Stem Cell Treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease & Back Pain

Stem Cell Treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease & Back Pain

(gentle music) – My name is Ralph Ryles. And I am from the US,
from Chicago Illinois. I came here to Thailand to do a medical procedure for my lumbar spine. About six years ago, I
had a very bad episode and they did recommend surgery right away. It’s a discectomy with fusion. I’ve been having a lumbar spine issues I would say for the past
10 years, on and off. And it came to a point
where it’s basically not able to function normally
doing my daily activities. So I, with the advice of one of my … actually one of my doctors and my coaches. I had some different opinions. One suggested that I have a, this fusion. Lumbar, what do you call
this, spinal fusion. And another doctor says, “No, just kinda wait it out and do some
steroid injections.” Also discussed with
several people that I know that have undergone spinal, back surgery including the fusion procedure and everybody’s telling me don’t do it because they don’t feel normal afterwards. They have been looking
into different treatments and I’ve found this treatment
here for steam cell. And we went back and forth for about, I would say, a good four, five months. I did my research online, I consulted with my doctor about
that I wanted to do this and they said I can go ahead and do it. So decided to come here to do it. I’ve done several, including several therapies including physiotherapy. I’ve did acupuncture, I’ve done all those different kind of therapies. Definitely, definitely recommend it. Now I am able to move around better. I have a lot of stiffness
bending, sitting, getting up. Even sitting turning my head I feel stiffness in my lower back and … No pain, no pain. I would say if I was at a level 10 before, I would be at a level
maybe three right now.

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  1. Wing Chun SELF DEFENSE Post author

    do these people speak english? every time I watch their videos they have english titles but they speak in another language?

  2. Ddstairclimber Post author

    how long did it take you to see results? after the procedure? what exercises can you do after the therapy?


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