Natural help for joint pain and arthritis

Natural help for joint pain and arthritis

Dr. Osborne: Hey, Dr. Osborne here. We have a question today from viewer Rachel. She wants to know, “What are some natural
ways to help with osteoarthritis, joint pain, if you will?” So, there’s a lot that can be done for osteoarthritis,
but I will say, many people turn to the supplement counter too quickly. They turn to the glucosamines, they turn to
the MSMs, and they’re trying to basically mitigate the inflammatory pain. But what should actually be done first, if
you’re struggling with osteoarthritis, is movement. Remember this, cartilage, which is what lines
your joint structure, does not have a blood supply. The way it receives its nourishment is through
movement. And so, if you are guarding because you’re
hurting, which is what a lot of people do, their knee hurts so they don’t walk. Right? Their elbow hurts, so they stop playing tennis,
or they quit doing what bothers their elbow. Whatever that joint is, wherever that pain
is, when you stop using the joint, the joint deteriorates faster due to malnutrition because
it can’t get the oxygen and the blood flow and it can’t get the nutrients that it needs
to heal and recover. So, movement becomes a critical element first. So, what should you be thinking about? Well, if it hurts too much to move, you’ve
got to start with what’s tolerable. So, light movement. Stretches, mobility, even work in a low gravity,
like a pool environment. If you’ve got a whole body vibration unit,
those are great tools. Some people do foam rolling movement where,
you know, the foam rollers, where you can roll out certain joints, that helps to increase
the circulation, the oxygenation. Some people get soft tissue work, like mild
fascia release. These are all great strategies, physical strategies
to get your joint mobilized and moving again. I’d also suggest you find a really solid chiropractor
because sometimes the joint is locked and restricted, and it’s not moving, and a good
chiropractor can adjust that joint and get mobility and motion back into it. So, those are physical strategies I would
highly encourage that you attempt before going to that nutritional supplement shelf, and
just tackling all the anti-inflammatories. Now, from my experience, if you’ve done all
those things already and you’re still somewhat struggling, and you need some anti-inflammatory
effect, some great nutrients that will support you, number one hands down, is combining vitamin
C, high doses for an adult, 150 pounds or more, five grams of vitamin C, mixed with
a couple of grams of quercetin. That combination is very, very powerful for
helping support a healthy inflammation response. So, those are areas that I would try. Another supplement that I highly recommend,
I wrote about this in No Grain, No Pain, in chapter seven, for those of you who’d like
to have the long list of supplements that I recommend to support pain, is fish oil omega-3,
but it’s got to be concentrated fish oil. You know, if you buy the stuff over the counter
that has a 100 or 200 milligrams, that’s not going to do a whole lot for you. You need concentrated EPA and DHA, and you
need to get that dose up to around two to four grams a day, kind of as a minimum to
have that inflammation support effect that you’re looking for. So, those are some quick, easy strategies. If you want to learn more about this and do
a deeper dive, you can check out some of my other videos on arthritis and inflammation. You can also check out No Grain, No Pain. Again, chapter seven focuses on all the big
supplements that I’ve used over the past 20 years in my clinic to help people with healthy
inflammation support. So, thanks for tuning in. And Rachel, thanks for writing your question
in. Look, if those of you that are watching have
other health questions, or if you need clarity or elaboration, or just have a struggle that
you’re not getting an answer for, send us over an email, [email protected] and we’ll
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health. Have a great day.

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