Reduce Stress & Anxiety By Training Your Brain Not To Worry

Reduce Stress & Anxiety By Training Your Brain Not To Worry

reduce stress and anxiety by training
your brain not to worry a lot of us may not realize this but anxiety is
something we all experience obviously some experience it more severely than
others but it’s quite common according to WebMD
about 40 million Americans live with anxiety disorder which is more than the
occasional worry of fear to be more specific an anxiety disorder can range
from a generalized anxiety disorder to a panic disorder according to the site
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stop worrying about things you can’t control
number 4 understand your anxiety it is important to understand your anxiety if
you want to control it from understanding why you have anxious
thoughts to understanding how to deal with them having knowledge about your
anxiety will help you overcome it there are a lot of professional and medical
opinions on whether or not anxiety is a result of a chemical imbalance though
that may not be part of the problem your surroundings also play a major role in
how you feel according to calm clinic when you feel
anxious about things it could be logical it could be emotional or it could be
just the way your brain responds to natural chemical processes try to
understand your anxiety and why it’s happening with an understanding of why
you feel the way you do you can better help yourself learn how to deal with
your anxious thoughts and how to overcome them as well if you’re having
trouble figuring out how to understand your anxiety there are certain things
you can add to your daily routine to help improve your thought processes and
put you in a more positive mindset stick around until the end to find out what
these simple additions are number three observe what your body and
mind react to calm clinic recommends that you get in tune with yourself and
your mind and figure out why your body is reacting to threats the way it does
this can help you develop a way to stop anxiety from escalating because you’ll
become more mindful of yourself and your surroundings it could work for some more
than others Palm Clinic recommends that if you
assume that a chemical imbalance is what’s causing your anxiety regardless
of what treatment you’ll get you still need to learn coping tools that can help
you overcome your anxiety if you learn how to control the extent that anxiety
affects you you’d make a positive change to your chemical imbalance if you find
that certain situations conversations or people make you feel anxious and worried
try to understand why your mind and your body react to these certain things once
you figure out why your body is reacting to these things the way it does you can
develop techniques that can help you deal with these types of situations keep
watching as we continue to count down ways you can train your brain to stop
worrying about the things you can’t control
number two challenge difficult thoughts the Center for Applied Research in
mental health and addiction lists the second step that you can do to train
your brain to stop worrying about things you simply can’t control that is
challenging the thoughts that you’re worried about the sight notes that
sometimes it helps to ask a friend or a family members opinion about the
situation so for example if you have anxiety about someone talking negatively
about you ask the person about it first before you start panicking about it the
reality is that there is no point in panicking about something that might not
even exist in the first place then if the situation does in fact exist the
next thing that might help is to see how others would react to it if they were in
your shoes the site notes that even imagining how most people would react to
whirring thought will help you come up with a more fair realistic way of
thinking if you notice that you’re having a lot of negative thoughts or
tend to doubt yourself or think negatively about yourself train yourself
to stop it may be difficult to do so but try it out whenever you notice a
negative thought come into your mind do everything you can to ignore the thought
instead think of something positive our thoughts can often control our emotions
and actions overcoming negative self-talk
is one of the first steps in rewiring your mind and getting rid of anxious
thoughts which can consume you number one train your brain very well
mind says that when you find yourself in a stressful situation you have to train
your brain into doing calm thinking there’s no way that it’ll happen on its
own just like giving advice to your friends
when you’re worrying about things you have to tell yourself how to look at a
situation in a positive way essentially if excessive worrying occurs talk back
to it of course this is easier said than done but you can’t feed into the
worrying thoughts that’ll just make it worse for example if you ask yourself
what if I keep getting worse or what if she tells this person everything I just
told her then you are feeding in to the anxiety try to keep away from that and
instead feed your brain with more realistic thoughts one great way to
train your brain into relaxing is through meditation meditation can help
bring your mind back into the present and focus on calming thoughts rather
than anxious thoughts if you find that you have anxiety and are overwhelmed
with negative stressful thoughts take a moment to yourself focus on your
breathing and as you breathe in and out clear your mind of all your anxious
thoughts if more anxious thoughts begin to come to your mind just bring your
focus back to your breathing do this for a few minutes at a time or until you
start to feel calm again meditation is known as one of the
greatest ways to relieve stress is something that you should absolutely
consider doing if you find that you are often overwhelmed with anxious thoughts
it takes a lot of conscious effort to get to a healthy state of mind you’ll
get there believe it or not there are certain
exercises that you can do to train your brain to stop worrying about things you
simply can’t control there are various strategies that can help you to not only
manage but potentially reduce stress as a whole these things may be easier said
than done and no one truly understands the anxiety that you go through unless
they are in your shoes but the reality is that you can take all of the
medication in the world to help your anxiety which of course works but trying
some of these coping skills and help you in the long run now that you know how to
train your brain to stop worrying about things you just can’t control here are
some simple things that you can add to your daily routine which can help ease
your anxiety release endorphins and make you feel more relaxed exercise exercise
not only releases endorphins which our bodies feel-good hormones but it can
also improve your health and make you feel better about the way you look and
the way you feel this can help contribute to more positive thoughts
eating right a good nutrient-rich diet is another way to improve your overall
health which can in turn make you feel better about yourself a good diet will
also improve your bodily functions and give you more energy sleep sleep is a
huge part of our everyday lives and people who lack sleep or do not get a
good night’s sleep every night tend to have higher levels of stress sleep can
help reduce stress levels control blood pressure and even more when you have not
had a good night’s rest and are feeling tired you are more irritable easily
agitated and less patient if you want to reduce your stress levels and feel more
focused and alert throughout the day make sure that you’re getting an
adequate amount of sleep every night now that you know how to train your brain to
stop worrying about the things you can’t control as well as
to understand your anxiety it’s time to put it all to the test do you or have
you ever experienced anxiety how do you overcome feelings of anxiety let us know
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