Poderoso Mantra de Consagração a Ganesha – Strotan Narada Purana

Poderoso Mantra de Consagração a Ganesha – Strotan Narada Purana

hello stars today i’m very happy for
that I managed to find a mantra that I come from looking for a long time to publish here
on the channel for you this mantra is a strotan a hymn or praise to Ganesha this praise was
taken from Narada Purana a very old text Hindu that contains about 25,000 verses
and he is part of the most important puranas purana is old these puranas contain comments
about the vedas about philosophy planets astronomy the myths the characteristics of the deities
and one of the chapters is a guide with a method of worship to Ganesha most of the mantras came out
of Hindu texts then is the musicalization of this prayer which is also a worship guide
so that we can achieve the results of our wishes in six months to a year
in this mantra the 12 names of Ganesha are exalted each for a specific purpose and in this way
you will be connecting with the energies Ganesha’s purest mantra is a mantra that should
be done 3 times a day so that really works with him you create an unbreakable link
with Ganesha who is removing all obstacles of your life in every way and in all
the bodies ie the spiritual body is removed any bad intention magic negativity
from the mental body the thoughts are removed repetitive negatives the thoughts that cause
emotional body suffering is taken away the pain the suffering the fear and anguish of the body
physical is taken ill health and prosperity loving financial like that Ganesha provides us
a joyful and happy life in all aspects the translation of the mantra which is this devotion
I’ll put it for you here and also in the video description
Said the wise Narada O learned, who wishes, For more life, wealth and love,
You should nod your head, Lord Ganapathi, who is the son of the Goddess Parvathi
Think of him first as god with broken prey, second as the Lord with prey, third
like the one with reddish black eyes, room like the one with the face of an elephant.
like someone who has a very wide belly, sixth as one who is cruel to his enemies; seventh
as one who removes obstacles; eighth how who’s the color of smoke. Ninth as one who grows on the forehead, tenth as
who leads the removal of obstacles; tenth first as leader of the lord’s army
Shiva; and twelfth like who looks of elephant. Anyone who reads these twelve names,
dawn, noon and dusk, there will never be fear of defeat, and will always achieve what
want. Those who seek education obtain knowledge,
Whoever wants to make money makes money, Whoever wants a child, receives a child, And who
either salvation receives salvation Results to sing this prayer, Ganapati will be
visible within six months, and within a year, he will fulfill all
wishes, and there is no doubt about it. Who prays, writing to Eight Wise Men, and offers it
to Lord Ganesha, you will become knowledgeable and you will be blessed
with all the stellar qualities, by grace of Lord Ganesha
Thus ends the prayer of Narada Purana Ganesha who will destroy all sorrows.

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  1. Ingride Maria Abençoada Post author

    Gratidão e Namastê Vanessa Friggo 🌟.
    Minha filha de 4 anos vive cantando OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA.
    Gratidão Gratidão Gratidão pelo seu canal. Gratidão Gratidão Gratidão por todo seu compartilhar.

  2. Lucimara Rodrigues Post author

    Boa tarde gratidão amor e luz eu sou sou expansão de consciência viva a vida viva a amizade viva o amor incondicional amo Ganesha prosperidade para todos nesta faixa de vibracional 🙏🧘‍♀️🌷♥️🌹🤑🍀

  3. Gilda Maria Post author

    Gratidão por tudo, cada Ser sabe o caminho que leva a Sua Sabedoria maior, a Sua verdadeira essência! Muito obrigada!!! Namastê Caros Irmãos!!!

  4. za Andrade Post author

    Lorde de ganech me ajuda a ter dinheiro o suficiente para realizar meus sonhos ja agradeço gratidão gratidão gratidão gratidão gratidão gratidão gratidão


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