Neck Pain Relief for Children Young and Old with Gonstead Chiropractic

Hi, Dr. Ryan Hetland. Welcome to today’s 3-minute chiropractic seminar. I’m here with Sarah and her four kids. And I just wanted to show you how families
come in to get checked and Sarah can tell you why she’s bringing her family in. I bring my family in because Savannah does
gymnastics all the time and falls on her head. This one’s Savannah. And then, Sirah has an ear infection on her right ear.
And Atlas is a boy, so he is all over the place and he constantly falls down and it’s his one month for a visit. So, usually, once a month, but sometimes when
stuff comes up, fall on the head, the ear, she’ll just bring them in and let me go check. So, come on over here and I’ll show you how
I check with the nerve scan. This device here just tells me heat, so if
there’s any swelling in a particular area, it will just show that, so here, I’ll show
you in Savannah’s neck. And do you see that needle? So that spiking to the left is a ton of swelling
up here in the left side of her neck. And when I feel it, you can feel how the neck
doesn’t want to move more than about there, and this way moves that much, so I’m just
going to adjust it. Savannah, do you like getting your neck adjusted? Yeah. Why? Because it makes me feel better. Nice. Okay, lean back here and we’ll just get it adjusted. That’s over here. Beautiful. How does it feel? Good. Good? Let me see. We’ll check it. Feel that a lot smoother? Beautiful. So, well, that was showing you a little bit
of her adjustment. We won’t have time to show you everyone’s,
but maybe next time. See you back here tomorrow. Bye.

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