Neck Pain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Neck Pain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. I’ve got another
helper with me today. This is Molly, she’ll be observing and making sure I do everything
correctly with good technique. So what we’re going to be talking about today is our neck
stretches. Now the neck can be very tricky and it can have serious, serious injuries
to it, so it’s key to go to your doctor or your physical therapist and get a correct
diagnosis and get imaging that you need. So this is really just some gentle stretches
to get you going if your neck is just stiff or maybe you slept on it wrong. So the first
thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start off with some gentle stretches, not even using
your hands but just with your neck. So the first thing I’m gonna have you to do start
off is just bring your chin down to your chest. And then hold it just for about 5-10 seconds
and then look back up towards the ceiling. Same thing for just about 5-10 seconds. Now
you want to make sure you’re staying in a plane front to back, that you’re not turning
your head. This is really in a straight plane. Bringing that chin down to your chest and
then bringing it back. Good. Now then the next one what you want to do is you want to
take your ear to the side. Now this is another key, you just wanna gently bring it to the
side. You don’t want to bring your shoulder up, your not actually touching your shoulder
to your ear, your shoulder is staying in one spot. You’re just bringing it over, same thing
now, it’s in a plane this way. So you wanna keep it in that plane you’re gonna stretch
about 5-10 seconds, and then your gonna come back the other way. Stretch 5-10 seconds.
Good. So you’re gonna do that about 3-5 times in each direction, good. And once that gets
a little bit loosened up, now what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna rotate a little bit.
So you’re just now gonna turn, almost like you’re looking over your shoulder. Same thing
about 5-10 seconds and then turn back the other way. Very good and then stretching it
out. So those are just starting off with some simple stretches without doing anything except
moving your head and getting those stretches in there. Front to back, side to side, turn
to turn, Molly’s embarrassing me, but that’s ok. So the next thing that we’re gonna do
is we’re going to add some overpressure. Basically what overpressure is is you just use your
hand to give you a little more pressure added to the stretch. So these stretches are actually
going to be our traditional 30 second stretches, 3 times on each side. Now the key is for this
one is you’re gonna hold your hand underneath your leg. Now the key for this is it’s gonna
keep your shoulder flat and it’s gonna pull down a little bit. so you’re already getting
a little bit of a stretch. What you’re gonna do now is your just gonna bring your hand
on the top of your head, not on the top of your head right here, but on the top towards
the opposite way and your just gonna pull over to the side. Straight over. You want
it to go in that plane, you’re trying to take that ear to the opposite shoulder. And you’re
just gonna take some deep breaths, breathe in and out, might fall asleep. And those 30
seconds, 3 times each on both sides. Make sure you’re doing both sides so you keep everything
even. Alright, so then last one that I’m gonna show you is our levator scapulae stretch,
and that’s the muscle that pulls your shoulder blades up, that scapulae up. The key for that
one is lot’s of times people get hunched over a lot, they’re typing on the computer, and
those muscles get really tight. ANd when those muscles get tight, people tend to get tension
headaches. So a really good way to stretch that out is your gonna take the arm same side
that it’s hurting, and your gonna put it up on your shoulder if you can. And then what
you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take your other hand and put it kind of on the back
of your head. And you’re gonna pull it towards your opposite knee. So you’re not pulling
it straight down, your not pulling it to towards the side, but towards your opposite knee.
Almost like a 45 degree angle. So your gonna hold it up as high as you can, and you’re
gonna pull your head down. A nice stretch, remember those stretches don’t want to be
painful, you don’t want to feel any pain in your neck, but you wanna feel a nice stretch
in there. 30 seconds, 3 times each. Make sure you do both sides, you want to get everything
stretched out. And that’s just the simple stretches for your neck. Just to get everything
loosened up. And remember, you can trust me, I’m a doctor.

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  1. AskDoctorJo Post author

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  2. Jinal Bhagat Post author

    M 25, m having pain in my neck for more than 8 to 9 months it goes off and on
    When i do some work with my hands it pains and than goes off when i rest
    The trigger point is at the end of cervical perfectly middle at shoulders and neck
    Still i cant get to know the reason of it
    What you think what should be the reasons of pain to me?
    Please help

  3. Nikko S Post author

    Omg! You are a life saver! I was in so much pain just now and I did these stretches and I felt instant relief! I could barely even move my neck around. I followed your steps and now I’m great! I’m going to do this everyday now!

  4. BkLivE 118 Post author

    I jus stopped by to say thank you very much for this video… my lower back has been about a 4 out of 10 (pain) making sitting and standing awkward and uncomfortable for 2 months now… I went to look down and realized when my chin went towards my chest that I would feel this pain… So I figured maybe I should do some neck stretches since prior to that I was waking up with a neck strain from time to time… Anyways to make this short I was repeating the steps that you provided in your video last night… Woke up today with a little bit of soreness in my lower back but all day I have been feeling great with no pain at all so I'm going to keep repeating these steps and try out a few of the others and I just want to say that I recommend this to anybody who's been having any type of neck pain or tightness in their neck and back and to you I just want to say thank you very much

  5. Sanchit Gulati Post author

    Thanks so much for explaining the exercises so nicely and precisely, you're the best, much love from India ?

  6. Rubi Majkut Post author

    The one where you put your hand under your bum, that really helped. I felt my neck muscle stretch. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I'm only 12. Thanks alot

  7. Lacey White Post author

    What exercises do you have for scar tissue for the top of the neck? (top back of neck) Scar tissue is older than two years.

  8. shaesta Ishraq Post author

    I was in so much pain….but after doing that last two exercises(just pure magic)….my cervical spondylitis pain just flew away…like was not even there:) so happy….i don't know how can i thank you dear for this…thank you so much ….may allah bless you ?

  9. Patrick k Post author

    Doesn't it depend on where the pain is? The physical therapist told me to not take the chin down as shown in the beginning of this video.

  10. Dortha Springer Post author

    The muscles in my neck on one side has been so tight for years that it has caused my jaw to become misaligned by pulling it down on one side. I have begun seeing a chiropractor but until I stretch those muscles back out it's hopeless ?. It's been almost 10 years of not treating it……..

  11. notharmonious Post author

    I kept getting a sort of stinging sensation on the right side of my neck. Not the entire right side, just a portion of it. Closer to my jaw than to my collar bone – what could this be?

  12. Emily H Post author

    this was SO good!! that last stretch was literally the most relieving stretch ever, and the one before that was also really really helpful, thank you so much!!

  13. Jeannie T Post author

    thanks so much for these, Dr Jo. I have been doing your stretches for two days and my neck pain is so much better. I had made an appointment to see an ortho later this month, but now I'm wondering if I really need to go – since I've had so much relief, it makes me think all that was wrong was muscle strain in my neck and I might not need to see him. If there was something seriously wrong like a bulging disc or something, I don't think your exercises would have helped me so much. What is your opinion about me going to a doctor for this?

  14. Joe Crowder Post author

    I really like the added camera angle on the last two exercises…….very helpful. Please keep up the good work!

  15. Scheren Schnitt Post author

    I would let you treat me. I did my exam at IAOM here in Germany looks similar what you are showing. Well okay. The anatomy isnt that different to need millions of techniques.

  16. Zii Ghazz Post author

    I trusted you and i dididn't regret it,these exercices are like pain killer not the entire pain but it reduce it so much, thanks

  17. PAPA BOB Post author

    I have a electronic stimulator in my back so can't get a mri try the chiropractor but he can't pop my neck dr tells me a x-ray won't tell him anything I have tried almost every over the counter thing's my neck doesn't hurt all the time but its just the left side you help me with my cain problem thank you again I hoping maybe you might have a suggestion for my neck thanks for your time ☺

  18. McFuckface Post author

    Alright. So, i've had this for like 2 years or something. When I Move my head quickly to the left. (left only), then my back of the head hurts like hell. I can't describe it. It's like my neck is burning for a few seconds. then It goes away.

  19. Al Banta Post author

    Thank you Dr. Jo what you have done for me is nearly a miracle.. My shoulder and neck hurt when I get up in the morning so i come right in to my study and do your stretches. On with the day feeling much better. Oh and I also do them before going to bed at night.

  20. Allan Laggan Post author

    Hi will this help with severe neck pain ,i keep getting a recurring neck problem i have just done it again after lifting weights thank you for any advice

  21. Tybe Oliver Post author

    I have elbow pain from weightlifting. comes and goes but it's a real pain in the you know what. Any tips?

  22. Official Narrative Questioned Post author

    I have chronic neck pain for a few years now, mri and X-ray came back clear. Looking down hurts a lot and feels like fire at the back of my neck.

  23. Piwo1958 Post author

    You said at the end not to stretch till it hurts, but what do you do then if it already hurts? I have pain in my neck, hoping that stretching will help it out but if I stretch in one direction it's gonna hurt some………

  24. Cherry Blossom Post author

    I don't think I'm doing it wrong because it's not working. I have serious neck pain on my left and it's right between the shoulder and neck. What should I do? Is there a special exersice in these that I should do often?

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    Thank you so much! My neck was hurtig pretty bad because of an exam and this helped a lot!!! ?

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    I have a mild disc protrusion on c5-c6 and c6-c7..its hurting..I'm 22 yr old.. will by doing exercise it will go away?.. thank you?

  27. Juan Martin Post author

    I DO A LOT OF SPORTS TIME ALL MY LIFE,NEVER GOT TROUBLE WITH MY NECK,BUT i`dont know it crack only when I`m washing my hear only,position down and moving the head by side,why? help.thanks.

  28. Sarfaraz Khan Post author

    this is magic.. i just tried while watching the vid and already feeling relieved.. subscribed! you rock doc.

  29. irish66 Post author

    Hello again doctor. I find that if I do the exercise of moving my neck in the direction of my right shoulder, as I move my head back to centre position, the pain in my left shoulder flares up briefly. Hmm, maybe i should try out some shoulder exercises, before the neck.

  30. KAY DE Post author

    This kinda eased up my neck n back a tiny bit before going to bed ty I greatly appreciate this it was somewhat effective sadly the back of my neck is hurting me though. T.T


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