50 comments on “Prelims | Bellator 239: Ruth vs. Amosov

  1. kristhian hipolito mamani rivas Post author

    Que asco !! Uuu na cosa es ver a kabhib a cormier usando su lucha a ver estos tipos que solo derriban para hacer puntos buena cagada

  2. Remember Eagle Flight Post author

    Why are the fans such assholes? That scream they do reminds me of learning disabled children trying to get attention. Why can't they just shut their mouth, watch the fight, and stop trying to make it about themselves?

  3. idz135 Post author

    Bellator off to do more research for no-names open for the spinning elbow to baby Bolanos after this L. You gon not keep Hatley, just like when BrandonLaroco beat Bolanos?!

  4. IHadAnIdeaItDidntWork Post author

    4:37 Red: Christian Edwards (2-0, 2KO) vs. Blue: Marco Hutch (3-2, 3Sub)

    27:02 Red: Shawn Bunch (9-4, 3KO) vs. Blue: Keith Lee (5-3, 3KO 1Sub)

    50:07 Red: Gabriel Varga (1-0) vs. Blue: Teejay Britton (5-2, 4KO 1 Sub)

    1:13:35 Red: Denise Kielholtz (4-2, 1KO 2Sub) vs. Blue: Kristina Williams (3-2, 1KO)

    1:21:00 Red: Gaston Bolanos (5-2, 5KO) vs. Blue: Solo Hatley Jr (7-2, 3KO 1Sub)

    1:47:20 Red: Josh Hill (18-3, 4KO 4Sub) vs. Blue: Vinicius Zani (11-5, 5KO 2Sub)

    2:09:33 Red: Grant Neal (2-0, 1Sub) vs. Blue: Claude Wilcox (1-1, 1KO)

  5. Undead King Post author

    If yall dont keep Solo Hatley Jr after this win I will stop watching bellator for good that was a solid ass win

  6. Navi87 Post author


  7. Mr.Nelloxx Post author

    Good, respectful, fair and interesting Prelims, with a lot of fighting on the ground, with one questionable Fight.

  8. Creep Post author

    Dude gonna have to grow his hair out a LOT more to call himself Afro Samurai. Plus, samurai didn't fight bare-handed :/

  9. Willian Magno Post author

    Quem teve essa brilhante ideia de transmitir ao vivo as preliminares ta de parabéns merece até um almento no salário ! Concerteza será bem mais divulgado o Bellator!

  10. That'sWhat'sUpCuz Post author

    Keith "Killer" Lee record 5-3, seems more like survivor to me, just like his brother Kevin "Stanky Leg" Lee. Acting like winning a decision means you fucked your op up! Pffft not a fan of fake ass niggas! Just saying seems that in their family they aim big, regardless of their talents.

  11. TeepToTheJunk MMA Post author

    A great night of fights, thanks for streaming prelims on youtube. I have the app, and DAZN but YouTube makes for a great watch and a fun re-watch, getting the full texture of the show not just single fights 👊

  12. КИРПИЧ КИРПИЧ Post author

    1:41:15 это просто пиздец, как эта Света могла выиграть…. Что за бред.

  13. Tim Lee Post author

    I wonder how many days until Mike Dolce makes a childish video about his former Client Gaston Bolanos working with George Lockhart's team for this camp for his nutrition

  14. Bob alloo Post author

    Bunch and Lee left way too much in the ring. Big flurry at the end should have been happening throughout the fight.


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