Shiatsu Massage Tips & Techniques : How to Use Shiatsu for a Sinus Headache

Shiatsu Massage Tips & Techniques : How to Use Shiatsu for a Sinus Headache

Shiatsu originating from Japan has been used
for centuries to treat the energy system in the body for health and wellness. Hi my name
is Christina Bjergo I’m a Shiatsu Japanese massage practitioner. So here is how you can
apply Shiatsu for sinus headaches. Sinuses below pressure or pain below the eyes, go
along the pupil line about half an inch to an inch and just apply pressure where it feels
like it’s relieving little circles are good just to get some movement. Sinus tension can also build up in the forehead
so often just at the beginning of the eyebrows is a good place to also apply some Shiatsu
techniques of pressure.
As well as the center line of the between the eyebrows. And since we also want to encourage the downward
draining of any pressure we want to also massage a little bit of Shiatsu pressure in the back
of the neck, just kind of a downward pressure starting at the base of the occiput, and moving
down to the shoulders. Another really good point to help the immune system fight sinuses
is go using your leg just below the kneecap on the lateral side of the bone, using a loose
fist we’re going to just kind of apply nice pressure. This is strengthening the body’s
immune system and ability to fight off any sinus infections. These are just a few Shiatsu
techniques you can apply at home to treat sinus headaches.

28 comments on “Shiatsu Massage Tips & Techniques : How to Use Shiatsu for a Sinus Headache

  1. Lilium Post author


    It works for me. I've been having a sinus headache for a week now, finally some relieve..

  2. Nelson Oliver Post author

    How does hitting below your knee help your immune system? Isn't that like changing a tire for a oil change….

  3. Samantha Houghton Post author

    the only one that actually works id the one between the eyes, and its nothing compaired to some good old sinus tylonal

  4. occupier1 Post author

    it helps mine i massarge the muscle between the thumb and first finger and it seems to work i can feel presure being releesed also i use black seed oil to rub into my forehead works great .

  5. JaguarEarlobe Post author

    ….. slapping my shin is going to stop me getting headaches.

    I'm A fri#Kin fool for not working that out for myself

  6. trequor Post author

    @mybunbunisdead Except that a car is about a billion times less complicated and a trillion times less connected than the human body

  7. Andy82014 Post author

    hey "proffessional shiatsu women" how the hell does banging by freaking knee or massaging my neck help with my nose that be like trying to turn on my tv by hitting my dresser next to it its useless and dumb

  8. Belbecat Post author

    Wow, it really works. Just relieved my headache within 2 minutes! And for those who criticise the knee thing, I assume it works like acupuncture with the pressure points, because different parts of the body actually connected in funny ways…

  9. dissidentdaughter Post author

    Thank you for offering this information. I have received Shiatsu massage in the past but cannot find a practitioner near where I live now. I have had a lot of trouble with sinus pain the past few days. This is helpful. I can feel that these techniques are helping. I will repeat them periodically over the next day or two for some relief. (Some of the other comments here are incredibly rude and ignorant. So sorry for them.)

  10. Sinupret Med Post author

    Thank you for sharing. Is the placing of thumb in between technique of sinus drainage also a form of shiatsu massage?

  11. Jody Hakala Post author

    Get basic tips. There are a points along the leg that move Qi. But that was a funny comment.
    Id add the two points on the back of the skull Gall Bladder 34? LU 7 and PC 5 on the inside of the wrist for relaxation.

  12. maxi rossi Post author

    Great video this massage does help but it is not really a long term solution. i use a nose spray that contains tea tree oil and it has cured my sinus infection completely. Within 2 weeks. This sinusoothe nose spray really works and even although i was skeptical at first im glad i tried it. Not the most pleasant stuff but hey if it cures you who cares

  13. Liam Hartman Post author

    Does Sinuzolax Miracle really work? I notice many people keep on speaking about Sinuzolax Miracle. But I'm uncertain if it's good enough to cures your sinus infection naturally.

  14. Paul Lindsay Post author

    How effective is Sinuzolax Miracle? I have noticed many awesome things about this popular sinus infection home remedy.


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