Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema

Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema

Every time you
smoke a cigarette, toxic gases pass into your lungs,
then into your bloodstream, where they spread to
every organ in your body. A cigarette is made
using the tobacco leaf, which contains nicotine
and a variety of other compounds. As the tobacco and
compounds burn, they release thousands of
dangerous chemicals, including over forty known
to cause cancer. Cigarette smoke contains the poisonous gases
carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, as well as trace amounts of
cancer-causing radioactive particles. All forms of tobacco are dangerous, including cigars, pipes, and smokeless tobacco, such as chewing tobacco and snuff. Nicotine is an addictive chemical in tobacco.
After you inhale tobacco smoke, nicotine flows through the bloodstream to
your brain, where it induces a pleasurable feeling. When you repeatedly expose your brain to nicotine, it becomes desensitized,making you crave
more and more nicotine just to feel normal. Smoking causes death. People who smoke typically die
at an earlier age than non-smokers. In fact, 1 of every 5 deaths in the United States
is linked to cigarette smoking. If you smoke, your risk for major health problems increases dramatically, including:
heart disease, heart attack, stroke, lung cancer, and death from
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Smoking causes cardiovascular disease.
When nicotine flows through your adrenal glands, it stimulates the release of epinephrine,
a hormone that raises your blood pressure. In addition, nicotine and carbon monoxide
can damage the lining of the inner walls in your arteries. Fatty deposits, called plaque, can build up at these injury sites and become large enough
to narrow the arteries and severely reduce blood flow, resulting in a condition
called atherosclerosis. In coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis
narrows the arteries that supply the heart, which reduces the supply of oxygen to your
heart muscle, increasing your risk for a heart attack. Smoking also raises your risk for blood clots because it causes platelets in your blood
to clump together. Smoking increases your risk for
peripheral vascular disease, in which atherosclerotic plaques block the
large arteries in your arms and legs. Smoking can also cause an
abdominal aortic aneurysm, which is a swelling or weakening of your aorta
where it runs through your abdomen. Smoking damages two main parts of your lungs:
your airways, also called bronchial tubes, and small air sacs called alveoli. With each breath, air travels down
your windpipe, called the trachea, and enters your lungs through your bronchial tubes. Air then moves into
thousands of tiny alveoli, where oxygen from the air
moves into your bloodstream and the waste product carbon dioxide
moves out of your bloodstream. Tiny hair-like projections, called cilia, line your bronchial tubes and sweep harmful
substances out of your lungs. Cigarette smoke irritates the lining of your
bronchial tubes, causing them to swell and make mucus. Cigarette smoke also slows
the movement of your cilia, causing some of the smoke
and mucus to stay in your lungs. While you are sleeping,
some of the cilia recover and start pushing more pollutants
and mucus out of your lungs. When you wake up, your body attempts to expel
this material by coughing repeatedly, a condition known as
smoker’s cough. Over time, chronic bronchitis develops
as your cilia stop working, your airways become clogged with scars and mucus,
and breathing becomes difficult. Your lungs are now more vulnerable to further disease. Cigarette smoke also
damages your alveoli, making it harder for oxygen and
carbon dioxide to exchange with your blood. Over time, so little oxygen can reach your
blood that you may develop emphysema, a condition in which you must gasp for every
breath and wear an oxygen tube under your nose
in order to breathe. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema
are collectively called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,
or COPD. COPD is a gradual loss of the ability to breathe
for which there is no cure. Cigarette smoke contains at least 40 cancer-causing
substances, called carcinogens, including cyanide, formaldehyde,
benzene, and ammonia. In your body, healthy cells grow,
make new cells, then die. Genetic material inside each cell,
called DNA, directs this process. If you smoke, toxic chemicals
can damage the DNA in your healthy cells. As a result, your damaged cells
create new unhealthy cells, which grow out of control
and may spread to other parts of your body. The most common cancer
in the world is lung cancer, with over a million new cases
diagnosed every year. Harmful chemicals in cigarettes can cause
cancer in other parts of your body, such as: in the blood and bone marrow,
mouth, larynx, throat, esophagus, stomach,
pancreas, kidney, bladder, uterus, and cervix. Smoking can cause infertility
in both men and women. If a woman is pregnant and
smokes during pregnancy, she exposes her baby to the cigarette’s poisonous
chemicals, causing a greater risk of: low birth weight, miscarriage,
preterm delivery, stillbirth, infant death, and
sudden infant death syndrome. Smoking is also dangerous
if a mother is breastfeeding. Nicotine passes to the baby
through breast milk, and can cause restlessness, rapid heartbeat,
vomiting, interrupted sleep, or diarrhea. Other health effects of smoking
include low bone density and increased risk for hip
fracture among women; gum disease, often leading
to tooth loss and surgery; immune system dysfunction
and delayed wound healing; and sexual impotence in men.

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  1. Enam Clinton Post author

    Welcome to smokers forum! And to be honest, from today onwas, I quit smoking. God help me.

  2. Akram. A Post author

    I hate people smoking cigarettes because I was told that if you inhale the smoke for long periods of time you can get cancer before the person who's smoking it

  3. Galaxy_GachaBlue 1234 Post author

    Uh someone help I'm 9 and my dad smokes BUUUT IM NOT A NORMAL 9 YEAR OLD!


    Good so I won't have to worry about wat and who is doing wat. You bring me down so might as well go down

  5. Nalce Post author

    People who smoke are aware of the risks that come with it, that's the trade off and consequence that most smokers are willing to accept and live with. I smoke because stress is something that overwhelms me almost every day. When I get my fix I feel like I'm at 100% again. It helps me function really. I have an addiction, and I'll be ready to pay the consequences of it when the time comes. Until then I have absolutely no problem with de-stressing myself with a cigarette and some relaxing music. I'd rather enjoy the day to day then worry about the future. It's the sacrifice that most of us will make, and there isn't anything wrong with that.

  6. Mia Duran Post author

    Please help I'm scared my mom has been smoking for years and it seems like she has a new pack of cigarettes every week! How do I make her stop

  7. BlackHeart Post author

    You may have even heard of the relationship between smoking and dark lips, and it remains one of the easiest and well-known aesthetic effects of chronic smoking.

  8. The Gaming Waffle Post author

    I’ve been smoking for 2 years and I’m now 15, I want to give up now because I don’t realise how bad it is for me

  9. Sigma Geranimo Post author

    I smoke for 3 years then I am done with it. My grandpa smoke for his whole life and die at 68 years old.

  10. Tips For Be Healthy Post author

    Many people practiced to smoking. Sometimes they don't know the side effects of it. Here are some organs damaged due to smoking. You may already know that smoking can adversely affect your health. Also, you should know that both active smoking and nonactive smoking can harm your health equally. Therefore, if you are a non-smoker and do not smoke and you are subject to nonactive smoking, your life will be in danger.

  11. Ardhendu Sekhar Chatterjee Post author

    20 – 07 – 2019 >> We have some Homoeopathic medicine
    that relieves tobacco poisoning as Tabacum,  (use of tobacco + nausea, vertigo +  Hypertension + lies on the right side), Lobelia ( Asthma, + tobacco
    poisoning), Nicotinum ( Ch. Tobacco
    poisoning without specific symptoms). These medicines symptomatically help the
    patient a great extent. These also act as a curative, relievable and also as
    intercurrent medicine, individually with or without symptoms, one after another
    one, during processing a case.

    Potency -> 30, 200, 1m, 
    0/1 — onwards, two or more doses, 4 to 7 days intervals.

  12. marilyn jessie santana Post author

    i told my grandma to stop smoking cigarettes and she won't listen to me and if she die and it not my problem

  13. Jevci Post author

    My mom has asthma and smokes but i keep telling her it's bad for her and i really want her to be alive… She's the best mother ever…

  14. Eidori ashi Post author

    Im going to stop smoking today. Its hard.. I need help. My wife tries to encourage me. Wish me luck

  15. shane phelan Post author

    I bet him I can smoke more cigarettes in a row than him!!! Lol…..yes yes smoking is bad, but get this both sides my grandparents smoked/still smoking and drinking daily whiskey or beer till after 90 years old!!!! Never cancers, never strokes, never heart attacks….. How long do u really want to live?? 90 is more than enough… Hell my grandpa is 94 years old, still smokes a pack per day and at least 1 bottle if whiskey, never tea or coffee or water, nothing but whiskey with pop and milk at supper or meal times, for over 60 years!!!! Perfect health, I still help him cut his own firewood, or fix his vehicles as he's a liitle slower or harder to bend over, but we do that half drunk with smokesin our mouths!!! He always says smokes whiskey makes him happy, he's 94 and perfect health , why quit???

  16. Indrid Cold Post author

    Nine out of ten doctors, and the surgeon general agree, that smoking can be hazardous to your health. Please make a note of it.

  17. Lee Ho Post author

    Because you already smoking more then 20 yrs and scare to die for smoke so don’t quiet smoke ok

  18. brooka ape Post author

    Now I feel cheast pain I were smoke for last 10 years .
    Now I need to quit smoking may it help me to avoid such sing of heart attacks ?

  19. brooka ape Post author

    Now I feel cheast pain I were smoke for last 10 years .
    Now I need to quit smoking may it help me to avoid such sing of heart attacks ?

  20. Bridget Carr Post author

    Last night in a hospital accident and emergency , I met an old man who smoked for 49 years, gave up four weeks ago, he saved 900 euro in that time, as he was smoking 3 packets a day. As he waited for a bed in a ward he told me, someone probably had to die before he got a bed.

  21. Bibiana Carmen Post author

    Look don’t give messages in television ? when someone smokes or drink ? alcohol ? etc not only this many food or drink ? from hell are there. Giving messages like smoking ? or alcohol ? is injurious to health is useless no logic.
    Which stupid, idiot, bloody, buffalo ?, Bitch, witch, mental case, psycho, serial killer, merciless and pet dog ? puppy didn’t ban theses drinks ?smells and looks like devil ? dirty pee and even color looks like that. One stop ✋solution for this will be banning and forgetting as if these drinks ? and alcohol ? didn’t exist. ( Instead of selling hell foods or drinks in shop from hell its better to sell fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, nuts, citrus fruits, corn and seeds drink ? from heaven sugarcane juice and coconut water ?. Still you want to sell and kill people then, sell what for me. Die soon.

  22. yim-yim GAMING Post author

    Im also a smoker since im 12 and im 24 now . . Thank God im not sick at all . .and now im slowly trying to stop it . .i prevent going outside to party or talk with friends or drink wid friends because it makes me want to smoke again . .

    If you want to stop smoking . Follow wat i do so u can stop too.

  23. Bibiana Carmen Post author

    Which merciless for business god idea ? of cigarette ?. There will be a lot of pollution inside human body. Organs will cough so, blood may curse and organs will cry ? make organs and blood happy along with your soul
    Eat from nature ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? without changes made by man ? to nature.

  24. Jimmy Russels Post author

    Doctor's proved that if you quit smoking it will prolong your life. What they haven't proved is why a prolonged life is a good thing, haven't seen the stats on that yet.

  25. Rainbow wolfy Post author

    I only try it for the first time and a second so I stop and I throw it away because my cousin lets me so I’m I fine

  26. David Milroy Post author

    What is like I'd like to no why the government allow smoking the biggest killer in the country hows that for legal crinnamlization

  27. Karrihanna Curry Post author


  28. mikeyb byekim Post author

    Who can say they think cigarettes taste good? Who can say the first time or even first few times they actually enjoyed it? Bc from what I know and experienced they were discussing and made me cough, as I'm sure everyone did at first. Smoking is an acquired a bit with people actually needing to force themselves to get use to it. If anything that is a telltale sign it is NOT good for you.
    #cigarettes #smoking. It's basically poison wtf. People are stupid. All in the name of profits for cextreme apitalism for big business and helping the economy by providing jobs. Ughhh ya ok

  29. mikeyb byekim Post author

    0:55 incredible how small particles are and simply what they are as tiny bundles of energy. Fascinating

  30. Rawan Vlogs Post author

    Yo smoking is absolutely disgusting. Idk why people smoke cigarettes or anything or even do drugs or drink. It’s absolutely horrible . Wtf is this bro? Like if you smoke anything I’m begging you please quit smoking cigarettes it’s really disgusting ! You have a whole life ahead of u and u easily fade your life away from smoking or drinking or anything . Please quit smoking everyone it’s absolutely horrible


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