Observar e Absorver – Eduardo Marinho (Documentário Completo)

Observar e Absorver – Eduardo Marinho (Documentário Completo)

A movie by Junior Sql I found this Camper Van in a shed, in São Gonçalo. It was abandoned It belonged to a evangelical preacher. She said the Camper Van was working fine when it was abandoned It had been left there for 10 years long , so it was in a very bad condition It had to go through some surgeries the first one was kidney transplantation It had double carburation which produced too much smoke, so I had to took it out This carburation had broke down twice on the road so I change it to a single carburator And then I went traveling again and the engine broke I took it to a guy that not only fix it but he actually “made” engines And then he opened the engine and saw it was beyond repair – he said – this engine is useless, it wasn’t working for a long time He didn’t even accept the engine for repairing it He said: No… No way Normallythe agreement is by exchange You gave him the engine for rectification He would charge you Around three thousand for an engine But my engine wasn’t accepted I even though about calling the preacher Because the mechanic is her follower And the mechanic’s son was the guy who painted it for her And the mechanic said that the engine was fine I had the wish to call her and say Hey look, this mechanic of yours is in deep need of a spiritual aid Because the engine he said was good had to be sent straight to the trash bin It had no use at all Actually compadre Throughout time, I’ve learned a big sort of jobs And you just can’t carry On my back I’ve always carried my stuffs on my back There was a moment that I couldn’t carry anymore on my back the amount of work I could perform Indeed, I carried much more I could Causing spinal pain muscular distention And then, when the opportunity came To purchase it Ah, now it will carry my merchandise And for me, it’s a dream coming true to travel by Kombi I’ve always enjoyed it a lot My father had a Kombi He enjoyed it a lot and we used to travel a lot And the Kombi gives me the pleasure of drive – what it is very nice; See it going through the road The road passing beneath. And in the same time carrying the merchandise Reflective. Take wherever I go. Meeting people that think. People that reflect. People who think that they’re ”weird”, they’re ”crazy”’. They are wrong. That feel themselves alone. By not seeing the world in a common way. Standardized. In a conditioned way. Because of the sky blue. The name of this kind of blue color is sky. White and sky blue. And sky sounds me very pretentious. Heavenly It is a reference to heaven. Not from heaven. Although it can be said that fell from the sky. “OBSERVE ABSORB” So, this beautiful mouth will kiss whom in the Carnaval? And I: Hãn? It has the same guy? It was the same guy? Yeah. It was the first time that I talked with him And he said this. Then I said: What did you say? I didn`t understand. In the context of the party Do not fit. Do not fit. Something strange. I did not understand. I said: Did I get it wrong? Then he said: No. No. In a moment I will play. No I said that I will play in a moment. A phrase that has no relation with the other. So I said: This guy is making feel idiot. No. He is giving you a sing to stay away. It will be? Yes. I think so. I think there are some men who think they will get something Unfortunately some men, the majority, were not well educated. Neither man or woman. The majority were by the society. It is true. The humanity is like mining. We have to pan to find the gems. Gravel has a lot. I remember that once my grandmother ask me in one of these family meetings What will you be when you grow up? I said: Truck driver! It was a general disappointment. She said: if I don’t cut you whims! My father laughed because he did not believe. But it was the only time that someone asked me what I wanted to be and I said. I think they did not take seriously. When I was 18-19 years old. I had left the army. I tried to buy a truck. My father would be the guarantor. He had pay for it. I’d buy the term. But them he realized. I would not put a driver. I would be the driver. Then he gave up. So I did not buy the truck. And if I had bought the history would be very different from what it is. I left with nothing. Without patrimony. You already have money. I had to go through the experience of have nothing. I needed to know the situation of the human being that have nothing. 50 50 What about this small? This one is 10. This is 15. 15 Yes. If it is just written it is 10. If there is drawing 15. Hello. How are you? Can I take a picture? Of course. Feel free. Thanks. You`re welcome. Did you come today? From Rio Doce? No. I arrived wednesday Wednesday? I traveled at night. I left Vitoria near midnight I arrived 8 am here. I prefer to travel at night. It was a lecture that I made. In Maceio. To young entrepreneurs. A lot of people from the administration course. But it was an organization of young entrepreneurs. A lot of them were children of rich businessmen. They would like to manage their businesses. Business managers always wanting big companies. They have their mind constructed. In the sense which luxury and wealth ostentation is synonymous of efficiency. If you do not have luxury and wealth you are not efficient. You are not a good professional. The qualification is done much by way of ostentation. And this is too much superficial. It is not an event that match with me. The hotels are high luxury. You stay in a presidential suite as a lecturer. The lecturers are some tamed guys. They are ready to promote competition, competition and competition. They are people that are used to grind human flesh. They live at the expense of other people’s work. They exploit the worker to the fullest. The worker there is costs not human. And these high luxury hotels always bothers me. I arrived, they immediately start saying: You have this, you have that. You have a swimming pool, you may have sauna, you may have a masseuse, you may got to the gym. I say: brother, just give me the key. Just tell me which room it is. I do not want none of this. I do not like those things. I feel bad. I see the hotel really organized, really cleaned. Everything in place. There is no dust. The pillows are beautifully arranged. The sofas. Everything. Everything is perfect. I see the people who did that. There they are invisible. They arrange when nobody is seeing. They clean when nobody is seeing. They wear grey. As if they were subhumans. And what bothers me more is the insensitiveness of people. Those who fit this environment. They do not seeing the invisible ones. It is a social arrangement. For the servants become invisible, they dress up in gray. And people behave like that. Conditioned. Programmed. It bothers me a lot. Because I now the value of those who are ‘below’. I know the solidarity. I know the severity of life. And I know that they are victims of social crimes. Because the state has a constitution that would force attend all the people’s needs. Of all people. Good food. Good house. Good education. Good information. And they do not have any of that. It is a general sabotage. Cool. How are you? Man, I would like to make you a question. We bought this paint of you in 2004. This one? Because there are 3. I do not know if it is this one. There is one with more people. And another one with even more people. I would like to check something with you. Now we move. Take a look! It is this one. The paint that we have it is this one. This one is the first one. 1996. This one was made in 2003. It is already gathering more people. I think is one of these 2. And I have one from 2010 as well. Let me check if I find it here. It is here. With even more people. Cool! It is gathering people. It is increasing. Yes. It is an awareness work. It keeps contaminating. I would like to check with you Would you do a picture of these but bigger? Drawn or painted? Drawn. You are talking about a unique pic. Yes. I would like of this I can do it. But it will be another price. Because it is original. Sure sure. I think that I sold 3 or 4 drawings. I do not count. I will count in the end of the day. Maybe something change. Then I get money for the whole weekend. Maybe not. It rains. Then I need to leave. I think is going to rain tonight. But it is what I told you. It is going to rain late at night. When I will be in the corner, drinking a beer Then it is going to rain. Sometimes people do not buy any drawing but one stops and absorbs something. We talk. Maybe he absorbs some thought. He leaves with some phrase to reflect. This is the function of my work. Selling is a secondary function. I would like to live just doing what I like to do. What do I like to do? Reflect and cause reflection. That`s what I like to do. No. I travel doing the same thing. Change the landscape. Change the people. Change the themes. But the focus is the reflection. Reflect, reflect, reflect. To think and act. It is not just to stay in the theory. Put in practice. You just can check your reflection in practice, in life. Just stay reflecting is for the academics. He is going to debate his reflection with other one. He will go win or loose the reason in the words. We need to go to the streets. It is life. It is the practice that confirms the theory. Often it is the practice that produces the theory. Theoreticians do not agree. That theory is more important than practice. Everything starts on the practice. I was born in transit. My father was transferred to Vitoria from Espirito Santo. My mother was public employee. She was transferred together. They lived 2 years there. And I was born in the last month. I mean. My father is from Rio Grande do Norte. My mother is from the the south of Minas. They got married here in Niteroi. And I was born in Espirito Santo in the last 2 months. I do not have any relative here in Espirito Santo. I do not consider myself capixaba but I consider myself espiritosantense. I leaved there when I had 1 month and I did not went back until I left the army. My father that left the army as well, retired. And he went to work in Eletrobras. The first memory from my childhood it is in Curumba, in Mato Grosso. In the border with Bolivia. I was going to school in a rickshaw. I used to live in the rural area, near a headquarters. When I was 8 years old, my father moved to Feira de Santana in Bahia. I came back when I was 10-11 years old. Then I went to the military school. In the Sao Francisco Chavier. Near Vila Isabel. We lived there for 3 years. And we again moved to Brasilia. Shortly after turning 16 years old I entered to the army. Concourse. I enter as an athlete because I was a runner in the Marista school. I was runner in the Military school. In Brasilia I did rowing, tennis, swimming, basket, volley, running, cycling. I won cycling medal. I did a lot of sports. And I entered in the army. In the army I did not like it that much anymore. In the cycling, before the army, I had an experience. I took the third place. And the guy that would take the third place were a professional cyclist. He was counting with that to win a scholarship to study cycling in Europe. I do not know exactly. Expedito was his name. I still remember. We trained together in the racetrack. It was free for the cyclists to train We trained together and we became friends. And in the bicycle race I follow the first platoon. I did not have any experience. I had never raced a bike Those guys were really professional with all the equipment. Rubber helmet, gloves. I followed the first platoon. I was satisfied with this. When I was in the last meters I made an effort. When I saw I was among the top 4. I just had one in front of me. Who was in front of me? Expedito. I went after him and managed to pass him. Half wheel. And I got the third place. So I saw Expedito crying, lying on the track’s edge. He was crying desperately. I felt ashamed to take his place. It was the first time that I felt a discomfort. Even with all the praise, I could not forget the Expedito sadness. When I saw that I said: I do not want any more. The point that came to my mind is: my happiness is constructed on sadness. So it is not legitimate happiness. It is not happiness. I do not want it any more. I had the wish, of course It would be impossible. But I had wanted to call the guy for another race. Lets start again Lets return everyone to 0. Lets go again. So the guy wins. Because for him it was so much more important than for me. I started to find competition a stupid thing. The desire to be better than the others. Today I apply this in my life. I do not want to be better than no one. I do not want to win in life. I am not competing. For the life is not a competition. Because after I left the army, horrified by the hierarchy. And denying the values that they wanted to impose me. They still told that I need to win. I still had in my unconscious that I needed to win. And this went shrinking, shrinking. There came a time when I said: wait. I do not want to win. I do not want to compete. My life is not going to be a competition. Just the thought of this brought me relief. I do not need to be better than anyone. Since we saw his first video it was very shocking for me. In a way that, I showed the video to my dad and my mother. I remember that after that, I went to Petropolis to Christmas with my family in my father`s house I gathered my whole family and showed the video to them. The story that he told about a man he met who was so sorry about do not do a lot of things during his life When he was 80 years old he looked at his life and he realised that he could do a lot of things. It was when Eduardo was 17 or 18 years old. That event impacted him. He recognised himself as an active agent I am a fan of documentaries. I think of my whole political formation is very influenced by documentaries and videos. I saw his first video 5 years ago. It is him on the street talking about his life story. It was very impressive. And he is a remarkable guy! He says… He does not deviate, He’s forthright. One of the things that caught my attention is the way he talks about education and the formation of the people here in Brazil. And somehow there is a sabotage of the public education that’s for most of the people who can not pay for it. And how this spreads and perpetuates ignorance and favors a minority that concentrates the money. I think it is good to remember one point the Eduardo Marinho talks a lot that is the origin of almost everything. From the pathologies which we find everyday: The dictatorship of mega businessmen-bankers They are who really command, who really dictates how we are going to organise ourselves and who fabricates our values, who creates unnecessary needs. One of the songs from the last disco of Forfun called Alforria [Mannumission] It was really influence by his thoughts. Alforria was a song that he really influenced a lot. We had an amazing meeting with him. In our studio. We talked all afternoon. When we showed the music to him he said: Hey this is what I said. It is exactly this. He said and we are saying. Because in a way we are him. and we find a lot of him in intersections Within the process of making the album The first Braza’s album And right after the recording of one of the song’s We realized that the theme of the song had a lot to do with the story of Eduardo Marinho. And mainly, the final message, that the system want us to face life and face ourselves as competition, as competitors And we thought that it would fit well to put one of his talks There is a really characteristic talk from him, from one of the first videos that were published And we thought that… it would match a lot with the song We hope, I hope and Eduardo Marinho works for that, lives an active life for that. I make music for that. And we are in a daily battle to try to reverse somehow To try to cause, both in us, but also to whoever possible whoever is listening to a music, whoever is watching a video whoever is seeing this video, to light a spark from another perspective so we can see ourselves in a different way and try to think about different possibilities for us to organize ourselves in a different way I think that Eduardo is a guy who has to be heard a really relevant guy With some really progressive ideas I think that the stories my dad used to tell me when I was little, managed to make me scape a little bit of that reality because sometimes we were in the street without knowing where to go, where we would sleep We sat anywhere, he started telling one of his stories and we would go out of that world, and get in the world of the story. Everything would get funnier, more colorful. because sometimes we were scared Even as a child. And now, where do we go? Where are going to sleep? are we going to sleep warm? What is going to happen? And then he started with the stories, told us stories and we would forget… Do you remember the stories? I remember the title but don’t remember the story so well the gold fish My daughter I am sure remembers It is more recent for her ehm… the gold fish that lived in a lake I think and he decided to go out in the world, exploring the world And then he manages to get to the sea and he discovered a total new world, much bigger than he could imagine existed I imagined him as the gold fish And that we were together with him but he was the gold fish and we were in the shoal following him but everything would already get more colorful we would forget the worries that we were not even suppose to have I remember one day that we were sleeping in the street in the cardboard and that I took the hair comb of a woman and the woman wanted to hit me with a broom so my dad went crazy to defend me and then a crowd was formed with the people living in the street And things were crazy This was a striking memory I felt that it was really different, because we didn’t stop anywhere We changed frieds a lot We had other experiences, were a lot with adults A lot with adults But I felt that difference Because we didn’t had, until a certain point, not even a house And we saw the other kids having etc. But I think that this did not make so much difference At that time, I did not had a notion of that My mom used to fight more and my dad to talk more he was more caring He would get me, put in his lap, talk It was always the one that explained things better He was more mom than dad It was always like this, until nowadays Any problem that you may have, you can talk with him openly about anything He understands you He might not agree, as he does with a lot of things but he respects it, he finds a way to tell you what he thinks without creating conflict Without being imponent about it I already feared that a little bit Because he share things that the system do not want to be shared I already got scared, I thought they could do somenthing to shut him up For him to stop talking But I think that, as it is going, it tends to grow He is getting more known, more and more people are demonstrating to be sensibilized by what he says Nowadays I do not fear anymore, I think his tendency is to grow more and more I think people are getting more conscious, more thirsty for information And his path is for that sensibilizing more, it’s worth it right? I said “no, I don’t go that way” But where do you go? I don’t no, but not that way But how are you going to sustain yourself? I don’t know What are you going to do? It’s a long story, it takes my whole childhoold and adolescence My parents worried because I used to think that the poor were stronger than the rich They used to say that this was a complete absurd I used to notice, I lived around “servants” I used to get closer to them and try to speak their language And I felt they were strong but did not know that They subalternize themselves The looks was always “the son of the boss” “the son of the colonel” What the fuck is this world that has so many people suffering? Why I, had acess to so many privileges? Why did I do to deserve that? So many good people, that I see That does not have acess to anything, That does not have acess to the information that I have The schools I had With time, close to my adolescence And from superiors, they started to feel as inferiors As I grew they already looked at me as someone who knew more because I had “study” They were conditioned When I got out of university, I actually started university, because my familiy required that I have been in the military, I worked in a bank, I worked in the Brazilian Bank I studied a bit of law When I got out of university and told my familiy I would have the experience of having nothing My familiy broke up relations At first, they tried to forbid You can not do that! Well, I am not asking I am letting you know I already paused the university. No, I actually stopped I did not pause my enrolement, I want to shut down from university So I signed a term of responsibility and they gave me all my documents which I gave to my dad “My debt with you is over” You provided me with the conditions to go to university I got in I won’t finish, not because I can’t, but because I don’t want to I don’t want to be a PHD I want to know how is it like to have nothing Because I already know how is it to be rich it does not make sense to me It makes sense to you I respect that, but for me it does not make sense I want to know what am I doing here You know, I can’t agree with that On this, I look at this society and dispense all its values I want my values Because the values that were placed on me since I was little, I still have to carry the remnants Because it is a really profound work of inconscient psychology With the midiatic massacre, with publicity I already think it is a shame to have more than you need I was ashamed of my social class and my dad was not a millionaire, he was an army colonel He only made a lot of money Had tons of social respect But I was ashamed to get closer to people badly dressed with the clothes I had Fancy shirt, tidy hair Fancy socks, fancy shoes I was ashamed And people thought there was somenthing wrong with me And it was it, when I told my dad I was going, Before he broke up relations, before the last talk He told me, “you don’t have the slightest ambition” I said, “on the contrary, I am extremely ambitious” I am ambitious in a way no one can concive Because money, confort, stability, luxury it is little for me I want more “But what do you want you with your life?” “I want everything that I can take” Then he stopped, “you need a psychologist” “You need help” “You are unbalanced” In the army that generated me persecution And things are chained my friend, the fact that I am chased. Dirty belt, dirty shoes, badly cut hair and beard. All of this earned me less time off. And it resulted that I stayed a long time without being able to leave the army. People would go home, holidays, weekends… And I was there. That obligated me to reflect I used to stay alone, nothing to do, used to go running in the woods and always thinking, thinking. I thought about the purpouse of the army, thought if I wanted to participate in that purpouse How do we build a social-acting force, worrying about our individual interests? With job safety, career prospects, with climbing the social ladder What I realized was that the training was brutal to the extreme. Making you capable of performing any brutality, any naughtiness, any kind of violence with whoever it is. Violent or not, an order was all that it took. After, I saw that idea that the militar is superior to other people That the militar is better trained, better prepared, it is a superior citzen. And that people, is an amorphous and acephalous mass. That needs to be really well controlled, so that order is not lost It can become dangerous, the mass can become dangerous. Everything has to be under control. So they were sending me the idea that the army has to control the population, that the population is somenthing anarchic, lost, mental. So I said: “I don’t want to be part of this”. I am being trained to repress the people. There was also that thing with a manifestation, that we went holding with rifles, with real bullets that I kept pointing to a lot of unarmed people 1977 or 1978 The end of 1977 or the beggining of 1978. It was afer a camp, a camp that had prisioner camps, that had concentration camps, that had tear gas, that had torture. There was a walking back of 90 kilometers in which half of the troops felt. You get to a destroyed psychological state. So, when we arrived and the alarm went off, We had to run to the gate, to defend the barracks in theory There it was a bunch of students screaming, throwing stones, with bands… The reaction was automatic. It was to take my rifle, put the leader in my aim. The guy with the megaphone to me was the leader. Unlock, get a bullet ready and be prepared to shoot him. I actually asked my lieutenant permission to fire. “I am with the leader on my aim lieutenant, permission to fire”. He said: “No, we already called the shock troop, this is a job for the police”. I said “I have the leader in my aim, I put him down now!” I was from the shooting squad man, I coud hit a target 600 meters away. The manifestation was at 200. I could have shot. The military training decontructs you from the inside and reconstructs you almost entirely Restricts your affective capacty Develops your destructive capacity to the extreme. Creates in you an ease to produce hate Easly, because of any pretext you can hate terribly someone. To the point of destroying that person without any consciousness problems. Any person that has a friend who entered the military police, the armed forces, lost his friend. because they change completely. The way they look at the world change, the behaviour change, the values change Friends change also, relationships change, temper changes The guy’s inside is destroyed and remodeled using psychology of the unconscious. It is funny that no one question the instructions given to the security forces. The ministry of education questions the universities curriculum In the old days, the university had autonomy to make its own curriculum Nowadays it doesn’t anymore, it has to obey MEC ( Ministery of education), it has to be controlled The security forces no. Where does the instructions come from? Who give those instructions? What are the intention of those instructions? What is the goal? For what the guy is really prepared for? It is not to produce social peace. Certainly not. it is luck, I realized that when I had the necessity of putting my thoughts into my work To speak But when you left? I didn’t even had a job. Didn’t even had a job… It was not even in your mind to do somenthing like that? No man, I wanted to know why I was in this world For what purpose does it serve this fucking life? And what they’ve told me was that it was to enjoy But I was ashamed I wanted to have nothing. And I went to have nothing Begging…. This is to put on a photo friend bro 10 x 15, that is why it has this exact size This in reality is a page of a little book This one… Got it? Look at the publisher’s name I make the cover man, serigraphically I remember seeing some of your videos Yea, in the videos I say the same as I say in my work man The videos, I have nothing with that. People arrive with their cameras, film it and later put on youtube Actually I was exposing in Santa Teresa, as always On a sunday And then a two friends passed by I mean, they were friends among each other. I did not know neither. Alrei and Rona that were graduating in journalism, making their thesis project That was a documentary about street workers Then they saw me exposing there They saw the proposals , saw me talking Talked amongst each other and proposed me “Can you give us an interview? We are doing a movie etc…” I said “yea, no worries” Then, they left. The next weekend when I arrived to expose my work I had arrived with my bike, it was really hot, middle of summer And they arrived awith the camera on already Ronda already came asking questions And i went on answering like I answered the other people there that came to see the drawings What I always do Giving me my opinion… But she was being more precise, more journalist So she conducted the thing well And they left. And I didn’t hear about her anymore A month later I got a phone call From Arlei, ” do you remember me?”. No. “I am the guy who…” No, “I want to congratulate you because your video is exploding” I had no idea what he was talking about. “What video? I have no video” and “exploding” to me was also an expression I didn’t know about And then he went about remembering me “Don’t you remember that we recorded a video…? Ah yea! Ok! Yea man, so we put it on youtube We’ve sent it to a guy through youtube for him to make the sound It was too heavy to send it by mail, so he put it on youtube for the guy to make the sound And then it started exploding, people started posting it And it is still exploding and we did’t even make the sound, it still is like the original I said, oh cool and from that time onwards things started to happen I got a computer as a gift. I didn’t even know how to use it, had no idea that one day I would It stayed a whole month turned off I would look at this thing, expensive as fuck, they’ve said it was the best at the time If I turn it on I will break it, and won’t have money to fix it. I won’t turn it on They’ve ended up turning it on for me, I started to learn… I got to know a girl that was an activist, social worker that said ” You have to write what you say!” She said “I will open a blog for you”. Then she came here at my house, openened the blog She asked “What name should I put?”. Put observe and absorb (Observar e absorver) She put it and then I started posting, and it started…. exploding, as they say “You are the guy from the videos no?” No! Yes you are! No! I am not! Yes you are, what is the name of that video again? I am not from the video, I am from my mom I forgot your name… Street philosopher Marino no? Marinho! Eduardo, eduardo Congratulations! It is a necessity my friend There is no merit for those who work only for their satisfaction I work only for my satisfaction man For me to be satisfied, my work has to be like that, talking about the world About this big lies we see around Shitty life, taking anti-depressivies, trying to be better than other people Having to “succeed in life”. succeed in life man? I don’t want to succeed in life man, I want to live In peace I don’t want to be better than anyone. If am better than you at something, you will be better than me at something else. This is a stupidity. Programmed for people to become opponents Not to have union, solidarity With solidarity we live with health brother Live with peace Restful brother Without solidarity you live in hell You are always passing others behind and being passed behind. Passing others behind, and being passed behind You don’t trust anyone Shitty life You gonna make tons of money? Sure. But will have to take care of your health So, this is a work we’ve done in reference to the question on the age of criminal responsibility Not only that, but also to show that we are on the watch So we’ve made a child there, displaying the idea that we are watching, we are seeing what is happening We are being asked for things that were not given to us. No one gives what one does not posses So I think that the absence of the state, this neglection, will be reflected in many different ways. Right? It is where the victm even becomes guilty In between thoughts, trying to express what I felt, talking about my ideas Someone told me about Eduardo Marinho. I don’t even remember who it was. Saying “search him” etc. So when I went to search. They’ve sent the links of some videos that just came out from him I thought “Shit! He managed to explain what I was trying to convey to people” Tody had seen some stuff from Eduardo And it was something quite simple Often I am exchanging some information with Tody and when he got to know about Eduardo, he told me and said “Man, you have to see this” And when I saw, I saw some videos I thought “holy shit, cool man” Basically those ideas you have on your subconsciousness And when you see someone manifesting it, you go like “oh man, that is it!” To live in the way he did, in a street reality Together with the fact of being someone who already has a financial condition This connection, of you given up your financial condition In favor of a true life experience It is very few that have this to transmit to us So I think that, these reversed experience, everyone is going after the money This guy, he had the money and went after something. That he did not even know what it was When you are alienated, you do not understand that you are alienated When you are against something, it seems that what you are doing is right. When I came to people to open their eyeys and say, “man..” We are all alienated and this already makes us want to go out of this bubble, go out of this society. You know? That is imposed. They make us feel like we have some kind of choice but They are organizing stuff in a way that we take we make the choices they want us to make And when guys like Eduardo appear, brining information, for us to be able to reflect upon Like asking “this choice I am making, is it really mine? Or was it imposed?” Based on that you start reflecting about everything We even start looking differently at what we’ve built, our way of being. An interesting coincidence was once we were invited to Sao Paulo, Edu was invited to give a lecture I went with him, and in the middle of way he started getting sick The day of the lecture he was completely without voice And really had no condition of giving that lecture So he decided to go to Sao Mateus, to visit his friend Toddy We’ve stayed there two days. The second day, from nothing, some “gringos” appeared you know? When I realized, Edu was giving a lecture with simultaneous translation you know? There were eight or 10 “gringos”, each from a different country At that time this came very strong in my mind. Man, the guy did not participated in the other lecture because he was sick. Then life gave him another lecture to him, maybe even more important, to bring his message to the outside It is the type of “coincidence” that you see, this is his thing. He has lots and lots of “luggage”. Rational. Rational. Something obvious… Fuck man, I can’t stop with the goosebumps And I will leave the link here, the call for you to research. Research, because this guy here has lots of useful information He is one of the guys that inspires us A lot, a lot… I am getting to know him personally today. I knew him before through videos, through his communication, his speech Because Toddy recommended it. Toddy knows me, that sometimes I get into some personal conflicts. He says “Man, take a look at this guy here…” And it is comforting to listen to him, because he brings the logic in a simple talk. Once I was really afraid, afraid of getting to an old age, look back and feel ashamed. “What a shitty life I lived.” I’d rather die earlier And when I took my backpack and put it in back, I thought I would die before 30. I had 19 I thought I would not live. And I was chill If to live in this way, I would rather not live But I did not die… Life went along. I do not pay a healthcare plan If I have a health problem I am going to SUS (Brazilian public healthcare) Probably to die of a generalized infection But nothing happened. Last doctor visit I had was when I left the army, in 1978 Never again I do not trust. Doctors are formed by labs. The labs took over the medicine schools. You go to the doctor and he does not even look at your face. A doctor has to have love in his eyes. if he does not, he is not a doctor man. Is a medicine prescriptioner Wants to fill his ass with money. A fundamental requirement in a medical school, to whoever wants to apply for the profession is unrestrictively love for human beings And if you say that in a medical context, it is an absurd. “You cannot involve yourself emotionally with a patient…” Come on man, love heals. Affection heals, it creates a security relationship These guys cannot hear that…. They have to prescribe medicines I have a daughter that worked with cruises Every year there were a lot of doctors traveling in the cruises with their families, paid by pharmaceutical labs. This is crime, moral crime These guys prescribe medicine to earn rewards. Rolex watches, gold pens. Man, this was something that happened many years ago. I used to live in Maua, in the middle of the woods. Came to RIo from time to time, to expose, buy material. And one day I was in the center of Rio. Had bought a lot of material. Had my backpack with around 40 kg. There were 5 liters of iron perchloride, ammonia, metal, plates. Tools And I was going through rio branco aveue When I saw a big crowd. Something I was not used to, quite a lot of people I was a bit lost, passing there slowly Suddenly I see a guy coming out of a building wearing a suit. I was walking in the street, he came out of the building making a turn and did not dodge me I saw that we were going to collide, I saw that he saw me. i think he thought I was going to dodge him, but I had too much weight on me. I could not dodge. So I just locked my muscles and waited. He hit me. I had 40 kg beyond my weight He hit me, bounced back and felt in the floor. And became very upset, started yelling, cursing at me. Asking if I did look where I was going He was yelling and I stood still, looking, not saying a word I waited for him to yell all he needed, he was looking at me waiting for my reaction, that never came And he left, walking in the crowd I stood still, looking at him, astonished by his hot temper and that horrible feeling that he expanded right there And then I ran into a news vendor, who had his booth just behind The news vendor came to see what was happening with the guy yelling so much When I looked at the newsvendor The news vendor laughed and he said “Hothead ahn?” Then I said “readhead fire, the guy will have an heart attack, a stroke” “He will get all crooked, spending the rest of his life thinking that it would have been better to remain calm” And then he laughed saying “redhead fire!” And he went inside the booth to talk about it with someone I still heard him saying “redhead fire!” I went home with that on my mind And I stopped in the pub in front of my house, I found a friend I mentioned with him what happened and my will to paint a painting Of a guy with a readhead fire burning And the guy said he would buy the painting I said “that’s small talk, you won’t buy anything” “No, I will buy it for sure!” Then I painted the painting and he really bought it After watching your videos and now that I have the opportunity to meet you in person I want to congratulate you because on spreading your ideas you make people think about the meaning of life That’s the goal Congratulations That’s the purpose of all my work There is no other choice partner, if I stop doing this my life losses its meaning What I realize about peoples’ feelings when they talk about Faith It’s Believing Having faith Believing, Believe You don’t need to believe in anything I am doing things, I don’t need to believe You need to Understand, you can say that you understand the continuous evolution But not that you Believe in the continuous evolution I am understanding. I am better today than I was before The world is better today than it was before Besides all this chaos… Before it was even worse The people were connecting more agressively The institutional penalties were hedious Impalement With wood… nailing a guy in a log and letting him die there That was institutional Lashes Gallows The family watching the hanging, doing picnics to watch the guy being hung I can see that there is a path of sensibilization, evolution Slow one If we look at the barbarian side of it, we won’t believe it happens, we won’t understand that it happens But if we have a wider, more general view You can see that it’s evolving You will not see a perfect world or a even a fair world, I don’t believe that I will see that But I need to work in that way Nothing is standstill, everything is changing I was born here so I’m obliged to participate in all this changing process that is going on What I want is to choose how to participate Because the choices were programmed, they were imposed Starting from the conditioning in school When children start in school they will be told that they cannot have fun while learning Man, learning is fun, it has to be fun, it has to be done with pleasure But the kid is going to be framed to look at Work as a sacrifice “You are going to have fun during the playtime” “Organize your happiness, you are going to have fun during your free time” And at the end you will Live during your free time You are going to do what you like in your free time You are being programmed to hate your work To love Fridays So when you want to have fun, you feel so pressured that you will vent, instead of having fun While you are venting you are going to consume, and with that consumption your are going to be profitable Even your pleasure will be controlled, driven It will be built inside you It’s a matter of time… There are millenia behind us and millenia ahead of us Humanity will not be extinguished with these bizarre behaviours But the quantity will decrease, yes We are being warned for a long time But it will keep moving forward No one will change the world, we are born in a changing world The world is been changing long before we were born “No, I will change everything!” Everything is changing, you don’t need to worry about that Change your life, because you will be already changing the world The ones I knew, that wanted to change the world Usually Marxists Comunists Anarchists -istas Groups and groups Every single one got old and settled down “This shit will never change” Why? Because the guy wants to change the world for himself He doesn’t want to participate in the world’s changing He doesn’t want to look around to check how things are and decide how to react in that moment “No, it will change, the world will be fair” He understands with time that that’s not possible And then he comes up with the billiant conclusion that this will never change Because eternity, for him, is as big as in his own life When he dies, the world ends So it only suits if it is during his life time A lot of mistakes But I don’t regret any of them Because I learned with it You need to be wrong to… to learn To recognize It’s part of the process I think being wrong is a claim to who is trying to get it right I was trying to get it right I made a lot of mistakes In different separations that I had, for example I would disappear and leaving behind… At least Brisa was left alone with her mother… Four months With no sign of me I find it very shameful because she went through a lot of difficulties Because the way I was thinking at the time was: “I have to afford everything, all the the time” “I manage myself” “Now she needs to manage herself” Also because I was leaving in great pain I was really mad, dealing with a lot o stuff Living a hell And then I knew she went through a lot of difficulties, she was pregnant and I didn’t know So, that embarrassed me a lot And then I had an encounter with a guy in Mariana, he was clairvoyant And… He told me, without ever seeing me, to not separate And I never said anything about separation I was really astonished, a guy that I never met before… And then I started talking with if he already knew about the issue I persuaded him that I should separate while he was saying that I shouldn’t And when I convinced him, when he realized that I was adamant He said: “Ok man, if you want to separate, do it” “But do not fail on them with anything, because if you do your journey will go like this…” Then I immediately remembered how long I was way It was a… an error that I couldn’t avoid And it generated a series of experiences, also for her, the mother And a bunch of reflections for me, afterwards A lot of changing in my behaviour since then “So how am I going to regret?” Different visions that I’ve acquired It expanded my vision towards different issues Since that moment Also because it hurted myself When it hurts, you reflect Personally speaking, in my life… I felt sadness… With the idea that my family formed about me When I putted up my backpack and said “I’m going to not have anything” I was looking for a purpose, a meaning in life And they concluded that I was betraying That I was dispising, being agressive, not respecting and not having love They were thinking a lot of bad things, to not really understand My motivation Because my motivation was denouncing Of that life, on a daily basis Mediocre “But who are the politicians? They are the people but they are in that position” “The politicians are not politicians, man” “Politician…” “Is the person that cares about the polis” “With the group” “Yes” “Those guys are namd politicians but it’s a lie” “They are concerned about the interests of the campaign donors” “They only care about the comunity when it comes to understand how to deceive them” “For their own benefit” “For the benefit of his donor, which results in his benefit” “It’s a fraud, I do not vote since ’89” “My last vote was for Lula, against Collor” “Since then, never again. I don’t recognize in the State, the right to make me participate in a fraud” “This is not a democracy, it’s a banker dictatorship, corporate” No, it was not my greastest sorrow I don’t know which was, there were a lot There were other way bigger Imagine Dara seating behind me In a period where no one had money for anything I was not even buying food Even less craftwork There was no money I was going in the market and trading craftwork for food So food was not missing But was missing money, in general And Dara… there was this time that I was working Dara seated behing me and said: “Dad, Mom said that you have money, yes” “If you say you don’t have, it’s a lie” I found it funny and asked… “She said that?” “So what am I doing you all that money? Am I saving it?” “No, she said you spend it with women in motels and paying beer to your friends” That felt like a stabbing Like a stabbing… I stopped man, I swallowed hard, I was filled with tears, and I… I had a lump in my throat, waiting… I didn´t even look to Dara I closed my eyes Me… who fights. Me… that built the house where she was living with the kids… I was paying everything With handicraft, working a lot. I was waking up to work Stopping to work to sleep I was working, getting loaded, but I was selling a lot and then even sleeping in the street to economize And from nowhere she is saying to my kids that I doing such thing… I had to adapt to these kind of situations It wasn’t just one, they were a lot A lot The perception that you passed to my children… Was that I was a guy trying to play God Owner of the truth, full of arrogance Who finded himself perfect A judge for everyone So, I was trying to transmit character and truth And became demoralized I had a very close voice, maternal Preparing their spirit to not receive me and what I was trying to transmit That was a big moment of suffering It caused me a lot of reflections And created a big development in myself, a bigger capacity to reflect It widened my mind “If you take part in the process, you are already giving a meaning to life” “I’m taking the stick of someone who has gone” “When my time comes, someone will take my stick and carry it on” “And so on” “You will not see a fair world” “You should turn yourself towards a fair world” “And live accordingly” “Soon you will die but you did what you could” “You are satisfied” “More than what you can, you cannot” Or also when Manu left When the second marriage was over Manu is my son from Ceará He was born here in Rio but his mother… She changed completely towards me, she filled up with dispise to me She got tired from misery and went back to the amenities Like she said “What really I want is amenities” This sentence echoes until today in my ears “What really I want is amenities” Because I didn’t have money to pay for a maid To pay for a nanny To pay for a kindergarten She wanted… a rich’s life She met me with three kids, in the middle of the woods, chopping wood, man To cook Doing arts and crafts, and walking kilometers to exhibit it Sometimes hitchhiking And she got in, she participated, she hitchhiked, slept on the floor in board cards and sold craftwork with me And one day she got pregnant and dehumanized When Manu was six months old She wanted to move to Rio to be able to study Her father’s suggestion, actually And I didn’t want to move to Rio Especially not to live in an appartment That was from her father But after six months I started feeling selfish and… Decided to accept and move to Rio I didn’t understand that From what I’ve seen later For her, she was at my place, when she came to live with me. For me, the house was ours As equals, I consulted her for everything There was no “I am, I decide, I impose” But “What do you think?” I was doing everything as equals When we moved… But she didn’t saw it that way, she thought she was at my place And was acting accordingly When we moved to her father’s appartment, she changed her behaviour And at the time I didn’t understand why She started being impatient, bossy Started treating me with irritation Being rude, bossing me around Demoralizing me, saying that I was not earning anything, that I was a scrub… She knew me like that She went to live in the woods with me She was going to the course And then having the temptation from friends that where going out after classes and she needed to go back home because of the child… I think she resumed an old personality And resumed old values I began to be a scrub because I was not earning money Before she treated me with all the respect “She admired you” Yeah… She admired me and.. I think it changed sides, it started to be despise No, she told a lot of things too She told me a lot of things And… She called me one wednesday saying that she was going to leave with Manu I remember that I begged her to not leave I was on the telephone, in Santa Teresa, at night And she said “No, man” I got desperate “Do not go, I will never see my son again, he’s going to be raised without my influence” “He’s going to be influenced by your family” “He’s going to be raised among the rich, he will get weak” “He’s going to have a different vision about the world” “He will not know what’s the reality” “Do not take my son away from me, for God’s sake” She said some more things That I was not the great dad she thought I was… Despising me… One day, in the middle of the night I knew a professor of Philosophy I was in Belo Horizonte, I came from… Savácia, Rio de Janeiro And I was going through Vieira street, to find a place to sleep and not spend money in a hotel In the last street, before Vieira street, there was… It’s a downhill There was a bar open, with three free tables Three tables in the front In the sidewalk And in the table in the middle, a guy with long white hair With a long white beard too And I looked at the guy, with a painting under my arm An interesting character there… I’m going to meet him And for me, to know someone, I just need to go and show my painting It was my approach key. I went to him, with my sales done, enough money… I was not trying to sell, just looking for meeting that character “Good night, take a look at this” “No no, thank you” He didn’t look “Take a look at my work” “I don’t want anything, I’m just having a drink and I will leave” I said: “Look, my friend” “I was on my way to sleep in the bus station. I sold everything I needed, I don’t need to sell more” “I was passing by, looked here, saw you and found you an interesting character” “And came here to meet you” “So I would like you to check my work, take a look” Then he looked at me, and started checking my work And started notice the words, the thoughts, the symbols… He then looked at me and said, “would you have a beer?” I said “yes”. Then he said, “So, sit down” And I stayed hours there talking with him And in the end, when I was going home, because I had to work in the next morning He said “Every time you pass by here, I drink beer all night from Friday to Saturday Every time from Friday to Saturday I am here at this bar If you want to talk, just come by and we will talk I said “cool!”. From time to time I would go there, when I was going to sleep in the bus station that was close by And we would talk a lot, it was funny. I was a kid, twenty something and he was an old guy And I started talking about society, life, the world, social relations and so on He then would say “This is so-and-so who said in nineteen hundred and so-and-so” “What are you talking about? I don’t know this asshole man!” I am thinking by myself. You are a “philosophist”. You study the philosophies already “philosophed” The philosopher here is me, you are not a philosopher What a punk kid no? He would laugh, he was benevolent with me And one day, selling my craftwork… Because when you sell on the street you deal with a lot of people Even more one you are you selling reflexive creaftwork Which has a lot of thinking So you find people that reflect And a lot of questioning I was concluding that humanity was not seizing the available opportunities That life was offering reflection opportunities all the time That people were not seizing Reflections with a purpose, that give practical results in life, people avoided it They wanted to discuss reflection without a consequence Then I arrived at that bar, in anguish, I wanted to talk with him… I drank a lot before It was common… During the night I used to drink different drinks, because I was talking with people in different tables A lot of people… “Do you drink with us?” When the chat was getting good “I drink” “What do you want?!” “What are you drinking?” “Cognac” “So I drink Cognac” So in one place I was drinking wine, or beer, or cognac… And sometimes I was really drunk at the end of the night So I was in that situation, very drunk and looking for someone to complain about life So I went to that guy, talking about that That the people were not seizing the opportunities That they didn’t know how to Absorb what life was giving them to Observe When I said that I understood the similarity of both words And I asked the waiter for a pen, I grabbed a napkin and wrote “Observe (Observar)” above, and “Absorb (Absorver)” below I stood up to go to the the bathroom Looking at it In the middle of the bar I stopped And I realized it was the same letters I just needed to change the vowels’ place Observar Absorver Look Understand One complemented the other I went delighted to the bathroom Wow A philosophical orgasm Then I returned to the table “Man, I have something here” There I started drawing the first anagram With huge consonants, and the vowels very tiny, underneath each other Making the anagram to complement oBSeRVaR
aBSoRVeR And then it sticked I did a presentation, in Juazeiro do Norte It was a big seminar, with around 800 people In the next day I went to Crato, 8 km away To a University, to display my work And I was there displaying When a guy passed by bicycle With a stray hat He stopped the bycicle, looked at the paintings and looked at me… Got off the bycicle and came to talk with me His first question was: “What’s your religion?” “I don’t have a religion, I have spirituality” He liked my answer, sat down near and said: “I was at your presentation yesterday” “I’m a priest” He said he was a priest… And then he started to… …to tell me that he had a big anguish Because he had doubts And in his Religion he’s not allowed to have doubts He, as a priest, needs to have faith Needs to believe, to be certain And he was having a lot of internal conflicts, a terrible anguish For having doubts And it’s the doubt that make us chase something, right? I embrace my doubt, I don’t need to be certain about anything The certainties that I have are the ones available to me That metaphysical part I don’t need to know, man But it is required To religious people It’s a requirement I don’t know why… Maybe it’s a way to enchain the person “You have to believe. If you don’t believe, there will be a punishment for you.” It sounds so strange It’s a hell of a pressure, a huge requirement It’s a way to create a bind… To imprision a person If someone doesn’t do what the Church determines, it will be a sin and God will punish Whom is free at religions’ service When Religion says it’s wrong, he goes there and punishes… Doesn’t he has better things to do? I don’t have a defined vision, God is a too wide concept for the Human Being The creator of the Universe? The supreme energy? Of the Universe? That Universe which has billions of galaxies? We are in one of the smallest galaxies The Milky Way, the galaxy that combines different Stars… Which the Sun is part… It’s a galaxy that “only” has 100 billions of Stars… Billions of Stars. The Sun is a dwarf star. Irrelevant One of the smallest More than 90% of the Stars are bigger than the Sun Planetary systems with hundreds of planets, way bigger than Jupiter, that’s the biggest planet here Thousands of planets… Supernova Stars Thousands of times bigger than the Sun And this extends for all the Universe And then I claim to be in contact with the Creator? Of all those dimensions? You have 200 billions of galaxies counted, man Some bigger than… Astronomical levels… Make it very clear that the Human Being is nothing We live in a cosmic dust Around an irrelevant Star In the outskirts of one of the smallest galaxies And here we are already in contact with the Universe’s Supreme Being that gives us presents That rewards you with money Or punishes you sending you to Hell Leaving you in misery Giving you a disease Ok man… It’s the kindergarten, you have to respect Because there are people whithout the conditions to create their own code of conduct They don’t have a level of consciousness So they have to hold on a Religion And the Religion will say to them: “You cannot steal” “You cannot kill” “You cannot hurt the others” It gives you the principle… “Do good and you will be rewarded” “Don’t do bad or you will be punished” So you learn to do good for interest And to avoid to do bad for fear For me it’s the kindergarten And it’s even better Than never doing good, anytime and for any reason And doing bad everytime, with no scruples So it serves… It exists but not because it’s necessary While the Human Being is widening their conscience It becomes unnecessary We don’t need To claim what we don’t know We do need to recognize that the Human Being’s knowledge is very small, very precarious And if I keep waisting my focus with issues that I cannot understand I will not pay attention to my relationship with day-to-day life Right now my spirituality is on the Matter So it’s developing with how I deal with Matter With the people around me, my relationships, my feelings How do I react towards loss How I treat my friends. If I’m tolerant and if I’m kind If I’m judgmental and if I’m arrogant This way I’m developing my spirituality I don’t see the spirituality of someone in a temple In the temple everyone is a saint Firing up the incense… Cosmic energy… Purification How is that person in the market? How the person reacts when someone says something unpleasant to her? When someone challenges her? When a beggar approaches her aggressively? How does she reacts dealing with hassles? How is she with people? That’s how a person reveals her spirituality It’s not in the temple You don’t need a temple I mean Whoever needs a temple, should go to the temple I’m not condemning, neither I think it’s wrong But I don’t feel any attraction Right the opposite, it looks like… …a crowd control It’s the shepherd and its herd I don’t feel like shepherd or sheep If I need to fit in any group, that group is the Human It’s all Humankind The word Religion in itself is already pretentious Reconnect Comes from reconnecting What do you mean reconnect? Where did Man found power to disconnect from the Creator? Imagine a chicken A chicken is a creature It belongs to the creation Did she disconnect from God? She didn’t disconnect, she’s connected In the creation The Man didn’t have the power to disconnect. How is he going to reconnect? Suddently the Man disconnected from the Universe’s Supreme Being? And now for his own reasons By his own decision, he’s going to reconnect That doesn’t exists That connection never broke I feel… I feel that we relate with the invisible I believe that it can be many dimensions Not the material and non-material It’s a lot of dimensions, man Molecular frequency, maybe I don’t know But it’s a lot of dimensions When I have good feelings, I create good connections When I have bad feelings, I create terrible connections But.. With what? I don’t need to define it My reasoning doesn’t need to explain that I feel My reasoning is subordinated to my feelings It’s my feelings that decide Reason finds a way to do what emotions decided Reason doesn’t have decision-making power By itself, reason becomes psychopathic Reason built the world we live in Reason explains that misery is necessary The big one’s reason Creates the misery To pressure the workers To accept any working condition With fear to end up miserable Emotions would never allow to exist abandoned people In a world that has plenty of conditions to address everyone Of production, distribution, technology, knowledge… The world has the conditions to not having one miserable person But the established reason Convince people that it’s normal That there’s no other way My life and my work it’s the same, I work all the time At the bar drinking, at the bus Chatting in every corner… I’m always aware, always functioning, always talking about my work Then my life and my work became the same thing I love my work, I enjoy my life There’s no Sundays, no holidays, no day or no night… it’s anytime I don’t want days off For me, doing nothing is a sacrifice, an affliction It gives me agony I don’t want to retire, I want to work until the last day of my life Because I really like what I do, I love my work It really fulfills me

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    Cara agora o Mario Sérgio cortella .carnal
    Ponde , vão te que arruma vaga pro Eduardo lá na cadera pra da uma aula pra eles que são escravos dos filosóficos contemporâneos.

  14. Motoqueiro78 Post author

    Li vários comentários e cada vez mais tenho certeza de que vivemos dentro de uma "caixa" e achamos que vivemos da melhor maneira possível. O pensamento do Eduardo incomoda né. Kkkkkkk. A mídia trabalha bem pra excluir os excluído e exaltar o capitalismo. O meu avô criou 5 filhos sozinho; hj pra criar somente um o marido e a mulher tem que trabalhar. Porque são tantos gastos que são impostos pra gente seguir o "padrão social" que devemos trabalhar mais e sacrificar as horas de ficar com a família. Salve Marinho. Adoraria lhe encontrar para trocarmos umas idéias.

  15. samuel dias Post author

    Um bosta…so fala coisas obvias e desconexas sem nenhuma novidade…..com ideologia baseada na preguiça e inveja.

  16. João Paulo Post author

    Sensacional a frase ! A humanidade é igual garimpo, tem que caçar as pedras preciosas ! Cascalho tem muito ! 👍👏👏

  17. Raphael Tozetto Post author

    Mano, de todo o documentário, o toque final foi: ele preparando a Kombi pra sair, e terminar com ela estacionando…

  18. Breno Santos Post author

    FILosofia de cu é rola, quero saber quem não quer dinheiro no bolso mlk doido, o Eduardo cheio de onda aí cheio das malandragens cobrando 50 conto nos bagui, olhem galera, filosofia de cu é rola, quem pode pensar esses bagui é quem vive da fama mermão! quem não é artista tem que ralar pra conseguir alguma coisa.

  19. Gabriel Messias Post author

    Fazer o bem por interesse e não fazer o mal por medo. . .
    Aonde está o coração??
    Trabalhar pelo salário??
    Esperar pela sexta-feira que já está condicionada ao hapy hour . . .
    Grande Eduardo 👏👏👏

  20. antonio campelo Post author

    Admiro esse cara por ele ter a coragem de viver essa ideologia de esquerda,mas através dele se vê claramente não funcionar.Eu que também vivi na rua e experimentei na pele toda carência desse momento da minha vida em minha opinião é acostumar-se com o que há de mais degradante na condição humana e ainda pensar ser isso uma coisa bela e glamorosa.A pobreza não tem nada de belo,os vícios,as drogas,a fome e a morte não devem ser embelezados.

  21. Fá L. Post author

    Se não fosse os médicos e os laboratórios estaria morta. Sem o sistema nossa expectativa de vida seria menor. Não gosta do sistema, mas usufrui dele. Ele estará lá quando você precisar.

  22. Ubirajara Bastos Post author

    O relato dessa historia de expedito foi de se lascar, cara sentir um mal estar numa idade que esse cara sentiu realemtne a vida e coisa imcmpreeensivel, cada um com seu destino. louvavel essa historia…

  23. Natalia Sales Post author

    Descobri Eduardo Marinho ouvindo uma batida de música eletrônica. Ces acreditam? Joguei a frase no google e vim parar nos vídeos dele. Amando conhecer essa personalidade…expansão da consciência total!

  24. marlon ribeiro Post author

    Cada exemplo Eduardo Marinho . Tenho orgulho olha e vê que tem pessoas com essência que sonhamos dias melhores .

  25. Louvores de Sião Post author

    Então, eu como Artista Plástico iniciei minha carreira em 2002 trabalhando nas ruas assim como o Eduardo ainda o faz. Viajei algumas vezes, conheci lugares com meu trabalho, conheci muita gente boa e muitas ruins também é natural. Saí das ruas em 2011 e desde 2012 estou trabalhando com artes mais focado em galerias e na internet, o que hoje me é economicamente muito mais viável e rentável também até pq tenho família e filha com 6 anos, e tive que tomar uma decisão, a aventura ou a realização do seus sonhos fazendo o que gosta e tendo resultado com tal…
    Conheci muitos que trilharam os mesmos caminhos do Eduardo. Vários hippies com histórias semelhantes, ex mecânico da Mercedez que largou tudo pra virar andarilho, tinha uma hippie que a família dela era muito bem de situação, era espanhola, rodava o mundo inteiro com os artesanatos, haviam alguns que haviam praticado vários crimes e estavam se ''escondendo''' atrás do pano, tinham famílias inteiras que foram formadas nas ruas, divórcios, namoros, filhos, mães, brigas, bêbados, malabaristas, mentirosos, viciados, muitas histórias como a dele, a RUA é um livro e cada página são cada um dos dias.

  26. ELITE CLUB Post author

    O cara é feio e geral falando que é lindo, o cara fala um monte de besteira e geral falando que é um gênio, o cara é preguiçoso e geral falando que é trabalhador, o cara é contra o capitalismo, e geral ama o capitalismo, assim é difícil viu.

  27. Reginaldo pereira Silva Post author

    Você não é premiado por fazer o bem , só algo ruim não vai te acontecer , mesmo você tendo o mal como alternativa não o podendo fazer, por ser uma alternativa existente

  28. Robinson Bernardes Post author

    Parabéns pelo trabalho … Você achou um milhonario de alma … Filosofia da rua … Deus e muito mais que o ser humano pensa ele está totalmente certo …

  29. Giselda Souza Post author

    Ele disse eu tinha q passar pela.experincia de não ter nada . E eu queria tanto passar pela experiência de ter tudo . Não estou julgando ele eu o respeito estou falando de mim . A parte q me identifico com ele dá pena ele me parece acabado fisicamente sofrido .eu me colocando no lugar da mãe dele da uma tristeza e preocupação coisa de mãe com a saúde ,se está se alimentando .para quem sofre ,quem vive a vida de dificuldade acha triste não vê poesia.

  30. william inacio Post author

    ele fez minha mente abrir completamente e so colocou em palavras oque eu vivia pensando e as veses sentindo, concordo com o fato que nao da pra viver na miseria, que precisamos de um serviço , ate porque o sistema que vivemos de ir atras de emprego pra conseguir o dinheiro pra ai poder compra a comida etc..nos suga completamente pra isso, oque ele me abriu a mente foi nessa de vencer na vida ou de ter bens materiais, eu desencanei disso agora so quero mesmo busca algo correto que me faça feliz conhecer lugares apreciar a natureza o sol os animais, a lindesa que eh a vida, pode resperir e eliminar o caos de dentro de min.

  31. Giselda Souza Post author

    O defeito dele foi casar e pior ter filhos. Essa vida que escolheu para ele não cabe outras pessoas é só dele.

  32. Michelle De Angelis Post author

    Como ele sofreu alienação parental, coitado…Pelo menos os filhos terão esse doc como prova do que o pai realmente foi. Mães narcisistas e manipuladoras são um inferno.

  33. Marco túlio Post author

    Nunca tinha visto por completo esse documentário, vi alguns vídeos picados do mesmo, e vou te falar… essa 1:11min passaram VOANDO! poderia ouvir o eduardo falar durante horas e horas e não me cansaria

  34. Pereirão, maridão de aluguel. Barros duarte Post author

    Convido vocês a participarem do Canal Lililing – Lingua Literatura e Linguagem, do Professor Rômulo!

  35. Paulo Junior Post author

    Queria ter essa coragem, vivi 30 anos nas ffaa por necessidade e comodismo, sofrendo, me violentando. Se o conhece antes, talvez tivesse tido coragem para mudar.

  36. Agnaldo Batista Post author

    Cara, será que ele sabe que seu vídeo está sendo patrocinado por um banqueiro, propaganda de uma financeira a cada 5 minutos.
    Acho linda sua história, Fantástico seu pensamento, mas está sendo engolido pelo capitalismo selvagem.
    Pra onde está indo a renda de toda está propaganda?
    Pra favela?
    Pra uma ONG?
    Para assistencialismo?
    Ou pra uma conta bancária pessoal?
    Fica uma indagação

  37. Antonino Tavares Post author

    Simples e Muito Direto , Eu Realmente Agradeço Ao Universo Por Gerar Tantas Pessoas Ao Ponto de Implementar Uma Vida de Vivências Como Eduardo , Agradeço ao Júnior tbm por enxergar Enxergar Que Todo Mundo Deveria Parar Pra Ouvir o Eduardo por pelo Menos Uma Horinha . DOCUMENTARIO muito Foda mermo Parabéns Irmão

  38. Canal do Paulão Post author

    Resumindo, esse cara optou por ser um perdedor nado,por escolha.
    Mais ainda estou tentando entender qual sentido disso?
    Se todos nós fôssemos igual a ele, seria um desastre.

  39. Ingrid Voor Post author

    Imagina a vida boa, os filhos dormindo na rodoviária, ele trocando ideia altas horas da noite, cachaça a rodo…ta certa a mãe do Manu que foi buscar mais conforto pro filho e estudar. Sem problemas com quem quer ter "orgasmos filosóficos " mas não é pra todo mundo definitivamente.

  40. Ronaldo Freitas Post author

    "Desequilíbrio social, normal, acompanho de perto
    Se for Marinho, seja Eduardo e não o bosta do Roberto
    Faz Criança Esperança e patrocina assassinato
    Onde ele pôs a mão, corrupção virou um fato
    Manipula a política, até compra mandato
    Vai O.R fala mesmo, e pau no cu se é desacato…" #LealPrimeiramente ✊🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. Fellipe Alisson Post author

    Todo mundo quer viver bem da maneira que acha melhor, se ele acha bom viver com pouco que viva com o pouco, mas outras pessoas não pensam assim, o pensamento de cada um deve ser respeitado.


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