Restorative Yoga At Home Challenge for Stress Relief

Restorative Yoga At Home Challenge for Stress Relief

If you have just 10 minutes a day, you
can reduce stress, improve your sleep and build emotional resilience with
restorative yoga. Welcome to the restorative yoga at home
challenge. Over the course of just 12 days you will learn how to heal and
re-energize your mind, body, and spirit so you can reverse the effects of busyness
and chronic stress. Subscribe to my channel and click the bell button so you
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up for the free challenge newsletter. This will send the video straight to
your inbox so you don’t miss a single day. I’m Caren Baginski and i’m the
author of Restorative Yoga: Relax. Restore. Re-energize. and I’ve been teaching yoga
since 2009 I’ve taught restorative yoga to hundreds of students and I am
constantly amazed at how small simple and consistent moments of restorative
yoga poses can have such profound effects on physical and mental
well-being. Now it’s your turn. Whether you are an experienced restorative yogi
or you’re just starting out I will teach you everything that you need to know and
I am so excited to see what happens for you at the end of our 12 days together.
You’ll learn a new pose every day of the challenge and today is day 1 and we are
starting with Supported Child’s Pose. this pose is helpful for relaxing tense
back muscles improving digestion and quieting an active mind my prop
assistant is my little dog willow and you will need one flat bolster or
substitute a couch cushion or a firm bed pillow and up to three blankets get what
you need and meet me back here on your yoga mat what makes restorative yoga so
unique compared to other yoga movement practices you may have tried
that your body is completely supported by props when the body is supported it
can relax and when the body can relax the mind can relax and that is when you
receive the deep healing on every level of your being so let’s get started today
with supported Child’s Pose begin with your first blanket and fold
your blanket about the width of your yoga mat well place this across the
middle of the mat with the nicely folded edge facing away from you and then grah
grab the bottom fold the top fold here and just move it back a couple inches
there’s a little lip of the bottom edge of the blanket showing next grab your
flat bolster and place that in front of the blanket and then finally we’ll take
a second blanket and fold it about the approximate width of the bolster that
you have so for me I’ll take alongside to match the long side until I have a
rectangle fold blanket and then place that directly on top of the bolster with
a little bit of the lip of the blanket hanging off that’s okay and that can
fold toward you now this is the basic set up for supported Child’s Pose if
you’re pregnant past your first trimester it’s
recommended not to practice also if you need to make some space for your abdomen
if you’re pregnant within your first trimester please feel free to take your
belly away from the bolster well straddle the bolster with our legs
taking the knees wide to the edges of the mat with the toes either touching or
slightly separated as you sit back to your heels now if you have no issues
sitting back on your heels here your knees feel fine and your ankles feel
fine you can continue by simply pulling the bolster in toward your legs inhaling
lengthening up through your spine then exhaling sending your hands forward
and lowering your chest to the bolster turning a cheek to the side but if
you’ve noticed you have any tension in your knees or any attention in your
ankles you’ll want to grab this third blanket and make that modification and I
should say that I have all of the information about modifications when to
and when not to practice this pose in my restorative yoga book so grab this third
blanket here’s a simple modification you can do if you need a little bit more
height because your ankles and your knees are aching well take this blanket
and roll it up from the longest side so you make a rolled blanket and then
kneeling toward the bolster slip that blanket either all the way up to the
backs of your knees or backward to sit in between your ankles this will help
out the ankles and the first one will help out the knees a little bit more so
check that out and lower back down find the position that will be the best for
you right now and let’s enter the pose and work into a little bit of breathing
technique for relaxation and then we’ll hold the pose in silence this is a key
aspect of restorative yoga and the mind might be busy at first and that’s
totally to be expected and that’s okay because it’s the minds function to think
we will ease our way into our 12-day journey from here so finding your way
into the final position turn a cheek to the bolster relax your belly and your
arms with your elbows by your side slide your hands forward around the bolster
palms flat on the mat if it’s comfortable choose to close your eyes
here or just soften your gaze adjust your chin so it glides slightly in
toward your chest your shoulders may broaden arms heavy
bombs releasing their grip into the props begin by
your breath watch if fast or slow in your body and let’s
bring a simple count to the breath and practice equal breathing so empty all
your air and then count to five as you inhale now exhale and count to five inhaling slowly to five exhaling slowly
to five expand your ribs on your inhale gently feel your belly press into the
bolster and as you release the weight the ribs recede on the exhale you feel
more contained more steady and consolidated on your mat find one more simple round of equal
breathing take your time and then release the breath allow the breath to
do whatever it wants simply rest in silence whenever you catch yourself
moving away from just this moment here recall the feeling of your whole body on
the mat on the props and let it bring you back as we continue to hold this pose there’s
an option now to turn your other cheek to the bolster lifting the head slightly perhaps turn to the other cheek and
lower back down if this feels uncomfortable simply come back to that
first side and now continue to rest in silence begin to slowly awaken just enough into
the breath and into the feeling of the hands on the floor so that we may rise
up out of this position taking the transition slow first simply turn your
head to face toward the middle toward the bolster maybe opening the eyes as
you walk your hands closer towards your knees taking a gentle exhale to lift
your heart up right the hands then can come to the thighs or
the knees as the heart arrives above the hips from here slide your hands back
forward lift your hips and walk your knees back away from the blanket until
you’re in a table position hands on either side of the bolster and your feet
flat on the ground then simply stretch one leg back at a time tuck the toes
under and feel all of the energy rush through the hip the knee the ankle do
the same thing to the other leg you can load some of your weight backward into
the heel as we make this transition breathe nice and easy and when you feel
satisfied with the knee is awakening and the ankles awakening let’s simply slide
the feet to one side and have a seat on your mat a simple cross-legged seat or
seated on your heels so that we can come with our hands together and form prana
donna mudra this mudra is the gesture of surrender for letting go part of this
process of working at an at home restorative yoga practice
is giving yourself permission in your own space to release what you don’t need
and this mudra this hand gesture is an energetic symbol of that so simply take
your thumbs to your middle two fingers opening up the index and the pinkies
then touch the tips of the pinkies and the index fingers together and turn the
fingers upward with your thumbs and your middle fingers so that if you look down
there is a space a space of letting go in between your hands
will bring this down to the thighs or the lap so that you can rest your arms
with the tall spine relax your shoulders down and back and if it’s comfortable
close your eyes feel the tips of your fingertips wherever they touch and then
notice the space in between the fingers let the following words become your
words repeating this as an intention to yourself i f urtis lee release all
physical and mental tension I welcome peace and ease in my whole
self I’ll take three clearing breaths
inhaling through the nose opening the mouth slightly exhale with a sigh inhale
and fill up with peace and ease exhale and release physical and mental tension last round now release the mudra and
take all the finger tips together to touch bring the hands toward the heart
in Anjali mudra an opportunity to offer gratitude to yourself for embarking on
this 12 day challenge and gratitude for all the teachers who have come before
who have given us the tools to deeply relax and return back home to who we
truly are to know that we are good enough exactly
as we are as you open your eyes and come back into this space I am so curious to
hear how this practice went for you so go into the comments below and share one
thing you observed about yourself as you practiced this could be on a mental
level or a physical level one of the gifts of restorative yoga is the
opportunity for self inquiry and it’s so helpful to write it down and to share it
with someone else to know that you’re not alone and also to be a mirror and a
positive influence on someone else to do this practice challenges are always more
fun with friends so consider sharing this video with a
friend so that you can take this 12-day journey
along with them and give me a like if you are so ready to dive into the rest
of the challenge tomorrow’s practice is a new pose and I
can’t wait to share it with you so be sure to subscribe and sign up for the
free challenge emails so you don’t miss a single day of this series I’ll see you
then thanks so much for practicing namaste

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  1. Caren Baginski Post author

    Welcome to the challenge! After you practice Day 1, share just one thing you observed about yourself during today's pose here in the comments.

  2. Kirsty Macfarlane Post author

    Thanks Caren, I'm looking forward to the rest of the practices! Willow is gorgeous, I love dogs, all animals but not all are suitable for domestic life. My German shepherd Valentine makes my practice so much better ??‍♀️??


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