NATURAL LAUNDRY Routine | Farm Chores | Feeding 3 Dogs

NATURAL LAUNDRY Routine | Farm Chores | Feeding 3 Dogs

Doing the laundry is one of those weekly
chores that I have never come to love. No matter how much I try and no matter
how fancy I get with my laundry routine, there’s just something about it
that I will never, ever enjoy. But it’s essential. And especially when you live on a
farm and you all are home all day, the laundry piles up. So I’ve made it a point to do
laundry once to twice a week. I’ve never been one of those moms who
do it every single day. God bless you. But if I could just do the laundry once
to twice a week that we don’t get too backed up. 10 years ago we were in a situation
where we were rapidly paying off debt, doing the Dave Ramsey thing. We wanted to be financially free and we
had $50,000 worth of debt piled against us. I did everything I could
to cut corners and cost. And I realized that I could save a ton
of money just by making my own laundry detergent out of a few simple ingredients
that really I had laying around the house. So I’m going to show you how
I make my own laundry detergent. I’ll link the recipe below
in the description if you
want to give this recipe a try. Now that we are financially free, well other than our mortgage, I find that I’m making my recipes still. I think you come to a point where
you continue doing a behavior, not just because it saves money, but because it’s become a
lifestyle and a choice for you. I also gave up dryer sheets when I
learned about some of the toxins and chemicals that were in them. Wool dryer balls are an excellent
alternative and we have sheep, so I’ve got all the wool I
can make dryer balls with. But dryer balls help to cut down on the
drying time and they also help to reduce static. Now I’ve found that just having one or
two dryer balls really doesn’t make much of a difference. So you’re going to want to have six to
eight dryer balls if you’re really hoping to cut down on drying time and static. And one of my favorite things to put
on the dryer ball is essential oils. This really gives the
clothes a really nice scent. And I can use any kind of scent that
I like if I have the oils for it. But my favorite are Rosemary,
Purify and Wintergreen. Our clothes come out of
the dryer smelling so good. So folding, it really isn’t too much of a chore
because I love to put on my favorite podcast, put my beats on and just tune
out the rest of the world.

5 comments on “NATURAL LAUNDRY Routine | Farm Chores | Feeding 3 Dogs

  1. Jackie Ritz Post author

    I hope you all enjoy this little video on some random things going on over here! If you would like me to do a video on the homemade dog food that you see in the video, please let me know!

  2. Frank Gutowski Post author

    Are you serious?

    That recipe you linked is ridiculous…

    It claims 341 loads can be washed using two bars of soap (total cost/cost per load). That means 10 oz/341 loads = a whopping 0.03 oz of soap per load! A paper clip weighs 0.05 oz!

    Want to save $? Don’t bother fooling around with this nonsense. Wash with plain water instead!

    More tips for DIY enthusiasts…


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