Relief for neck pain – fix a stiff neck | Total Performance Physical Therapy | 215.997.9898

Relief for neck pain – fix a stiff neck  | Total Performance Physical Therapy | 215.997.9898

Hello I’m Doctor Heather Moore owner of
Total Performance Physical Therapy. Today we’re going to go through some exercises if
you wake up with a stiff neck. We’ve all been there when we fall asleep on an unusual surface
or even just goin to bed and woken up with a neck that’s little bit painful, this painful
neck can lead to difficulty with moving during the day, difficulty performing your job, headaches
it can even lead to more problems along the line if it’s not fix correctly. There are
few things you can do right at the back when you feel that you have a kink in your neck
to help alleviate that pressure. If you at all during these exercises feel numbness and
tingling going on your arm, feel any sort of sharp impression pain you need to stop
and consult your health care practitioner immediately. the first thing you can do upon
rising and realizing you have a stiff neck or a kink in your neck it’ just start gentle
range of motion, you want to start by just doing nice and gentle circles, you may only
be able to do very very very tiny circles that’s okay, do the minute pain free range.
Each time you do a circle trying a little bit more range in a bit if you can’t that’s
okay just keep moving on that range so you’re able to move without having it be excrutiating,
this is going to get the blood flowing to the muscles and start loosening up the muscles
that are tight. The next thing you want to do is start to rotate your head side to side
again this is in a pain free range so even if you can only a few degrees side to side
that’s okay nice and slow, nice and easy, it also may help to be underneath a hot shower
when you’re doing this to help the blood flow increase to the muscles also, then finally
you just want to nod your head nice and slow and gentle again in a pain free range just
going up and down as far as you can trying it a little bit further and further each time.
The next thing you want to do is an upper trap stretch so you’re going to gently tilt
your head to one side if that’s a stretch for you then that’s where you stop if you
don’t feel a stretch you can put your hand on top of your head and pull it stretching
out that muscle a little bit further, you should not feel pain with this so if you feel
pain take your hand off your head and just lean it to the one side and hold it, you want
to do this on both sides, you want to hold this for about 30 seconds and you want to
do about 6 on each side again this should not cause any numbness and tingling any sharp
increasing pain, if you’re experiencing anything like that you want to seek other medical care.
The last thing you want to do is a self-massage technique. we do, uh we use a beastie ball
here in the clinic because we find the spikes get in there a little bit better and break
up some of the garbage that’s in the muscles, you can use a tennis ball, a cross ball anything
that really kinda get in there and break up that muscle, you want to go ahead and put
this on the wall you don’t want to try and grab your neck, grabbing your neck and trying
to do this type of self-massage only puts more pressure on your neck and more strain
on the muscles that are already sore, so just find a wall put the ball up against the wall
and nice and easy up and down just do this as long as you have time for, you don’t want
to do this really aggressively because you’re most likely in pain and it’s not going to
feel great but this will help break up some of the knots that are in there as you break
them up and as you feel a little bit better, you may move this technique to the floor and
continue massaging and getting in there, if you want to get in up around the neck, around
the shoulder blades coz the muscles on your neck go down and go all the way down your
back, those should help alleviate some of the neck pain if you wake up and have a stiff

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