Quad Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

Quad Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m
going to show you a standing quad stretch. so let’s get started. If you haven’t already subscribed, make sure you click on the button down there. so this stretch is part of my office stretching
series where I go from head to toe stretching out the whole body, and it’s
real time stretches. so I know a lot of you like that. if you want to check out
some more make sure you click on the link up there. so with the standing quad
stretch, you can pretty much do this anywhere. you don’t have to hold on to
anything, but I always say it’s best to hold on because then you can focus on
your stretches just a little bit more. so with the quad stretch you really want to
get in a good position. I’m gonna go ahead and have my timer getting ready to
go, and I’ll just explain as we go along, but it’s gonna be 30 seconds stretches
three on each side and we’re gonna take a little 10-second rest break in between.
so I’m gonna go ahead and start it and then we’ll go along. so with the quad
stretch standing, you’re just gonna grab your foot and make sure the top part of
your leg is straight down. so the important part of that stretch is that
that quad is down. if it’s here, you’re not really gonna get a good stretch so
you want it there and maybe even back just a little bit. the closer you can get
your heel to the bottom your bottom, the better stretch you’re gonna get. but you
know I have to pull it all the way back just pull it until you feel a little
stretch in there. and then take that little break in between. but again if
your, if your thigh is coming forward, then you’re no longer stretching your
quad, so you really want to focus on that. so if you have to hold on a lot to be
able to do that, that’s fine. also the most important thing second to
getting that that leg back there is not to lean forward because see you can be
like well my legs back now, but if you’re leaning forward, again you’re taking away
from that stretch, so keep your upper body nice and upright and just pull
backwards. again you don’t have to pull up as high as I do. I stretch every day,
so I’m pretty flexible. so if you can only go to there that’s okay, you just go
until you feel a comfortable stretch. with that you can also add in a little
bit more pushing back to get the hip flexors as well if you want.
so if I’m stretching here and I pulled that knee back just a little bit more,
I’m going to get those hip flexors stretching a little bit as well. so if
you really want to get kind of a combination stretch, you can do that
because that’s a great area to stretch out if you’re sitting, no falling, if
you’re sitting a lot throughout the day because those muscles are in a shortened
position. so if you pull it back just a little bit, you’re gonna get a
combination stretch which is really good as well. there’s a whole bunch of
different ways to stretch out your quad, you can do it lying down, you can do it
lying on your side, on your stomach, you can use a strap to stretch it out, but if
you’re at work and you don’t really have equipment, this is the best way to
stretch it out, and it’s pretty easy to do especially if you work at a desk and
you don’t get to move a lot because you can just stand up at your desk. you don’t
have to go anywhere to stretch out. and so this is a good way just to keep those
muscles moving especially if you don’t get to move your legs throughout the day.
because you don’t want to get blood clots or DVT or anything like that.
stretching out your legs is a great way to prevent all of that. so again just
moving out stretching it out a little bit,
getting that break in too, and then we’ve got one more on each side. so with the
quad stretch, you should feel it right through here. some people feel it a
little bit more in their knee, that could be because maybe that joint is tight as
well. so if you’re feeling it more in your knee versus in that quad muscle
belly area, again maybe you can’t go as high but try and bring that leg back
just a little bit and that will should help get that muscle versus that knee
joint because it’s all connected. and since it’s all connected, if it’s tight
through here, sometimes your knee is going to be very tight as well, so if you
feel like your knee is hurting and you’re having a lot of pain through
there when you’re stretching, then go ahead and hold off because if you’re
having pain when you’re stretching and there might be something
else going on, and you should check in with your doctor or your physical
therapist because it might not be just tight muscles, there might actually
something going on in there, and you really want to find out what’s
going on. so it shouldn’t be painful. you should just feel tension with the
stretch out your stretching through it. so there you have it. those where you’re
standing quad stretches. remember this is a part of my office stretching series,
real time stretches from head to toe, so if you want to check out some more of
those, make sure you click on the link up here. and if you would like to support my
channel find out how by clicking on the link up
here. and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down here. and remember be safe
(don’t fall over when you’re stretching), have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

8 comments on “Quad Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. Chuck Pitzer Post author

    Dr Jo, I have a numb quad between the hip and knee on the outside of the quad (side). It does burn at times after standing long periods. This is related to spinal stenosis and inguinal hernia repair – years ago. Is there a good stretch(s) for this ? Great videos by the way !!

  2. Roshan Wright Post author

    Dr Jo what part is right under below knee in front part of leg? I get a lot of pain there at times.

  3. Sarah Mcauliffe Post author

    Hi doctor jo
    My name is Sarah and I'm 33 years of age. I have a dilemma with my knee. I have a dislocation of my knee happen 5 times over the year and my last one happened in October this time around its affected me a lot more and I'm terrified of moving it for fear of it dislocating. Do you still think it's possible for me to get movement back in it after all this time? I hope you read this


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