Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis w/ Back Pain & Neuropathy (Foot Drop)

Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis w/ Back Pain & Neuropathy (Foot Drop)

– With the operations, the last one was kind of a success. But it caused a drop foot. Now the issues were that if
I went through surgery again being that the screws
and rods are attached this way, they now have to
come into the disc this way so there you could re-fracture discs, you could do everything. And now with the pinching of the nerve, the nerve was dying because basically as my discs
become less degenerate it’s causing more pressure
and the leg was dying quicker. (upbeat music plays) (silence) My name is Vete Doerchakk, I’m from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (silence) Back issues. I’ve broke by back three times. And basically I’ve had two
major surgeries and I was having pain issues that
were above and beyond I was using Oxycontin, Flexirol, anything under
the kitchen sink to try and deal with the MS matter. So I went to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. Seen the surgeons. In the United States you
get a second opinion, third opinion. There was a chance of
surgeries, but the best option came through Mayo Clinic
they said there is some hope through stem cells. Lucky enough that I was coming to Thailand and I found the stem cell
research down here in Thailand so I thought well I’d try here. (silence) Pain therapy, I did hypnosis, did acupuncture. Different immunomodulatory therapies. You try anything when
you’re under pain issues. I’ve done a lot of
physical work all my life and I’ve been around animals so I know how to deal with injuries. I’ve owned my own laser so I try and deal with it as
best I can, but pain became such an issue with the
back and the drop foot was the scariest because this party of my leg tends to be cold. Compared to you touch anything else has feeling. But the nerve damage was
continuing up the leg. They doing an operation
in the back was an issue to deal with okay we can
maybe fix the back, but we don’t know if it’s
going to help the nerve and will the leg still die? (silence) I was using 60-80 mills
of Oxycontin per day. I was using roughly 80-120
millimeters of Flexirol, which is a high strength muscle relaxer. And anti-inflammatory. I use all sorts of lineaments, everything. (silence) Within 10-15 days there
was a feeling of something, but within 30 days, my
medications had dropped in half and it wasn’t because
I was taking it easy, [VETE] or doing
anything less in my job. My job became even more intense because through an economic issue
that’s going on right now where I’m from, I had to work even harder. And I thought, oh it’s going to ruin this. But it has progressed so well that I’m not down to five mills,
10 on a bad, 16 hour day hard work. Running a machine that’s
breaking over concrete Jarring your back. Doing all sorts of things. And this is what I thought up. It’s unbelievable. (silence) When it first happened, I
would say 11 months ago. But within three months I was
down to half my medications. And with now, like I’m
saying I’m just about ready to drop totally off my medications. I’m hoping by not having
to work so much in my businesses anymore, living
a better life physically. [VETE] There should be no need. But this is working. It stopped. I was getting
numb up here, that stopped. It stopped me not having the pain and that I’ve been able to start exercising more, doing more stuff, but yet
I was still dealing with a very physical job. And my pain meds were dropped. (silence) Had a family doctor that
knew me for 25 years. We’re like brothers. And he’s worked on me and he finally had to retire.
He had health issues. So I was given a new doctor. And with the pain medications
in Canada and the US, I’ve had to go medical boards because they want to cut you back from
the Oxycontin and all this so you have to go to different
therapy things and meetings and sides. So she was put under a new
system where they have to really watch what pain
meds they were giving. And she as just blown away,
she’s just going like. You’re asking for less? And I’m yeah because I really, there was no need. So she really got on board. And so she started reading
about stem cells and that and she now is the same thing. Like I told her I said, in Canada they’re just starting to use, but medically they haven’t
let any centers open up or try to do this, which
is really not great because whatever the cost is, it’s well worth the money because for the money that I have to
spend for this I’ve regained two thirds of my life, my daily life. Physically more active. Physically better. Healthier. I’m able to
work longer hours again. It’s almost like being rejuvenated. This is working. It’s stopped. I was getting numb up here. That’s stopped. Now it’s just centralized here. So be now on the nerve,
then maybe we can get some of that back. But total life turnaround. You can ask for my doctor’s full number. She’ll even back it up. (silence) The success is just unbelievable. I mean, pain medications
and everything aside, can cause your way of thinking. Eating habits, living habits,
and everything totally wrong. I’ve had so many people come up to me that have known me all my
life and just go up to me and go what happened? It’s like you get a new heart
or something crazy because it’s just like from night to day. But total life turnaround. (silence)

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  1. Renee Koster Post author

    Do you know if this is available anywhere in the United States? Unfortunately, we are not able to travel to Thailand. My husband has hereditary peripheral neuropathy with numbness (not pain) starting in his feet and now spreading up his legs.


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