Personal Injury Lawyer New York | Call 646-679-7632 | David Perecman

Personal Injury Lawyer New York | Call 646-679-7632 | David Perecman

Number one, I can relate to my clients. I
don’t sympathize with my clients. I empathize. So when my clients are telling me, “I don’t
know what to do. I don’t know how to live. I don’t know how to deal with the fact that
I can’t walk anymore. I don’t know how to cope.” I understand ’cause I remember what
it was like to be 15 years old and not be able to walk anymore. In fact, once I remember
I had a client who was originally my client and switched to another lawyer and then right
before the trial came back to me, because that lawyer did not understand what this person
was really going through. It was just another broken limb case to that lawyer and ultimately
the amount of money that I got this person was close to 100 times as much as their attorney
wanted. Whether it’s a construction accident or medical
malpractice case, somebody who falls in a building, all types of accidents, there are
so many different types, but whichever one it is, the first thing you wanna do is make
them whole. That’s your job. I can’t go back and make what happened to my client go away.
I just can’t, but what I can do is try and give them a life that’s comfortable and the
only way we can do that is by monetary compensation. What does money do? Well, when a person can’t
get around and they now have somebody who can help them get around, drive them places,
money does it. If they need a special vehicle to get where they have to go, you need money.
If you need a house that’s built in a special way so that it has wheelchair ramps, it’s
accessible, if the bathrooms are accessible to wheelchairs, that stuff costs a great deal
of money. I represented a gentleman who got injured
on a construction site. He tried to go back to work a couple of times and he kept getting
reinjured and he was calling and telling me, “I’m gonna have to move. I’m gonna have to
sell the house. The kids are gonna have to change school districts.” The whole family
was affected, but seeing him at the end and giving him his money and knowing now you can
go on with your life, you don’t have to torture yourself and go back to that job that you’re
not physically able to do. To me, worker’s safety is something that is
sometimes ignored on the construction site because the almighty dollar comes into play
and I have made it my personal mission to stay involved and not just win a case, but
make sure that the law that allows my clients to come to court stays as strong as it is.
I’ve written articles about it where I actually was saying to the judges who have written
some of their opinions that they’re wrong. You’re favoring money over safety, money over
lives, money over health, and that’s not right. I had a case once involving a child who was
brain damaged. I remember why I actually got that case settled. We — I was standing there
in the courthouse and the lawyer was coming up to me and arguing with me. They didn’t
wanna settle the case with me and I turned to them and I just looked at them and I said
to them, “I’ve been preparing this case for years. You really don’t wanna get me started.
This child is brain damaged, and make no mistake about it, at the end of this trial I am going
to win,” and the lawyer looked at me. He left and two hours later they paid the money. They
didn’t come to me because they want somebody to sit there and push around pieces of paper.
They came to me because they want justice and if you’re tough in court and you know
how to relate to a jury and you know how to talk to them like what they are, which is
people, you can win.

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  1. Steve Gacovino Post author

    David understands the difference between empathizing with a client as opposed to sympathizing with them. 

  2. Steinger, Greene & Feiner Post author

    David makes the clear difference between sympathizing and empathizing, him choosing the later with his clients.


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