Pitch & Stress Accent Languages All Japanese learners MUST know this…

Pitch & Stress Accent Languages   All Japanese learners MUST know this…

20 comments on “Pitch & Stress Accent Languages All Japanese learners MUST know this…

  1. Yardnuk Post author

    Aki, have you ever heard of HelloTalk? I'm trying to learn Japanese, and you're trying to learn English. Maybe, if you wanted to, we could try it out, I heard it's really good!

  2. naomi moran Post author

    As a native English speaker speaking in pitch stress instead feels very unusual, the pitch change can change the entire word

  3. Apostolos Papadimitriou Post author

    Is there a study that measures how much the pitch is raised in Japanese and if the length of the vowels is affected at least slightly?

  4. Tuvok Shakur Post author

    Now I can kind of understand what it's like to try to figure out stress accents by a native pitch accent speaker

  5. Yᴜᴍᴇʀɪᴛsᴜ Kᴏʙᴀsᴀɪ Post author

    Sorry! Japanese is a semi-tonal language or simply tonal language, because İ hear the sound that silmilar to tonal language. (All language have pitch speaking. Please! change your thinking.)

  6. BOBBIE Post author

    If the difference is only on tone, why don't we just say tone language and intonation language? Since pitch is also an important indicator of stress, pitch rising also means that the syllable receive prominence/stress.

  7. Sopaipilla Pesadilla Post author

    I don't understand how japanese is NOT a tonal language if clearly, the same exact word pronounced in two different inflections means two different things..

  8. Rebecca Osser Post author

    It's not either stress accent or pitch accent since it's not really a one or the other thing. In swedish we use both pitch and stress, for example. And most tonal languages work differently. That being said, this was quit useful. Thank you for taking the time to explain.

  9. Pat Rai Post author

    Thanks for this video. Not trying to learn japanese but I am trying to learn a pitch accent language. As a native English speaker, I keep trying to use stress which is not right. Still struggling with it but this helped me understand why I’m not getting the pronunciation right haha


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