Psoas Stretch Extreme Exercise For Lower Back Pain and Hips

so what’s the big deal about the psoas
well it’s a muscle that is very frequently involved with low back pain
and it is very very difficult to stretch so I had a video before with a one
person stretch you can do it yourself and it’s a good stretch but it’s a
little bit limited and people wanting to know how do we get more in depth than
how do we get to the upper part of the psoas we’re going to show you that this
is a two-person stretch and you want to pay close attention because you don’t
want to hurt the person if you’re working on a 25 year old athlete it’s
maybe not they’re pretty sturdy you can crank
pretty well on most people you want to be very careful especially people with
low back pain so we’re going to show you how to do this very very carefully so if
you can get on the table about a thirty degree angle you want one side of the
hip completely off the table and the other one on then you lay back you grab
this leg and then you want to have the person pull the knee up far enough that
the back gets flat on the table now you’re moving the origin of the psoas
muscle away so that we can stretch it better the difficulty is that it crosses
so many joints and you have to stabilize all the joints involved before you can
actually stretch the muscle so I’m going to come in and I’m going to support here
and I’m gonna watch her trunk to make sure that it stays put
so if someone is really stiff or in a lot of pain you want to start with a leg
up here even that can be a stretch for them and then from here you have them
push up very gently against your hand so apply just a pound or two of pressure
and you want to hold that for about 10 seconds and then after 10 seconds you
have them relaxed and you grab the leg and you lower it so relax this leg and
we’re gonna lower it toward the floor so you don’t push on it you don’t apply any
pressure you just let it go down how is that is that tolerable you’re getting a
pretty good stretch yeah so she does have pretty tight so as and even before
we’re at horizontal she already gets a stretch so I’m going to put my hand on
the knee and just add a couple of pounds of pressure here and you want to check
with the patient that on a scale from one to ten where ten is excruciating
pain you want to kind of keep it below a six or a seven so we’re still good all
right so now go ahead and push that knee up again and while you’re pushing take a deep
breath in and hold and keep the tension feel the tension and then relax breathe
out and let that knee drop a little bit further perfect and I can feel that that
leg giving at the same time I keep an eye on the trunk to make sure that we’re
not actually just pulling the low back off the table we want to keep it flat so
we’re actually stretching that muscle and for a first stretch I’ll probably
leave it at that so now I’m going to grab her leg I’m
gonna tell her don’t lift it I’m gonna lift it for you so we’ll lift it up
we’ll roll the person on their side and we’ll help them come up sideways okay
perfect so then it works the same stretching the
other side then you get on the other side of the table you could do this on a
kitchen island it’s difficult to do on a bed because the bed is too soft you need
something pretty firm and other than that just be careful pay attention to
the person you’re doing it on so you’re not hurting them and go really nice and
slow keep in mind you stretch it a little bit you can tract a little bit
you stretch it again thank you so much for watching use it carefully and hit
that subscribe button so that you can stay tuned for more instructional videos
thank you

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