Ortho-Buddy Seat Cushion – Dual Layer Memory Foam / Gel For Back Pain Relief Review

Ortho-Buddy Seat Cushion – Dual Layer Memory Foam / Gel For Back Pain Relief Review

Welcome! Jon here with Better Home Essentials
and today, we are reviewing the Ortho-Buddy – Version 2.0.
Ortho-Buddy version 1.0 was tremendous success. We received TONS of great feedback, but we
also received a few suggestions as to what we could do to improve this product.
Well, here at Better Home Essentials our goal is to serve you… we’ve been listening
to your requests and we’re happy to say that your suggestions have been approved and
manufacturing just sent this prototype over, which is now available on Amazon.com
So, let’s go over the features list: In this version of the Ortho-buddy we enhanced
the quality of our memory foam interior to the highest grade possible. This ensures that
the seat cushion will maintain its shape over long stretches of time. Just above the high
grade memory foam, we added a layer of gel to keep it cool.
The cushion has a zippered machine-washable velour cover which makes it easy to clean…
and NOW in version 2.0 (at the suggestion of our amazing customers) … we have added
a handle on the side, so you can take it with you on those long plane rides, car trips,
or wherever you might need a cozier seat. In addition, we’ve also added a gripped
bottom to ensure your ortho-buddy is secure on even the slipperiest surfaces.
Now, let’s get into the specifics of why this cushion is designed to look the way that
it does. You’ll notice that there is a cutout here
on the back. This is to reduce pressure on your tailbone or your coccyx which also helps
to eliminate back pain. Its ergonomically contour-designed profile promotes healthy
posture and spine alignment while keeping your hips in alignment as well.
This also helps to distribute your weight as well.
So, if you sit for extended periods of time at work or wherever it may be, and you experience
pain and numbness, this will help distribute that and take away some of the pain that you
might be experiencing. So, with that being said – let’s try it
out. When you place the cushion on the seat you
want to be sure that you place it with the cutout facing the rear … where your tailbone
is. You also want to make sure it is in the center
so that you have that level seating. One of the first things you may notice when you sit
on it is that it automatically puts you in an upright position which promotes healthy
posture. It’s really comfortable so you can sit on
it for a long period of time if need be, and you’ll also notice (as I was saying earlier)
that the foam is very thick… it doesn’t squish down and it holds it shape… even
for me and I’m a big guy. Haha! One thing that I will recommend is that you
make sure that you properly positioned and at the right height. Your knees should be
close to a 90 degree angle and your hips should be as well. In other words – you don’t
want to be up like this, or down like that. Overall it is a really comfortable cushion,
it serves its purpose in helping reduce pressure in all the right places, and it’s really
soft. So, if you want to check this out the new
Ortho-Buddy version 2.0, you can find it on Amazon.com, at BetterHomeEssentials.com or
simply click the link on or below this video. So, that about covers it for this review of
the Ortho-Buddy… If you have any questions, please feel free
to leave those in the comments section below. We look forward to connecting with you!
Jon here with Better Home Essentials. Take care for now!

9 comments on “Ortho-Buddy Seat Cushion – Dual Layer Memory Foam / Gel For Back Pain Relief Review

  1. Frank Kush Post author

    Because of the height of the cushion will it still allow you to sit properly on long airline flights? Will the seat belts still fit properly as you are raising your height by 2 inches?

  2. Lyork Post author

    This is out of stock at Amazon. Where else can we order this? Could you provide a link? Thank you!


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