’t wanna push into the bony area so about 10cm up and down in the middle of your thigh bone you can also press down onto the muscle and just kick your leg up and down and straighten your leg as much as you can and go down straighten and go down so massage for about 30 seconds and this kind of kicking for about 30 seconds on different few spots. You need another person to do Nordic hamstring Curl so I’ll show you 3 exercises you can do by yourself. first one is my favourite exercise ‘bridge sliding’. lie on your back with your knees bent and lift your bottom up. From there, You slowly slide your heels out, so you have your legs straight at the end and bend your knees again and slowly slide out when you do this exercise, you need to push through heels and most importantly, when you go up, You need to keep your hip up in the air as long as possible. Try not to lower your hip as you straighten your legs. So when you push through your heels and lift your bottom up, your hamstring’s activated, which means it’s shortened. As you straighten your legs, hamstrings control the movement while lengthened and that’s really good eccentric hamstring exercise, and you can move on to single-leg if you can do the double but the problem with this exercise is that it doesn’t really take you into extreme range of hamstring, so I will show you something else. In this exercise, you stand next to a door frame or you can use a Smith machine (with barbell) and put your weight on the heel of the front Leg that’s close to the wall and the ball of the back leg in this case. I’m working on my left side. I slide my back foot backwards, so that my left hamstring can be elongated while controlling that movement. and you can definitely feel it on the left hamstring especially at the end of the movement after that you stand up using your hand, and then you slowly slide back again, so I keep my left toes up so that I can put more weight on my left heel and at the end of the range. I tried to straighten my left leg a bit more so that I can feel more stretch and activation on the handspring you can do the same exercise in a deadlift position or single leg. Romanian deadlift, as long as you put more weight on your heels and try to straighten your legs. Your hamstring is activated while being lengthened, which is eccentric control increasing the range of motion without muscle control is not a good idea so stop wasting your time to become injury-prone. I’ll see you next time. Rehab safely!

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