Natureboy You Got Malia Worse Then YOU Are You Leaving Sis🤔

Natureboy You Got Malia Worse Then YOU Are You Leaving Sis🤔

hey guys back with another one make sure
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um I want to know I’m very curious to hear from everyone leave a comment in
the comment section if you remember this but a while back ago this is when Millea
I call it playing games at this point and see I always say God don’t like ugly
and he’s not fond of beauty Millea a while back ago playing with her own
emotions because she wasn’t playing with our emotions because she’s still there
and now velvet is back and the the couple of times velvet had left she
probably thought she had an opportunity to be with Nature Boy or at least spend
more time with nature boy than other women women know especially in this kind
of a situation I would think a woman would know if a man was more attracted
to another woman than they were other women that were around him on a regular
basis in Malaya certainly I will say she knows and she knew that Nature Boy had
an attraction more so for her than the other women at carbonation like I said I
really believe that in some way she will hyrum she reminded him of velvet and you
know she had the accent they’re from the same place Louisiana no is it what is it
Louisiana if I’m wrong correct me but I know is one of them New Orlean type of
states with that she has that Creole accent and I’m just gonna I’m just gonna
say this to you she had said a while back ago but she only lied to herself
and that’s why I say payback and karma is a mother she had said that she was
going to be leaving and they had made this public so she could go back you
know to tend to her son and she has not left yet and
see leaving what’s most importantly to you to give yourself to a man that is
not even given a hundred percent to you is why you’re in this situation right
now and that’s also why your own lives with strangers who are telling you
things that you should already know as an adult for yourself which is one
loving yourself to not accepting when nature boys gonna do to you or currently
doing to you but this is it’s Karma it’s it’s is it’s um you know the law of
attraction and and what happens when you do things the wrong way that’s how it um
it straightens itself out and it’s called karma and I don’t I don’t know
when it was gonna come I didn’t know it was gonna come this soon but I feel as
though for you to lie whatever your reasons were for lying to the public
that you were going to go back home which sounded like a mother that was
feeling guilty and also a mother who knew that that was an atmosphere that
she should be staying in at that time I kind of respected you but you never left
so the respect went out the window and now you’re still here months later
going into a new year being passed around because Velvets back now your
feelings are more involved because you’ve been around him longer he’s
showing you attention the times that velvet does leave and now you’re in a
situation where it’s no question that you’re not thinking about your child at
this time you’re just thinking about how Nature Boy is weighing heavy on your
heart he’s with another woman the woman that usually takes him away from all of
the carbonation women when she’s around and that’s why she’s around because she
knows that she can take him away from other women when she’s around she has
that affect on him she was there before you I mean he had a bond with her and
velvet was watching like we’re watching she’s not
going to stay away for too long before she comes back into nature boys life
just in time to mess up whatever chemistry that you’re going to accept
that nature was going to give you of his time as soon as velvet thinks that it’s
a threat to the point of nature boy might forget about her and she needs to
take action she’s right there and it’s no guessing this is not a legend it is
still my opinion but is what I observe and it has to be in the back of all the
carbonation women and including the ones that are more physically and emotionally
attached to him like Malia is that is a time just a matter of time before velvet
pops right back up and messes everything up like she always does and this is why
no one in carbonation likes velvet because every time she comes back around
everything changes and the only one that’s affected by that is all the other
carbonation members of Velvets not affected by it nor is Nature Boy they
become the servants to Nature Boy and velvet and velvet and Nature Boy go off
in their corner and their Google and I and each other and kissing and hugging
and making up and doing lord knows what else and they’re playing that family
role and you guys are just sitting there in the same area but not quite in this
space and you’re observing you’re observing that same man that will dog
velvet out when she leaves out that door he’ll probably tell you all of Elvis
personal information things that velvet may have said about carbonation members
while she was there that pillow talk he’s telling it all and you guys in your
head thinking about that this dude dogs this girl
but remember Malaya and remember ayah he does the same thing to you guys on over
the basis to so you know at the same time of absorbing this phony skit that
they’re putting on that it’s fake but because you don’t want to take on your
responsibilities you want to run from it you keep yourself subjected to this
nonsense and it’s really sad because there’s so many men out here that can be
with you and you only that can take care of you and your child or meet you 50/50
it’s not about a man taking care you so let me let me clean that up but meet you
halfway well you don’t have to subject yourself to this kind of treatment but
yet and still you continuously um stay instead of going back and making it
right while your child is still young and might not remember that his mother
has been absent from his life he’s still young you have a very small chopped
small child right now there’s gonna be a lot of what you did
dropping the ball not being the best mother that he’s not gonna remember you
know it’s time to make it right with him not with Nature Boy make it right with
Nature Boy for what what is the ultimate goal of making it right with nature boy
is he going to leave all the other women of carbonation and velvet and be with
you forever absolutely not velvet couldn’t get him
to commit to that so what makes Malaya think he’s gonna do it for her
it’s that brainwashing and manipulation and the reprogramming that has been
allowed to go on for so long that has gotten Malaya in the position that she
is in now which is stuck it’s like common sense is not common
sense to Malaya anymore she’s so confused
I’m quite sure her brain is racing it’s telling her to go is telling her to
leave but it’s all being crammed together all at once and in forming a
ball of confusion and things that are common sense like to pack your stuff and
leave don’t even tell him you leave and just go it’s not common sense anymore
she has to snap out of this spell that she’s on in order to look back at the
mistakes that she may be in over there in carbonation like why didn’t I just
walk out the door like it was that easy like what could he possibly do to me if
I did that why did I subject myself to all of this mental anguish when I could
have just walked out of this door and let them have him I would have mourned
and moved on and then I would have went I’m permitted find somebody that could
love me for me and I didn’t have to share that is the logical way of looking
at it but that’s not how they look at it over there in carbonation

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  1. Jones Financials Post author

    Good Morning SL hope your off to a Great Start ok now on to the update 💜💜💜 again you're on POINT and their ALL WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH KARMA and we know what that's like💛💛💛

  2. mz Tremias Post author

    Sooooo he have his 2 Louisiana Girls as wives. She surely did remind NB of Velvet. She should've sent home bc on the vid I just saw she wanted to bust out in tears. Her soul hurts

  3. SLDavis-Nutrition/Health/ All Media Post author


  4. ladysolo blessing god is good Post author


  5. Kendra Caswell Post author

    I agree with everything that you have said. Meleah is a backup girl and can be used to threaten and make Velvet jealous. Velvet just looks at Meleah as a nanny. Thanks for sharing

  6. Bondye Supreme Post author

    NB is just being a player, a lot of men dream of being successful at attracting females like him. When it comes to the ladies, NB is clearly winning the game from a males perspective. Men generally get bored of having the same "box" every single day, hence all the cheating and baby mamas in our community (most will "NEVER" admit it, especially not to their partners. There will literally be thousands of young men learning how to treat women from watching NB. If these young women keep flocking to NB's camp, we are going to see an explosion of young men all trying to be like NB and treating women the same way… You heard it here first.


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