Neck Pain for 5 Years Relieved Before You Know It! (REAL RESULTS!!)

Hello everyone my name is Dr. Jacobs, I’m
a doctor of physical therapy and I’m also the inventor of advanced soft tissue release
(ASTR specialty). I am a cancer survivor and I used to suffer
from chronic migraines, headaches, pain, and fatigue before I invented ASTR specialty. Alright Mike, tell me what’s going on with
your neck. So stiffness in the back of my neck whenever
I reach a certain position looking sideways. Lack of mobility and pain when I reach three-quarters
of the way on both sides. How much pain do you feel there from 0-10? Once I get to a certain point 5, and then
it gets worse. What kind of pain? Sharp, dull, aching? Dull and aching. How long has this been going on, just give
me a brief history of your issues. On and off for probably for several years. Maybe about 5 or 6 years. What kind of treatments have you had for that? A chiropractor for the most part. Just joint mobilization? Yep. So it’s difficult for you to rotate? Any trauma, history of accidents, anything? Not that I know of. So give me numbers, we’re going todo the
range of motion first. Then give me a number from 0-10 on how much
it’s painful and we’re going to do it again after the treatment. So extend your neck back. That’s about a far as it’ll go. Alright, give me a number from 1-10. Just stiffness, no pain. Okay, forwards. It’s pretty mobile. Okay, turn to the left. That’s tight. So pain is right about there. 0-10? Well, it gets worse as I turn further. 0-10? Probably goes from a 0 to a 6 when I try to
turn the most. And other side. Same thing. It starts about here and it gets progressively
worse as I turn, to about a 6. This left side is probably a little worse
than the right. Okay side bend left and right. It’s just stiff, no pain. Okay. Now, I take that back. Now when I lean this way there’s a few sharp
pains. Localized in that area? Any going down to your arms? No, just the shoulders. Alright, so relax. Okay, make sure what I am doing is not aggravating
your symptoms. Sorry it’s a little crowded. Just make sure it’s not chopping our heads
off. You see the tightness? You see the pulling here? You feel it? I can feel it. It’s pulling, it’s sticking out. Yeah, that’s very tight. So you said you had chiropractic treatment? Yeah, I’ve been for probably for a month
because I’ve been traveling. Any other treatments? No. Is it painful what I’m doing. Nope. Okay. You don’t remember how you injured your
neck? I don’t I do, I don’t think I did. Did you fall and hit your head? Previous sports injury? No. It’s not too bad now actually. Okay. Make sure this is not painful okay? Yeah. So, rotation is more painful than extension
or flexion for your neck? Yes. Okay. Okay, I’m going to go deep and make sure
what I’m doing is not painful, okay? Now I have to hold it like this. Technical difficulty. That’s fine. It’s al in this area or on the other side
too? Have you had any images for your neck or anything? MRI. Okay. Let me just work on breaking the scar tissue. It’s going to feel cold, okay? Okay. Is it worse on the left? It’s a little bit more on this side than
this side. Do you get headaches or anything like that? You have a lot of scar tissue actually. Standing again. Okay let me clean this. Okay, let’s turn around. I want to see your range of motion and tell
me how you feel. Turn left and right and tell me how you feel. It’s still stiff. Okay tell me how much from 0-10. No pain. No pain? You just feel stiffness in this range of motion? Just stiffness in the neck part. Okay turn to the right. Same thing, a little stiff. Okay extend and flex. No pain, just the stiffness? Yes. And you feel it right in there? Okay. You did not hit your head? Are you sure? No, I have no idea. Not that I know of though. Okay you feel that? It’s really tight here actually. Feel the tightness? You feel that scar tissue here? Mhmm. You feel this bump here? Do you slouch? Huh? Do you slouch in front of the computer. Yeah, I guess. Okay lets move your neck. Left and right. How’s that? It’s better. Do you still feel it or is it gone? I still feel tension in there. The other side is fine? Same thing. It still feels like there’s a little bit
of compression. And you feel it just in these 2 spots? Now it’s just right underneath my skull
here. Okay, relax. Let me know if it’s too much, okay? Just those 2 spots, yeah? Yeah. Relax, relax. Look straight. Okay, move again. How’s that. It’s better. Do you still feel it or is it gone? It’s gone on that side. This side just a little bit. More actually towards the middle. Shrug your shoulders. Okay, relax. Tuck you chin. Okay, try it again. How’s that? Gone or do you still feel it? It’s gone now. That’s awesome. So how do you feel about ASTR treatment. It’s good. Thank you, Doc. Any pain? Nope. Alright, awesome. Feel free to subscribe to my channel to get
update about helpful information and tips and tricks on how to relieve your pain and
your patient pain and also there are over 170 videos most of them actual treatment videos
I’m showing how I use to ASTR instrument on patient and you can actually see result
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with health practitioner to learn how to practice effectively as research study. See you soon!

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