12 comments on “Queens Residents Furious About Proposed Bus Route Redesigns

  1. ruzzell907 Post author

    My experience: Where are the Q29s and Q72s when I need them? 😭
    I don't take the Q72 and Q29 often, but when I do want to get on it, it doesn't show up. I check the MyMTA app, and watch it stuck somewhere in Jackson Heights. I end up walking instead because they take too long. Reliable buses in my area are the Q53 and Q58.

  2. A M Goodridge Post author

    they should have offset bus lanes & protected bus lanes🚍combining with Express buses only during Rush hours

  3. Crood Post author

    The Queens busses do not need redesign they need to improve the current layout. Like when the hell are they going to add a bus that runs from 82st Roosevelt Ave up to 108st? When the 7 train breaks down let's say at Junction Boulevard well there is no bus on Roosevelt Ave to get to 74st or 108st. Some busses are damn slow. Like the Q47 it suffers from traffic congestion at rush hour. They also need to increase the frequency of some busses like the Q66 and Q19. Another suggestion is that a bus like the Q32 instead finishing at MSQ it should finish at Columbus Circle.

  4. Yari C Post author

    If there is a decline in bus ridership as mentioned, why would the MTA bother adding more buses if they will be mostly empty anyways?

  5. Yari C Post author

    Maybe an idea, not sure about viability.
    All bus routes should transport ppl to the nearest subway and loop back within a defined area.

    Ex: loop between 78th – 84th st and 25th ave – Roosevelt ave. (Just a thought. Again just putting up suggestions.)

  6. Rusty Nail 5 by 5 Post author

    They took away our bus stop and now we have to walk an extra City Block to get it that makes it eight blocks to get a bus

  7. Rusty Nail 5 by 5 Post author

    They don't want cars and they don't want buses and you're not near trains so they want you to get on a bicycle at 70 years old and go to work these people are fucking idiots


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