Physio Advice on Managing Back Pain

Physio Advice on Managing Back Pain

If you thought it best to avoid movement when
you have back pain you’re not alone. In fact, our spines are very strong and designed
to move. In rare cases back pain can be due to something
dangerous or underlying which requires medical advice.
The good news is, for most of us studies show that keeping active
actually aids in our recovery. Pain can easily make us think we’re doing
damage, but in reality moving helps us get better sooner
and safeguards us against future episodes. So while it might feel uncomfortable at first,
exercise, getting back to work, everyday activity and improving your lifestyle
will all help you on the road to recovery. Get started today with our comprehensive guide
from chartered physiotherapists on how to best manage your pain and prevent
future episodes.

2 comments on “Physio Advice on Managing Back Pain

  1. Gabriel Flamand Post author

    Hi, I am a physiotherapist in Québec, Canada and even though we speak french here, I shared this video to my community. Nevertheless, it would be a lot more useful to patients if I could add a french translation, as I have done with many other videos. Would you please allow community to add subtitles (through the video settings)? Thank you very much!!

  2. Physis Physiotherapy Post author

    Thanks for the video and information. To help more people to overcome back pain we are writing a series of blog posts to help those at home. You can find the information on back pain here


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