Repetitive Strain Injury: a Cautionary Tale

Repetitive Strain Injury: a Cautionary Tale

(he hums)>>Hey, Billy!>>Argh! Oh, uh… hey, Mister.>>Billy! How long have you been typing for?>>Um… about an hour.>>What?!
Billy, you need to take regular breaks!>>But I–
>>Take a break! Take a KitKat™.
>>Uh… thanks.>>Billy, come with me!
>>But– I don’t even– I don’t even–>>Come!
>>Argh!>>Aha. Here we are.
You see this guy? This is Ivan. He has repetitive strain injury.>>Ow. Ow.>>See?
>>Well, sure, Mister. But… how do I stop getting RSI?
(he barks like a seal)>>That’s easy, Billy!>>Sit up straight. Take regular breaks.
Keep your neck uncraned.>>Gee Mister, that’s easy.
>>It sure is, Billy. It sure is.>>Mister, you’re hurting me.>>Shut up, Billy. (excessively-loud triumphant music plays) (he hums)>>Hey, Billy!

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  1. Cat O'Donnell Post author

    I was thinking about this yesterday and couldn’t remember what I could do to prevent it! Thank you for sharing your wisdom again!


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