Platinum Cookies Strain Review

Platinum Cookies Strain Review

– What up everybody? Welcome to another episode
of Cannabis Lifestyle TV. It’s your boy Trey here with you and today we’re going to be
reviewing Platinum Cookies. (tranquil music) So, Platinum Cookies. There’s no real lineage, I guess, for that in particular strain, at
least that we could find but Girl Scout Cookies,
super popular cannabis strain that has OG and Durban Poison lineage. This cut, from what we were able to find, originated in Cali and
somehow manifested itself across the board. I’ve heard of Platinum
Cookies quite a bit. We actually picked this
up from The House of Dank out in Detroit, so shout out to them. This strain just caught my senses by it’s aroma, suggested to
me by my bud, Tender Simone. Appreciate ya. You know, we’re gonna check her out, hope that she lives up to
the nostril sensations. Right off the bat you get
that really nice terpy flavor of that kind of earth, gas,
sweetness just on that back end. It’s really hard to bring
all those things together. The bud doesn’t necessarily speak to what is actually inside. Even the jar that she showed me, the buds were a little bit darker, a little bit small but man
the smell was just, oh. And that usually is
what’s gonna lead me there because I’m gonna assume if
it’s perforating that much from just the jar, that hopefully
it’s gonna taste that way through the blunt, which
this one definitely does. Definitely delivers. Even if you just mixed
it in with other bud, you’re gonna taste where you placed that Platinum Cookies. I would compare this to like Gorilla Glue, the bud’s not always that
pretty but it can be tasty. And then, in comparison, you
can look at something like the Grease Monkey, the Kimbo Kush, they’re fucking gorgeous
but they just do not have the kind of gas that
you have with something like the Platinum
Cookies, the Gorilla Glue or even possibly like a Chem Dog. But, you just don’t
judge a book by the cover but it’s all up to preference
and what you like to smoke but I would say, for me,
easily, a nine out of 10. Only reason I would say not a 10 is ’cause it doesn’t necessarily have
that bag appeal, you know? And it’s really hard to
get all the check marks across the board, but that’s
also the greatness in cannabis is that it’s constantly
changing or expansive so you’re never gonna
be able to try ’em all so you might as well try
to try as many as you can while you can. (laughing) But this should be available for you if you’re in a legal state or a place that has a dispensary of sorts. It’s a pretty popular strain that’s gaining even more virality. Yeah, definitely gets our thumbs up here. We appreciate the view. Go ahead and check out another video, roll up another blunt. Check out Cannabis Lifestyle TV for everything CLTV related,
check us out on Instagram. We’re constantly puttin’
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that we have out there so go ahead and join the
CLTV fam and the family and most importantly, stay lifted.

15 comments on “Platinum Cookies Strain Review

  1. Pheno's Garden Update Post author

    Smell usually is the main component of my selection…
    based on smell my effects can be somewhat determined…or so we hope 🙂 Bag appeal or look is 2nd. 'Platinum' moniker placed before strains is placed many times on a particular phenotypical expression of a genotype. I'm talking beans now. Platinum Cookies is a clone. I am almost certain in that case, check phylos. The reason that's important is because like the 63 different varieties of OG Kush that are actually genetically exactly the same however they expressed phenotypically differently depending on where they're grown such as Tahoe or San Francisco .
    I've seen them at the Platinum moniker on a clone that just ran well in a certain location .
    Here's where it gets interesting about the Platinum line supposedly one of my favorite strains ever Candyland is a Granddaddy Purp Collective creation it's sold on their website for 200 plus dollars I think in seed form but it's a cross between Platinum cookies and something else GDP I think .
    Problem is once people started sending samples of Candyland in and had them genetically mapped it came back as just plain old girl scout cookies. I know those are bold words for bold names but that's the data I'm looking at…
    Great review. glad yoy took of a point for looks. hard to hit all those points

  2. Karl S Post author

    great review i agree with the comparison to chemdawg looks can be decieving it may not have a super strong smell but it does smoke very well have u ever tried a strain called irene? very very good stuff

  3. Rob CLtv Post author

    I'm still confused as to how we have 42,000 subscribers but only have 325 views after 3 days? Wtf #youtube 🤔🤦‍♂️

  4. Rebecca H Post author

    I am a veteran and have PTSD, which amplifies my insomnia, depression and anxiety 100x. Platinum cookies and GDP work miracles.

  5. Jon Sablan Post author

    The girl scout cookies,,and chamoru cookies for me is what ive experienced 🤙🏽🤙🏽


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