Spine Examination – OSCE Guide

hi my name is Anne medical students check your name and date of birth please sure it’s James 13th of December 1989 nice to meet you James today I passed to examine your spine this will firstly involve me watching you walk and then I’ll look at the spine fill down the spine for any pain and then we’ll do some movements as well would that be okay that sounds fine you in any pain at all before we start okay we can start the examination okay I’m just gonna inspect you walking could you just walk to the end of the room and back for me you I’m now going to feel down your spine James do let me know if there’s any pain at all I’m just turning to face the wall behind you you that’s great you can turn back around we’re just going to assess some movements now first of all could you look up at the ceiling for me and look down at your toes that’s great look over your right shoulder look over your left shoulder that’s great and take your right ear to your right shoulder and left ear to your left shoulder that’s brilliant now James if you could just bend over and touch your toes brilliant and all the way back up and now with your right hand reach down your right leg as far as possible and the same will new the side please James fantastic and now lean backwards as far as you comfortably able to and forwards if you could now cross your arms for me and turn your body round to the right as far as you can and to the left as far as you can now back to the middle I’m just gonna feel the Aloha spine now and now I’m just going to mark your skin with pen and now bend forward and touch your toes you I’m now gonna lift each leg up straight do you let me know if you get any pain in your back or down your leg and the same on the other side I’m now gonna lift each leg do let me know if you have any pain at all you okay James that completes the examination thank you very much okay thank you today I performed a spine exam on James a 27 year old male James had a normal gait with no obvious deformities on inspection on palpation there was no tenderness of the spine or the paraspinal muscles and had a full range of movement this was a normal spine exam to complete my examination I’d like to do a neuro vascular assessment of the upper and lower limbs and review any available imaging you

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