So I Used Aloe Vera AND Turmeric on My Face for 8 DAYS & THIS HAPPENED

So I Used Aloe Vera AND Turmeric on My Face for 8 DAYS & THIS HAPPENED

guys I am sorry let me just compose myself
I apologize I pretty much took a month off from creating content and making
videos and it was a much-needed break it was an unintentional break but I’m back
okay I’m back I’m just really excited about this next chapter if you guys
don’t know my birthday is coming up actually by the time you guys see this
my birthday would have already passed my birthday is July 1st
okay cancer gang Moon Moon Moon I’m excited to actually bring this content
to you guys especially this video so I have a couple of ala videos that did
really well on my channel thank you guys so much like thank you guys for helping
me pay my bills a lot of people kept coming back and saying do you still use
tumeric do you still use aloe and which one do you prefer
so this video is going to be a comparison and I actually did half aloe
and half tumeric I did the most my skin was so janky you guys my skin was so
disrespectful before I started using these masks okay my skin was crusty it
was dry my hyperpigmentation around my mouth was really just present my skin is
doing extremely well right now so I’m really excited for you guys to see this
video so you can see if these mass works again and also which one I prefer but
please share this video you guys if you think someone would find this helpful
and that would also help me out for my channel so share the love share the
wealth alright let’s hop into the video so it’s
day one I am going to decide now which side of my face
I want to do out of one and then which side of my face I want to do the tumeric
on so this side has was a lot going on on this side I had some breakouts and
this is the coming down version because right here in this area there was like
three or four breakouts it was just a lot and I didn’t know what it came from
my diet was shit it was just terrible my diet was terrible and I can’t even be
mad because I did it to myself so I will it’s amazing and it’s an
amazing healer so I’m thinking I want to do it on this side this is my side with
the deepest and the darkest black line hyperpigmentation so we’ll see if that
tumeric and the yogurt will help brighten that up but it yes if you guys
want to see how I make my tumeric and yogurt mix and also what I use then
just check out the video up in the card section that just popped up or you can
check out the video in the description box it’ll also be down there so as I
mentioned I got this idea because on my I love video and on my tumeric video
people were watching the video circling back watching the other videos and
asking me which mask I preferred so I don’t know I use a low
a little bit more frequently because I have an aloe plant I have actually
started to cut some of those leaves and use those I don’t buy yogurt that often
because I don’t eat dairy so sometimes but I don’t need your yeah
so I thought this would be a really fun video just to compare the two and it’s
perfect because my skin has been acting a donkey just sometimes you know you
want to eat some ice cream out so far this is just like okay it won’t hurt if
I have another or it won’t hurt if I have ice cream
two nights for I’m gonna be real four nights in a row so just like what the
tumeric and yogurt I’m not gonna show you guys how I cut the aloe rinsed it
and all that good stuff because I have quite a few album videos
at this point so you can watch any of those so the section that I cut has four
cubes about this size some are a little bit smaller but yeah I love one is fresh
and chunky it’s just our two doses it has to be good I just got my 100k
YouTube cool I’m all done putting on the aloe and of course the tumeric and
yogurt so I’m going to let this sit for over 15 minutes I’m not going to show
you guys my skin right after because it’s day 1 but I will show you guys my
skin tomorrow and we’ll just continue on continuing on that much so I’ve completely rinsed off both mass
as you can see all I did after I rinsed off both mass I did that in shower but I
got out patted my face dry with my hands and then I just used some shea butter
and some rosehip seed oil and if you guys haven’t seen my skincare routine I
want to link that up in the cards in a description box alright so the first
thing that I have noticed so far I didn’t think I would notice anything yet
but my skin is feeling a lot smoother it’s looking brighter and it’s looking
even in gorgeous my skin tone like the actual color is looking really even of
course I have my hyperpigmentation in these areas but okay it’s looking glowy
and there isn’t even Sun out today but this mark from the pimple that I had is
still there we’ll see what it looks like at the end of this experiment the
breakout that I had here has crusted over so that one is healing shout out to
the aloe this side is also doing pretty well so there’s not
tripping update but I can definitely tell that my skin is looking a lot less
dull than it was already okay it’s been this is the second day I left the duo
mask on for 30 minutes and yesterday I think I put it on the screen but
yesterday I left it on for around the same amount 30 or so minutes I was deep
conditioning my hair so 30 ish minutes 20 plus minutes will say that okay it
just day 3 and my skin so I just rinsed it which is what I do in the morning I
can actually cleanse my skin in the morning with the cleanser my face feels
hydrated now that I’m actually looking at it it does look a lot more it looks a
lot brighter a lot of low beer it’s just this area I do not like the way I love
smells like I didn’t know it was so prominent like I don’t know if the other
ones I have just weren’t didn’t smell like this but sometimes you get the real
slimy real thick ones that just smell like I don’t know but it’s not the best
I’m gonna give this a few minutes and then I’ll put on the tumeric and yoghurt
okay it’s been about 15 or so minutes I just got this side wet just to kind of
open up my pores a little bit this side of my face is like constricted because
the aloe has tightened in it yeah two working yogurt in here and this is
brand new I don’t reuse all right that’s pretty
good I’m gonna let this sit on my face 15 minutes like I said and then having
cleansed roots to my face yet for the day but what do I know that’s so far
actually the first thing I want to show you guys was do you guys notice that
your aloe turns pink again here we are butter baby button smooth soft like
amazing compared to when I first showed you guys and I have those under the skin
bumps here they have all completely gone away but the texture is beautiful and
actually this breakout completely flattened and gone I think there was one
right here or this looks like a scab were like a white mark that is now
turning into a dark like that has healed pretty much it’s scabbed over and now
that’s flat and smooth this breakout is pretty much flat I feel a little bit but
this one is pretty much flat my skin all together just feels really toned I
notice that my laugh lines the actual crease I would say I would say both of them are pretty
smooth doubt this area is filling up you know like
when you have flat lines it can look like it’s kind of sunk in right here and
it’s filling up so really the only thing that’s noticeable is the actual
hyperpigmentation which look okay I can’t even stress about that anymore
okay I just rinsed my face off I gave it a good little rinse and then do the same
thing I did yesterday where I actually put the alum on for 10 minutes or so and
then go in with the 10 minute I just have one piece today some fresh piece
and pink on the end because I’m leaving the hallow out so it looks like it gets
pink when you leave it out okay that should be good
I’m going to let this set like I said and then I will come here I will say the
creases on my lifelines are doing really well but they seem to be less visible on
the outside I think I’m going to extend this for a couple of more days think
something like a topical mask can take up to two weeks or more for you to see
actual results I feel like I’m starting to notice a
difference with hyperpigmentation this side to me seemed like it was darker
than this side but now I’m feeling like this side is more light and I just
rinsed this off as opposed to this side you guys can be the judge I’m not too
too sure you see how these ones just look nice and open and large and then if
we go to this side you still see them but they’re not as large and as open so
I’m out of the shower my face has been fully moisturized for a good a couple of
hours it’s been a couple hours since I got out of the shower I of course you
guys know what I use if you don’t know what I use then check out my morning
skincare routine I’ll link it in the description box and in the cards my skin
feels amazing it looks amazing dead-ass looks like I have glossy a
stretch concealer on indeed you guys which is my favorite and I have a 20%
off link which I think I already said in the description box ok this is what
happens when you drink your water you mind your business my laugh line area
looks pretty good for me it looks presentable it looks really good
Wow Oh brows are looking good I’m glowing there
no son matter of fact it is raining outside the to work side looks really
smooth it looks good you see that everything’s looking really
even for the most part of course you still see some of the hyperpigmentation
it’s not fully gone and perfect but for me because I don’t wear makeup and I
don’t feel the need to cover this area up regardless of what I think people
think because I’m kill but just look at this texture where texture we’re just
yes ok you can see my pores here there’s no inflammation which oh yes that’s like
my ultimate goal I did that I did that I’ll see you in the next clip whatever
that is so I took job come on here with my final thoughts do you think that
tumeric and yoghurt side gave me more of a glow a legit look like I have a
highlighter on and there’s nothing but skin so I would definitely say that aloe
is more practical and more moisturizing it’s kind of like an all-around mask and
there really isn’t anything that to murphy yogurt can do that auto can’t
aside from the me singing that there was oh I forgot about this there was a lot
less texture in the area where I may get texture there was a lot less texture on
the tumeric and yogurt side so if you have those tiny little under the skin
annoying ass bumps try the tumeric and yogurt out and you don’t have to do that
every single day I would say try it two times a week or something like that and
just see how your skin feels but alo I’m rocking with aloe if you guys have any
recommendations for my skincare progression videos or any videos
want to see on my channel at all check out the Google Doc that I have linked in
the description box you can actually go to the Google Doc and request videos
please share this video if you found it helpful and if you think someone else
might find it helpful share wherever Facebook Twitter to your mother leave
your comments down there and let me know what you guys think of this video which
side do you think works the best did you see any difference am i tripping did
nothing happen

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    Happy belated Birthday Dear. ?
    I wish you get awesome flawless skin ?

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    Take vitamin a 4000iu s plus and zinc. Within a month you will see a profound difference along with your cleansing masques.

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