Remedies for rheumatoid arthritis & remedies for osteoarthritis with Dr Wallach

Remedies for rheumatoid arthritis  & remedies for osteoarthritis with Dr Wallach

Arthritis is my favorite disease because it
is easy to fix. it one of the great myths that the medical profession perpetuates is
that you can not build bone mass after the age of 50, 60, 70. years if age, you can only
slow down the loss. And the reason why they say that is because they try to rebuild bone
mass using plain calcium, whether its tums or calcium citrate or carbonate or gluconate
or lactate… and you body will not retain much or any of the calcium that you supplement
with in your bones without first building new bone matrix.. you have to have new bone
matrix which is this rubbery collagen material that looks like tendon or skin… and it makes
up 25 – 40 % of our bone weight 40 % when you are a child and 25% when you are an adult.So
it is absolutely essential if you want to deal with the wear and tear arthritis, osteoarthritis,
degenerative arthritis ankylosing spondylitis effectively you need to take all 90 essential
nutrients… ( The best way to do that is with Dr Wallachs PIG Arthritis formula (Now
called Dr Wallachs Healthy bone and joint pack) Remember I am a veterinarian as well
as a physician and we learned a long time ago maybe 100 years in veterinarian medicine
that we could actually prevent and reverse maybe even use the cure word in animals Arthritis
simply by giving the animal the raw materials to develop properly and maintain and repair
the joints. And so using this information that we developed in animals if you use the
same concept for human beings I have literally seen 10’s of 1000’s of people over the years
who had bone to bone arthritis they had osteoarthritis, then had degenerative arthritis ankylosing
spondylitis which is basically a joint form of osteoporosis It’s osteoporosis of the joint
end of the bones and they’ve tried all kinds of medication and of course if you take medication,
if you take a pain killer, if you take an anti inflammatory for arthritis essentially
all you are doing cutting the wire to the re warning light. Pain in a joint says don’t
use me until you fix me and by take a pain killer by taking an anti-inflammatory which
will reduce pain, you are allowing that joint to be used even though it would have been
painful without the drug so you are wearing that joint out faster and faster and to me
it is criminally negligent for someone to be prescribed a pain killer or anti inflammatory
for joint disease without repairing the joint at the same time. and this is where the Pig
Arthritis formula really shines and it works just like a charm in human beings as well.

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