Ocular Migraine Aura | What Causes Migraines and Relief

Ocular Migraine Aura | What Causes Migraines and Relief

Ocular migraine, their auras, what causes
them and migraine and ocular migraine relief. That is what we are going over
today in The Dry Eye Show. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler. I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler. Let us
jump right into the content with what is an ocular migraine. For those of you who suffer from migraines, myself included and Dr. Travis as well you know how debilitating that pain can be. They can ruin your day in some
cases and why do they occur in the first place. Basically a migraine
in general is classified as a headache of varied intensity which is often
accompanied by visual symptoms, nausea, and even vomiting. Migraine headaches can last for hours and in some people they can even last for days which is
absolutely awful. How about an ocular migraine because we get this question a
lot in the community. Although it does not really go along with dry eyes at
all, it is a question that we get pretty often. An ocular migraine is also known as an eye migraine or an ophthalmic migraine or a retinal
migraine. This generally exhibits a blind spot in the center of your vision
that will expand over time. You actually will not be able to see at
least very well in one eye when you have an ocular migraine going on. This can
make it really impossible to work and drive While this episode is occurring A lot of people say that it looks like a zigzaggy pattern. It starts way out here and it slowly closes in Sometimes that can be a symptom of a
migraine to come. That is the aura sensation. The zigzaggy pattern slowly closing in. It almost looks like you have a blind spot like she said or
like tunnel vision as well Confusingly what is an ocular migraine aura? There is also something known as a visual migraine
which is known as a migraine aura That is just the visual symptoms that
are often experienced with a migraine headache. These include blind spots,
flickering lights, wavy patterns, zigzag patterns, sparkling lights in some cases. A visual migraine is much more common and less concerning than
ocular migraine. A visual migraine or a migraine aura by itself isn’t anything
to really worry about but like he said an aura does go along a lot of the time
with a migraine headache. That is essentially the big difference between
the ophthalmic migraine and the migraine itself is one kind of proceeds the other
but you can actually get a visual migraine or a visual aura without
getting the migraine itself afterwards That is the lucky people that just
have that but it can be scary because it’s very offsetting. It can throw you off. It cannot make you drive You cannot work but then it is also great
that you do not get the headache and so what I used to do is I will just go back when I used to suffer from migraines back in high school Mine was due to hormones. What happened was I would get an aura I knew that when the aura was coming I
would get a headache following it Now I get a little different symptoms. I also get tinnitus. I know if a headache or migraine is coming. It is
because I get ringing in my ears. Usually it is the result of too much
computer work. I know what causes my problems. I just need to fix it. Mine was in fifth grade since I had them to. Mine was all hormone related as well. I got crazy hormones. Pregnancy and menopause all those things can really cause migraines. I knew it right away. I had that aura right in the morning. I knew it was going happen. I went right to the nurse’s office at school and I was sent home. Sure enough I get that migraine I would be sick the rest of the day at least.
Comment below if you’ve had one of these and what were your symptoms. If
you think you know what caused it write that down as well. Comment that below and then we are actually going to pick one winner to win a Heyedrate one ounce bottle of our cleanser Comment if you have had them. If you have not had them let us know because a lot of people suffer from these. What causes migraine and what are migraine triggers. Most of the time migraine triggers are 70% of time are genetic factors play a role. If your your mother has one or your father has them you are most likely to
have them as well. It is very hereditary but there are also triggers out
there as well. What we think is the cause of a migraine is inflammatory
substances that are released into the brain. That can affect your blood flow and how your nerves fire. That can cause just kind of this perfect storm The reason that visual aura occurs is because that perfect storm is happening back in your occipital lobe
which is back here and that is responsible for processing your vision.
If you are having this kind of stormy, I keep saying storm but that is
essentially what it is. If you’re having this disruption in the occipital lobe
it is going to create this kind of visual sensation of you seeing something
zigzaggy pattern but really it is something going on way back here. Some
triggers are most commonly food related Caffeine can cause it. Red wine, aged cheese, smoked meats, dark chocolate then chemicals. We always talk about
not eating processed foods. MSG is probably one of the biggest killers in
our country. Monosodium Glutamate If you see that as a preservative in your food stay away from it. It can cause bad headaches. I know it causes really
bad headaches for me. My weakness is beef jerky yes I’m a vegetarian that
loves beef jerky but if I eat beef jerky that has MSG then I get a terrible
headache. Artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Sweet and low and all those. Other triggers can include hormone fluctuations like we talked about intense light from electronic devices, loud noises, strong odors, stress, and lack of sleep. Just look out for those and see if when you get an aura or you get a migraine if
there’s something perceiving that might cause that. Let’s go into how to
get rid of it and migraine relief First of all when you get a migraine whether it’s an ocular migraine or just a regular migraine headache the
best thing that you can possibly do is stop what you’re doing and just relax.
For us, we knew when it was coming on I don’t get migraines anymore really but if I were to get one I would know when it was coming on and what
would I do? I would probably go take a nap because it is the best thing that you
could possibly do I used to take naps all day long when I
had really bad migraines but some people with ocular migraines which I have also
had that can last just 30 minutes to an hour. It is a lot shorter. You just have to take a break from work Close your eyes and just relax. You can take medications for your migraines. Some people take you know preventative medications but those are mostly people
that have more than two migraines a month or that have migraines that lasts
more than 24 hours. Absolutely awful but those include things like calcium
channel blockers and anti epileptic medications those things can be really
good for preventing migraines and people that know they are going to get them
and they get them very often. You can also you can take things like NSAIDs if
you’re not going to be nauseous from that but due to the large amount of migraine triggers out there that Dr. Travis mentioned it is really
smart to keep a journal. Every time you have a migraine you should write
down what you ate that day. You should write down what activities you were
doing. Are you stressed? Did you not get a lot of sleep? What else did you do that may have caused the migraine in the days leading up to when you had that migraine and if you can really pinpoint it over time then
you can kind of avoid those triggers and hopefully keep yourself from getting a
migraine. Now if it is hormone related sometimes you can do things to help that and sometimes there’s just not much you can do about it but there are a couple different things
that if you suffer from regular migraines there are just a few tips I have
got for you that you can incorporate into your daily life. They are going to sound very familiar. They can help decrease your chances of getting a migraine. You want to eat healthy meals daily just
limit that processed food. Limit rich foods like we talked about aged cheeses
and smoked meats and things like that red wine. This is the same as how we treat dry eyes because it is inflammatory 98% of what we have all our problems are inflammatory in nature. Again we are just going to do anti-inflammation. Go ahead and obviously completely avoiding any migraine triggers that you know are
triggering your migraines. Get 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep a night as much as you can is perfect of course the last thing you want to do
is do some stress relieving techniques so whether it’s yoga or meditation All of those are great to really help
decrease stress because a lot of the time it’s those type A personalities
that are the ones that get those ocular migraines. I would recommend yin yoga. Why? Y-I-N yoga doing it 30 minutes to an hour before you go to bed so what we
like to do at 8:45 PM yes, we go to our bedroom at 8:45 PM. We do a 30 to 60
minutes yin yoga session depending on how we are feeling that day if we are feeling
extra stress we will do a longer session if we are not as stressed we will do a 15-minute session or so Then we get into bed at 9:00 o’clock and
we are usually lights out by 9:30 or so depending on our neighbors will
depend on how early you get to sleep That yin yoga can change your life. It will distress you. It will make you feel better. It is just holding stretches.
It is meditation. You literally over an hour period. You will hold six stretches
and it’s a great way to clear your mind right before bed. Literally if you go to
sleep right after yin yoga you will go to sleep like that because you’re just
so relaxed. That is my opinion on it. If you are just joining us this is The Dry Eye Show. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler. We went over ocular migraines how to relieve them, what they are, and how to treat them You can go back to the beginning of this episode or we will post replay later on. We are picking one
winner who will comment below to win our Heyedrate one ounce cleanser. You
can tell us about your migraines. You can just say hi. Tell us where you are from. If
this is your first time or second time joining us but we want to know if you had ever experienced an ocular migraine or a migraine. What your symptoms were and how you dealt with them? Let’s jump into the live questions. Deborah says hi
from Blairsville. Carol says hi from Salem. Jean says Happy New Year. Happy
New Year Jean. Jennifer says hello from New York. Hello Jennifer. Pat says she got a rounded a zig zagging pattern with different
colors. That is pretty common so starts out there comes right in. Karen says I used to get a little rainbow aura only. No pain. No headaches just flashing moving rainbows. They went away a few
years ago. I do not know why. I haven’t gotten them for about 10 years but
rarely. You probably figured out the trigger unknowingly and just avoided it
so it might have been lack of hydration so you might have started drinking more
water and knowing you have really taken health to a whole new level
because we have been following you for the last year and we have seen your
transformation and I’m guessing that started way before you met us but we
just kind of helped you along the way so you have probably figured out something in there before. That’s why it ended. Ursula said I had them before with the zigzag lines not sure where it came from. Possible stress. Definitely stress could be I would take a nap for 30 minutes. Karen says and wake up with no OC migraines. That is great. That is what we did. Debra says yes like sensitive major head pain, nausea, and
dizziness. You are experiencing a full migraine. Really figuring out what the
trigger is going to help you out tremendously. I used to think that my trigger was orange juice and cinnamon rolls because
before I had my very first migraine in fifth grade that’s what I had for
breakfast. I still don’t like orange juice and I don’t really like
cinnamon rolls because of that weird taste aversion. I’m pretty sure
that is not the reason Jean says I have never had a migraine and I pray that continues. I feel so sorry for everyone that suffers from
migraines and ocular migraines. Karen says Dilantin prevents migraines. I took Dilantin from ages 3 to 20 from childhood epilepsy which went away.
That’s possible. Happy new year Dorothy says hello and then Karen I got both types of migraines. Many years
ago I started taking B complex vitamins and cured it by 98%. Yes a vitamin
deficiency can be another one. It is great that you figured it out. It doesn’t look like we have any questions I didn’t think we would because ocular migraines are pretty straightforward and we are not doing a
dry eye episode. Share this episode with somebody that you know that might
be suffering from ocular migraines and either tag them in the comments below or
share it with them on their page and we’d be much appreciated from that we’ll
post the replay this episode probably tomorrow or
later on in the week. You can click the link in the comments and that
will take you to the article that will go over everything we just went over
today. So with that being said we will see you guys next week and have a great
new year. Hopefully you made some great goals and you should post in the
community. They are out there in public because then you will actually hit them. All right

90 comments on “Ocular Migraine Aura | What Causes Migraines and Relief

  1. Sugarplum Fairy Post author

    I just had an ocular migraine last night. I have been having them for approximately 30 years. My first one was at work (I worked in s hospital), and I realized I couldn’t read a good chunk of the doctor’s orders. They seem to have no rhyme or rhythm. If I got one at work I’d just take a beak until it was gone or nearly gone, usually 20-30 minutes. Now I’m retired, I just sit and relax or lay down until it’s over.
    Then after I usually have a little pressure around my left eye, but not bad. It’s over pretty quickly. Sometimes the zig zag scintillating lines are quite pretty. Also have dry eyes from thyroid disease.Thanks for the informative video.

  2. Meg Michelle Post author

    I started getting dry eye when I went on Accutane more than two years ago, I still struggle severely with dry eye. Is that normal?

  3. wayne37fly Post author

    I get that zigzagging all the time it is horrible I had two today I’m under a lot of stress I’m 46 I had my first one when I was 18 following the worst headache I’ve ever experienced I threw up after that I never had another headache after the zigzagging again but I get zigzagging all the time they are very scary I drink a lot of water and I exercise I love too jog I’m from Florida my name is Wayne

  4. Carl Dean Post author

    hi i get ocular migraines . mine start when ive bin on the computer for some time . i get them more when browsing on my phone. it starts with flashing lights either rings of lights like pixels flashing .they last for about 2 mins to 10 mins then the migraine starts .they can last all day and the next day my brain feels like its bin brused theres jst a numbness there. also get tinitus alot from computer browsing .my only problem is that i cant stop going on the computer. i bought some computer glasses .they work but only if i go on computer for a little time.

  5. the skym ways Post author

    I'm 46 and just started getting these a few months ago. Not daily but at least once a week. Mine is usually triggered when working on my PC. But mine starts very small and expands and gets larger then disappears after about 20 minutes. Then I notice I get a tension headache after in my neck. I've been told by my eye doctor it can be due to not sleeping enough. I usually get about 6 hours of sleep at night. Very scary when it happens. I will start that journal though. I follow a plant based lifestyle also. Not sure if that could be causing this.

  6. Old Guy Post author

    I'm not too sure about Hereditary migraines, jury is still out on that one since i have 2 brothers and a sister, my mother suffers from migraine aura as do i but my siblings do not suffer from MA.
    As for foods triggering MA,…i'm still not entirely convinced but, my MA journal does show that a few hours after consuming caffeine/sugar or stress i get them, depending on how much the teabag is strained or not strained, i find a well fermented tea bag (approx 5 minutes in hot water) does NOT cause my MA and it seems as though the more sugar(granulated) i consume the greater the MA (everything is more extreme). I am not affected by cheese & chocolate.( i don't consume ANY chocolate/biscuits/cakes or sliced bread).
    As for electronic devices and such, i'm 100% not convinced that any of that can trigger MA, i mean, my younger years i spend in front of the TV, played Atari, played many other hand held devices back in the early 80's and so on, it never affected me, when i get 'eye strain' i know it, it is not the same as MA period

    As for relief?…well, i find simply ignoring it works for me, i take no medication for the extreme debilitating skull crushing pain that follows along with the slurred speech, cloudy mind and clumsiness and i find over time i hardly notice it, but i have had medication in the past and i recommend Ibuprofen(i have tried the dark room tactic, but for me i feel that means i have given up and letting MA control my life, which it is not going to do)

    Long time MA sufferer and MA journal keeper. (Approx 15-20 attacks a month since 12 years old)

  7. Cha J. Saint Post author

    The first time I got auras i got so scared! Years later still find myself getting a little scared especially when they happen whilst working. But sometimes i do get them without the migrane…ehn..

  8. CoolTeck Post author

    Hello I get ocular migraines they last for about 30 minutes to 2 hours and I usually get a flashing zig zag pattern followed by a migraine and they started about a year ago in 7th grade and I’ve gotten 5 so far and there becoming more common and I’m wondering if I should probably tell the nurse to be sent home and relax but I’m usually able to get through them.

  9. katy Post author

    I have up to 3 episodes a month with aura, these few months they have been the worst and it’s probably because of stress. My mom has it to do that is probably why I have it too.

  10. doogyjay1 Post author

    Everyone in my family has them and my wifes family. Mine can last for weeks or at least the painful spot in the head where it was.

  11. Chris Thompson Post author

    I get blind spots in both my eyes, and it won't hurt my forehead area till after my vision has cleared. Also I feel it happens when I don't eat, or see super bright light, or even looking at an electronic screen for an hour. Furthermore I get relief when I lay down in a very dark area after I eat a good portion of food, and if 3hours pass I take a tylenol. I've been through these headaches for 8 years now, i only recently figured out how to explain this and what this problem is called.

  12. J T G Post author

    Hi I get the visual aura migraines. However I have no headache at all and am pretty much fine after about half an hour.

    I do go functionally blind for about 15 minutes however, and I get this very strange disembodied feeling as though my body does not belong to me and I get confused/slurred speech. Like I said when I get one I just know to sit and wait it out.

    I started getting them several times a week when I was about 20. Scared the shit out of me at first. The trigger may well have been that at the time I was working in a TV shop and this was around 1999 so the TVs were the old tube type. I had them ever since but they have got less common and now its literally 2 or 3 times a year and always I can correlate it to stress or having too little sleep.

    That's my boring migraine story 🙂

  13. We Are Waking Up Post author

    Stress lack of sleep are my biggestest triggers. I get the patterns and temporary blindness preceded by a day or two migraine

  14. justme228 Post author

    I have had Ocular Migraines since I was 16 I'd say. I have been trying to understand what causes them. The ora normally last me 30 min. I'm working on a pretty strict diet right now. I basically eat whole foods. Also I'm on a cleanse.

  15. Lee Jones Post author

    I suffer with aura migraines don't think it matters to much what I eat I think in my case it's sleep related

  16. JAC Post author

    I just experienced mine today at work I work on pc. It was almost like a glaring blurred vision. I cried because it was just sooo scary not being able to see. I went to dr and they said I have optical migraine took a pill and just rest today. I feel like what triggers it is my use of phone and lack of sleep.

  17. Muhammad Danish Makhdoom Post author

    I dont have aura at all although my vision becomes blur and so much pain in my left eye. And heahace too. The thing is I can't sleep if I sleep I wake up after 5 to 10 min with swere pain. And my migraine can occur many times in a day. TV mobile computer causes it. Bright light noise smell almost all symptoms are there. When I am typing I got got it just little while ago. I took medicine. Which gave me relief. Sumatriptan succinate is one gives me relief. Even NSAIDs doesn't. Please help me what should I do. It's so painful.

  18. Kris Plays Post author

    I keep hearing people saying it happens in 1 eye. I have never had it in only 1 eye. Its always both and it starts in the center out of nowhere for me. No signal before hand. And it always without fail lasts for 3 days. No medication ive tried helps. Pain meds make me sleepy and does not help with the headaches
    Only thing i can do is sleep it off. Being awake while having it is really hard. My hearing is also muffled during tye 3 days. Day 1 is the attack and vision/hearing loss with the headaches and nausea. Day 2 and 3 is foggy vision horrible headaches/nausea

  19. kimmie turner Post author

    i drop things a couple of days before, i see flashes of different colors i yawn a lot and i'm very ill. (unlike me) the day of i get blind spots, lights flashing (or an aura) words slur or i cant think of words, my mouth or hands and fingers get numb, then if i don't take something to knock me out in time i end up with such pain i have to go to the emergency room i throw up because the pain is so bad. i use cbd oil and it stops the numbness and aura ,dizzy days after and it usually lasts 3 to five days or comes back at least two days. vision stays double or blurred for days. hormones, msg ,artificial sweeteners are my triggers they are also hereditary with females in my family. im 50 and ive had them since i was little , my daughter now has seizures with same symptoms shes 28. no meds help no cure just a curse we have learned to live with.

  20. daserna21 Post author

    Awesome video. I just scheduled an appointment with the doc today. I think my issue might be not getting enough sleep and I do drink a lot of caffeine so ??‍♂️

  21. Nicole Parker Post author

    I have been getting migraines since i was 9 yrs old.Im 46 now and have been getting ocular migraines recently.I also have been recently told i have a cyst on my brain.My doctor kinda brushes the cyst aside so im assuming its not serious.Does anyone know anything about brain cysts?

  22. Ro Draws Post author

    had occular migraine few years ago just happened
    and now this morning just woke up and its back and yea stattic constant blinking and then as it gets bigger it looks like a beautifuyl prism rainbow zigzag

  23. ノオブルNoovR Post author

    Hi im ian from saudi arabia For me I usually got a migraine aura while watching TV its crazy af a major pain i see stuff through the black spot and I ended up sleeping and the worst thing is i get it always before getting a test (im college student) so i ended up failing at the test ??

  24. csgo hack Post author

    Hi there im 27 im from Switzerland i own 20 companies and i have a fast life with stress, I do not have migraines but i have ocular migraines i cant see i have some colors zigzag they go away in 15 min i have them often 3-5 times a month maybe reason why is i eat junk food like KFC AND MCDONALDS and i think it is because of them because every time i go easy on my self and not eat KFC and MCDOLANDS every thing is fine and i have no OCULAR MIGRAINES, any one can help me how to stop junk food i really love mcdonalds and kfc i also do fitnes im healthy but i love junk food. HELP ME. I Have Fast life thats why i eat Fast Food and i have 0 time to do food for my self no time for girl friend or any partner its really hard with those ocular migraines some times when i drive with my car i cant read the signs in the street.

  25. Matt Morton Post author

    I've had 3 aura migraines with the past week. Each time they seem to get better. However A weird symptom I get that other people don't seem to is pins and needles or tingling starting from my fingers, going up my arms and ending in my mouth.

  26. Mike Vasquez Post author

    I have hypertensive rat nopoty. My blood pressure's under control now, but I still get headaches due to the retinopathy.

  27. Marcel Post author

    I had my first complicated migraine with 14 which was the worst I had so far. It was most likely triggered by stress. I got it a few times after luckily it's getting rare now maybe once in 6 months. I just had it last night which was new to me as it always happened in the day time before. I felt numb and thought i just slept on my arm. However the numbness didn't go away for quite some time, then my tongue got numb and I had problems with speaking. I felt like I have to vomit and the headache started. Now in the morning it's way better. I am used to it now but maybe it is good to tell the people how to distinguish between the migraine and a stroke.

  28. Kane Burgess Post author

    When I started watching I had a retinal migraine, by the end it had gone! My migrane was relived and I learned something new, thank you.

  29. Isaac Rey Post author

    Just had a ocular migraine few hours ago, I was on my phone and started noticing my vision getting dim, thought it was the lightning in my room so I went to the bathroom look at my eyes. Then I saw a faint zigzag colorful line in my vision. I right away drank water and laid down to try and relax. Visuals lasted about 45 mins, followed by a minor headache and dizziness. Really shook me up this is the second time this year I've had one

  30. Angel Avi Post author

    I’ve had ocular migraine. I closed my eyes but I would still see the flashing zigzag rainbow.

  31. Richard Pinca Post author

    I am experiencing it now. Before i experience that migrane and that aura atleast once every 6 months or 5 months. Now i experience it 2 consecutive day. And it ruins my day. I see that zigzag and it follows with severe headache. I dont know the trigger. Please help me

  32. Angel Stokes Post author

    First time I had it, I only had the vision distortion followed by neck and shoulder pain that made it hard to sleep. I was lucky enough not to have the migraine although I often get migraines.

  33. doobyboy21 Post author

    I am a 38 year old male. I experienced my first Migraine and Aura when I was 30… My father doesn't understand my condition he relates it to poor living habits or malnutrition… I eat fruits avoid alcohol but do drink a lot of soft drinks… I can not be perfect but why didn't I have it before but now experiencing it ? It can really destroy your day ! I am 5'10 weigh 160 pounds and motocross is my sport ! I even had to cancel riding with my friends because of this crap !

  34. Areum Rose Post author

    The migraine i had that nade me realised something is wrong was in the shower when i felt sick and then i couldnt see from half of my vision. Turns out i have Chronic migraines

  35. Misha Dark Post author

    I get ocular symptoms (damn near blind in my right eye when this occurs), headaches, sensitivity to light and sound BIG time.. faintness, malaise, and nausea. I have no idea how to approach this cause I never had any problems like this before.. started around age 26 and I’m 30 now.. currently on my third day of symptoms in a row at the moment.i have a very stressful job and I feel like it’s stressing me out even more now cause the migraines make it impossible for me to work properly.. answering phone calls, looking at maps and such on the computers, clerical work and stuff. (I’m a plumbing supply dispatcher) I just don’t know what I can do and I feel helpless. I guess I should go see a doctor at this point.

  36. Zorbacci O Post author

    I went from being fine this morning, to flashing kalidoscope lights in my right eye to the point i can barely see the words im typing.

  37. eric cm Post author

    The aura for me is always in both eyes, as it should be since it is not in the eyes, it is in the back of the head. I have realized finally that DEHYDRATION is always a factor in one coming on for me. The triggers, for me, are usually an intense physical work out on top of dehydration. I have found out though how to easily minimalize the outcome by drinking fruit juice when the aura starts. Drink 2 cups of juice, sprite with salt, or Gatorade immediately. Then keep sipping more drinks and or eating very juicy fruits. Go lay down so that your body can more easily move blood and fluids to your head, raise your feet even if you can. I also put an ice pack under the back of my head and under my spine. I have been able to diminish the pain to almost nothing by doing this. Hydration is key for me. Dehydration and a stress trigger triggers them.

  38. The Emperor Post author

    Having one moving zigzag pattern with tiny prims right now, slowly closing in from bottom left towards the centre top. It might disappear in the next 30 minutes.

  39. Laura Hernandez Post author

    Its my first time. I’ve just came out from the hospital tonight. 4-18-19. I’ve just found out that I have this issue. I didn’t know about this. I thought I was going blind. But I’m glad you both are doctors that can help us all to know what this is. Ty

  40. Miguel Felix Post author

    The one trigger that I KNOW causes ocular migraines for me is when I eat quinoa and the only way they go away is by taking a nap.

  41. Nicky van Veen Post author

    My migraines show up again after 5 years. Now i always have blindspots. They are just not going away. And doctors just give me medicine and nothing seems to work and it’s driving me crazy. Ican’t work, i can’t read, can’t do anything 🙁

  42. Ashish Kumar Post author

    Sir I have occular migrain , after vision aura ,I suffer headache ,,,I have been suffering migrain for 8 years, now I am feeling difficulty In focusing someone's face or words during readind ,whr should I do sir please help , I m poor student

  43. computerfastrepair Post author

    first one was baddd went away 20 min then migraine came. i didnt mind the migraine but the blurry vision freaked me out. kept having them 2-3 a month….anywhere!!!went to doctor said i had perfect vision but they didnt really know too much bout the ocular … let me tell u how i Cured myself! long story short i havent had ocular or migraine for 2 years now as it lessened and lessend…until i got the zig zag vision for less than a minute. no migraine.. i STOPPED fearing it ! as soon as i felt weird vision…i looked strsight to the sun or even did jumping jacks and it left… and little by little never again. I take it thst it left me alone becsuse i wasnt scared of getting it anymore. i ssear to god its like a anxiety stress thing. The more u fesr it the more it cripples u but once u accept ..or go accept or laugh at it….it will leave u alone. No pills..no doctors no nada. If i should ever get one again ITS NOTHInG..serves no purpose except to distract u from a stressful time u maybe going thru. the brain thinks its doing u a favor by giving u a migaine….wants u to focus on tha lt symtpom and not the real stuff thats botherinf or strrssin u out. has nothing to do with computer or what u eat or whatever.. purely emotion based.

  44. Akshay K S Post author

    I am still undergoing it. I'm watching this video while I'm having the headache.
    I had that aura on one side of the vison.
    Before the zigzag started, I've experienced a larger blind spot vison by cutting off a part of the vision, then it goes and the zigzag comes in.
    I've been using Migranil EC prescribed by my Doctor.

    I'm facing it for more than 6 years now started from my 10th grade. Its too disturbing while it comes during exams.
    Its too hard to look at my sheet.

    So is there any cure available for this?

    Its now frequently occuring while i had once a month and now i have recorded about 5 times a month.

  45. Angelina Skinner Post author

    I do get them mine are in both eyes so by the time the headache hits I cant see at all what I find causes mine is to much light

  46. The4Wattsies Post author

    In addition to the aura sometimes I will have temporary speech issues. Testing with my neurologist has confirmed that I have never had a stroke.

  47. Audidude Post author

    I have had several ocular migraines this year but as soon as the zigzags appear I take 2 paracetamol tablets. Stops it progressing and clears it after about 15 minutes. Will start to keep a journal and try and figure what my trigger(s) are. Thanks.

  48. Robyn Daniels Post author

    Thanks for this – has a scary ocular migraine just now – first noticed difficulty reading/visual disturbance (laptop screen). Had brief flashing white lights before but this was a definite peculiar geometric shape in red black and white that persisted a short while. Left she but mild pain in right. I thought I was having a mini stroke. Not been sleeping well lately. Stress, job interviews etc. Went to look for some Rife music for it and rest and it is passing. Thanks for explanation and reassurance. Can be scary.

  49. whattheheck? Post author

    Thank you! So sensitive to many foods . Also florescent lights. .Is this common? Had center of vision like a sparkler or TV fuzz expanding out to total blindness for an hour or so during pregnancy at work.. Was super stressed at the job but Didn't get the headache that time. Elimination diet , and stress reduction helped . We can't do a thing about the hormones. ? Still get aura with or without headache when I overdo things but more manageable. Organic red wine is ok but blue, brie, rouqefort cheese? (molds) is a guaranteed trigger. Also found it helpful to stretch out on the floor every night. All major muscles but not yoga.

  50. Karen Ferguson Post author

    I often only get the visual symptoms or Vestibular symptoms. For my , I believe my cause was hydrocephalus. It got worse after brain surgery. I honestly prefer the ocular/visual ones because they don’t hurt or make me dizzy. I can actually function.

  51. Coffee Meets Carnivore Post author

    Blindness in one eye – usually my left eye. Lasts two to three hours then a massive headache for three to four hours.

  52. George Hennon Post author

    I get them on occasion and was prescribed Sumatriptan. I haven't used the meds yet but I really hope they work if I have one again. Mine starts off as a blind spot that slowly grows and eventually goes away, there's no headache during the aura. But when the blind spot goes away, the headache begins and it ends up being pretty debilitating

  53. M P Post author

    I always have the same Ocular Migraine….I large triangle filled with blinking small triangles inside while all are changing from strobing colors of pink, orange, blue and white. Lasts for 15 mins then I have this hung over feeling as I just got out of a swimming pool.

  54. Mina Karajovic Post author

    I have had headaches for whole my life. First visual migrene I had last year in September, at that time I was 8th momth pregnant. First it started with some spots of lights in the middle of my vision, than in 10-15 minutes it got worse with zig zag flashy lights, almost no possible vision. I was very scared cause I did not know what was going on. It lasted for an hour or two. That thay a great storm was comming and I was outside having a walk, so that can be a trigger. Now, I am scared if it comes again, because it is unpleasant and I really do not know how to relax while I have it. To prevent it I take Mg every day, it is said that if u drink it consinstantly it reduce your chanses of getting one. From that day I have had only strong headaches, which I needed to get an injection at emergency room, bcs there is no way for me to ease the pain in any other way. Yeah I do not get enough sleep, especially now having a baby, and it is hard to eat regualarly or healthy without actual time. also I work online for about 3 hours per day every day. So it seems I have so many troggers around me. Any advice, how to calm my self and how not to be scared any more of every day waking up, and waiting for that visual one to come.
    Thx, for the video also. ^^

  55. starchaser28 Post author

    After 25 years I think I finally discovered the cause of my severe ocular migraines, and I'd love to get the Dr's thoughts on it. I've not had one for 6 months now (I used to have them every 1 to 2 months since age 16). My symptoms started with the aura and 15 minutes later I would get a horrible headache for 12 hours. I believe for me it's due to kyphosis (forward head posture) which stretches the nerves that attach the spine to the brain stem/occipital lobe area. I also have a slight scoliosis which probably exacerbates the issue. My self-proscribed treatment for the last 6 months has been to do posture and back exercises to improve my upright posture. This seems to align with Dr Travis's statement about having a migraine when using the computer for long periods, which is typically associated with kyphosis.

  56. KeeSexy757 Post author

    Hi, great video! I get migraines….my triggers are too much lighting (computer or glares from screen) coffee and chocolates. Also not enough sleep and certain perfumes/colognes (CK1 always hive me an instant migraine when I smell it on someone). I get the visual auras in both eyes for no more that 15 minutes. Then it just goes away. Sometimes I get a slight headache with a lil head pressure.

  57. bastauv borthakur Post author

    I feel terrible and scared whenever l see the zig zag lines in my eyes….As l know they my day will be ruined…Is there any permanent cure to this horrible problem?Please help

  58. DARK KNIGHT RISES Post author

    I have a permanent spot brown spot only in my right eye which blurs a part of my eye vision.

    Please help.

  59. xxwhatsup 95 Post author

    I had this Aura thing at school when i took a test 2 times and it was horrible. then I went to the nurse but I never told her I see Zigg zagg lines bc she will think I'm tripping so I just told her my head hurts.

  60. z3ro7o Post author

    I have them now for 3 weeks. I allready got tinnis 24/7 whay is annoying, the docter told me cant do nothing about it. Judt like the tinnitus grrr… I only get the eye- migraine After gaming a few hours, i am so sad, because i love gaming i even make some money with it, what can i do or try

  61. Joy Teopiz Post author

    I have ocular migraine

    There ziz zag in my eye…

    And after that i have a pretty bad headache

  62. Becky L Post author

    I used to get the big migraines with aura but they stopped after my neurologist had me start taking vitamin B2. I still get ocular ones in one eye but mine show up like I have been staring at a light bulb (but I haven't). It will be a small bright spot in the center of my vision which fades after a while and then I get the headache on whichever side of my face the spot was. I panic because I am always afraid the spot won't go away (but it always does). So frustrating but I guess it could be worse! Ocular migraines run in my family and I have had regular migraines since I was a child.

  63. Kelli Clark Post author

    Mine are always triggered by bright lights hitting my eye the wrong way. My first was before menopause in my 30s. I also have horrible painful migraines without the flashy eye. I have to wear sunglasses on bright days and if I get an episode go to a shady area or dark room.

  64. joshua powley Post author

    Allways get ocular migraines
    Have had them for 4 years and can’t find trigger and sometimes get them once a week which sucks

  65. Javier Pacino Post author

    I had an visual migraine a week ago and I still have like a fog in my brain and unbalanced is this normal?

  66. Faisalin Deki Post author

    please maam and sir how do i prevent this migraine with light visions it really hurts and my daily routine specially work is affected….its been 7 years since it started

  67. Gabe Post author

    Hi, I get ocular migraines quite often honestly, but it’s only when I wake up. I’ve went to some doctors , including a retinal specialist and they checked my retina and they said everything was fine, but I keep getting it. What should I do?

  68. Keagan Kalbfleisch Post author

    I can’t handle the anxiety everyday anymore… the migraines with stroke symptoms are so scary I am terrified everyday about having them. I want them to stop ?, I get every symptom and random triggers. I feel so helpless and scared please help???

  69. Rob Anderson Post author

    The zigzag pattern doesn't start on the outside (peripherally) and close in. It starts as a blind spot in the middle and disperses outwards. I have these and began tracking them 10 years ago. Lately I have had one almost every day for a week. The aura for me disappears after 20-30 minutes but I get a headache after. I never used to get headaches but these started about 4-5 years ago. They are not really too bad, which is a good thing, but they linger on for 3-4 hours (like a "heavy head"). I haven't found my exact trigger but I get these mostly when working on my computer, tablet or cellphone. I purchased computer glasses that block "blue light" but they don't seem to work for me. Also, lack of sleep seems to bring these on. If the headache is quite bad I take extra strength Tylenol as I cannot take NSAID's or Aspirin due to stomach issues. However, as mentioned in the video, other medications are available. Edited to say that I have had a lot of stress over the past month for which I am using meditation techniques. Stress doesn't help the situation. I just watched your video and am passing this along so that the comments may help others.

  70. Rod Miskey Post author

    Hi, I'm a 56 yo male who has had ocular migraines (without the headache) for years. My triggers were lack of sleep and bright light. As they were starting, I could normally feel an 'aching' in the backs of my eyes at which time I would try to close my eyes and rest for 30 minutes and that would normally avert the aura.
    Recently, I experienced a different, but related, event. I was driving and felt what I can best describe as a small increase in pressure in my head that lasted only a couple seconds. A few minutes later it came on again but with more intensity and caused me to lose vision in my right eye and experience some blurring in my left eye. The vision loss lasted only a few seconds. There were no other neurological symptoms (numbness, weakness, speech issues etc).
    Over the following weeks I had numerous tests (CT, ECG, MRI, Carotid Doppler, echocardiogram, Holter monitor etc) and all were clean. It was deemed that I had experienced a TIA (mini stroke).
    What I have learned is that if you have migraines with aura, you have an elevated risk of having a TIA and/or a full blown stroke. Check the research for yourself but if you have migraines with aura, do whatever you can to reduce your stroke risk factors.

  71. Robin's Tiny Homestead Post author

    Writing it down is a no can do for me. I cease to function when I have a Migraine. Can't even open my eyes.


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