The Sublimator variety is born from the crossing of two great genetic producers of resin such as the Banana Sour and the GorilaG4 The work was very complicated, took like four years of project but The big need to obtain a strain that stood out by itself, made us take it easy and continue working to obtain one of the best strains of the market. The fusion of these two genetics create a new hybrid that is very productive and suitable for all types of crops and for all types of extractions. The idea was to fulfill two very clear objectives, the first being a very complete flower in its flower, in its flavor, in its structure and easy to grow. The second objective to fulfill was that their return in extractions was very complete and comprehensive in all types of extractions in Waterhash, Drysift, BHO or Rosin… which are the type of extractions that are used most global level. The work to be developed was very complicated, for us it was an incredible motivation since we are producers since 1998 and many professionals of the sector come to us when creating new strains and new needs for the Cannabic sector. The owners of the Sublimator strainbrand are Alan and Enrico. They are the owners and creators of the Sublimator brand. Sublimator as a genetics is born from the need that Enrico asks us to create a variety that has all the perspectives that were needed of it. This varieties have to meet optimal conditions, both for cultivation and for extraction. The fusion of these two brands, R-kiem seeds and Sublimator strain, takes for granted that it was going to be a great strain because both of our objectives and our needs as producers, as the demand that Enrico and Alan had already made to be represented in this flower, made us to make different decisions when it comes to what types, what cuts and how much work we had to perform in order to obtain this strain. The Sublimator strain brand is born of this preciousness that we see here !!! Not only this but many other models that Enrico and Alan have brought to the market. It is not any vaporizer since it is a vapor atomizer. lmost all the components are surgical steel minus others that are made of Murano or Borosilicate glass.
These components make Sublimator strain one of the best vaporizers if not the best in the world. They are exclusive unique pieces and their easy when it comes to consuming all kinds of substances ksuch as BHO, BUBBLEHASH, LOOSE HERBS, even at the same time… make this product an incredible product for all types of users. There is a R-kiem saying that we follow to the letter and it is the fact that we only work with the best, that fact conditions us on many occasions to only work with people who are really as passionate as us if not it would be incompatible to understand the needs of the objective to fulfill. They are both passionate, steadily defending marijuana in a country like Canada, their Sublimator brand has been installed in Europe, South America and the USA, the demand is brutal from all distributors as it comes in some way guaranteed by two people who understand the plant very well, the needs, the fact of the extractions, all kinds of extractions … it is so much the passion that they have that approval was very important for usable. For us the goal is more than reached, we are very proud of the work we have done and to be able to cover this market with pieces that are representative of high level, that would be Sublimator as a strain and Sublimator as a component for the consummation of these substances of which we have spoken.


  1. Revolucion cannabica Post author

    Hola buen dia soy de argentina me gustaria trabajar para su empresa!. Me llamo Juan y tengo 28 años. Y cultivo de los 16 años.

  2. bill bedav Post author

    alguien de Rkiem sabe que paso a la empresa del sublimator,imposible de comprar uno desde mucho tiempo,han cerrado?
    tengo ese bicho,tengo que probar ese strain amigos👍🏻
    un cordial saludo

  3. Sagitario OC Post author

    Quiero a sublimator en mi jardiiin quiero ganar el concurso con ese video quede mas enamoradooo de ella ♡♡♡♡♡♡


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